The best way to Reinstall a Bathroom Flange

When eliminating the flange to create changes to the ground a bathroom flange serves a purpose to sever. Since it retains down the bathroom, typically three or four big screws fasten it to the ground, and has to be removed — when they are corroded, that may be difficult. As the waste opening, the flange is attached to to the waste pipe. You generally need to cut the pipe to disconnect it. When you re install it, you will require a little length of pipe and fittings that are new.

Unscrew the screws. They’re big, and you’re going to need both a big slot screw-driver or a No. 3 Phillips screw-driver. They are corroded and do not turn easily, when, prevent allowing it to soak in before attempting to take them off and stripping the heads by spraying lubricant on them.

Go to the area beneath the the crawl space or the bathroom, find the bathroom waste line and follow it to the idea where it rises through the ground. Cut in a spot about 2 to 3″ below the ground using a hacksaw. Lift the flange from the subfloor.

Cut the closet elbow or coupling together with the hack saw from the waste pipe and stuff a rag to the pipe before it is possible to reattach the flange to keep sewer gases.

Reinstall the flange by pushing it down until it’s flush from the subfloor and inserting it in the hole where it had been removed. You might need to increase it to the level of the flooring in the event that you eliminated it to include new flooring.

Add a extender in addition to it or plywood shims beneath the the flange before you screw it to the sub-floor. Whichever technique you pick should b-ring the very top of the flange to the le Vel of 1/4 inch below or the completed flooring it. When you yourself need certainly to raise the flange replace the screws with longer types

Glue closet elbow or a coupling on the pipe that extends below the flooring with PVC cement. After eliminating the rag glue a 2nd coupling on the waste line.

Measure the the exact distance involving the fittings using a tape measure, a-DD an inch to your own measurement and reduce a duration of 3- or 4inch PVC pipe to that particular length to join them, with respect to the dimension of the waste and flange line. Glue the pipe.

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