Guest Picks: Measuring Up in the Kitchen

‘Be the step great or small, let it be fair in every single part,” John Bright said.

Scales weren’t important to me personally before I jumped to the kitchen. Afterward, between calculating exactly what I ate and how much, and expanding my baking from fall cookies to 3 – and four-tiered cakes, scales became valuable. And, because I love to have fun in the kitchen, I like my own scales to be both entertaining. — Chris from Mele Cotte


Vintage Red Scales – GBP 38.49

This magical scale reminds me of some thing you may see in an old-time deli.


Maxim 2-In-1 Jug And Scales – $28.89

For those of us who are inept at doing conversions, this liquid step does all the thinking for you.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Joseph Joseph™ Shell Digital Food Scale, Gray – $64.99

This scale scoops up the goods until it takes note.


Retro Kitchen Electronic Scale – GBP 33.99

This one is super slim and adorable!


LEGO Kitchen Scale – $57.15

Here is one way to get children into the kitchen Legos!


Retro Digital Kitchen Scale By Leifheit – $119.99

This polished and brushed stainless steel bowl is sleek and unassuming.

Eat Smart

EatSmart Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale™ – $39.95

When I see this particular scale, I envision a butcher with a triangle hat.

This brings me back into my seventh-grade science course, weighing scales — I wonder how Mr. Feeney is performing today?


Whynter Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale – $49.99

This scale is sleek and unassuming.

Chef’s Resource

Salter Nutri-Weigh Dietary Computer Scale – $100

This tiny laptop computer–like scale makes me think I’m techy!


Bugatti Uma Digital Food Scales

Who said you can not afford a Bugatti? These scales might be up your street.


Perfect Portions Digital Scale Black With Nutrition Facts Display – $59.99

Everyone seeks the ideal part, so why not possess the Perfect Portion Scale in your grasp?

Bed Bath & Beyond

Frieling Digital Kitchen Scale With iPod® Docking Station – $99.99

Who doesn’t like to listen to songs while cooking? This scale comes with an iPod docking station for your own convenience.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Digital Scale Spoon – $19.99

On occasion the item is small enough that getting out that the scale appears to be a hassle. A Digital Scale Spoon comes in handy for those moments.


Typhoon Slim Scale, Red – $14.88

This kitchen reminds me of those old fashioned scales that became popular for weighing lunch meat when dieting.


Caso Q5 Küchenwaage – EUR 31.90

Does not this look like it’d be in the kitchen of a space ship?


Soehnle 65055 Model Digital Kitchen Scale – $27.60

Your personal waiter.


The Little Guru – AUD 109.95

When feeling like”spinning on the 1’s and 2’s,” but having to make dinner instead, this scale is going to do.


Bake 2 Basics Digital Scales – AUD 98.95

This is great for a home kitchen and offers a searchable metric to imperial conversion function.


Salter 1060 Mix And Quantify Electronic Kitchen Scale – GBP 49.99

This scale comes with an easy-to-read display that takes the guesswork out of cooking.

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Color Feast: When to Use Green in the Dining Room

You may have been told at some point not to use cooler colors — greens, blues and purples — at a dining area as they are thought to be appetite-suppressing hues. Warmer colors, such as red, orange and yellow, are considered appetite stimulants, making them more popular choices.

But only as your doctor directs you to eat your greens, I’m going to encourage you to maintain an open mind about injecting greens into your dining space. Have a look at my green paint picks as well as suggestions on the best way to produce green an appetizing colour in your home.

Jennifer Ott Design

Green paint picks for dining rooms (clockwise from top left):

1. Green Highland 6007-5A, Valspar
2. Celadon Green 2028-60, Benjamin Moore
3. Tidal Foam 17-30, Pratt & Lambert
4. Hyde Park KM3905-1, Kelly-Moore Paints
5. Crystal Oasis 403-3, Pittsburgh Paints
6. Lime Rickey SW6717, Sherwin-Williams
7. Kiwi Breeze 076-5, Mythic Paint
8. Tart Twist A0904, Glidden

I really like lime, if in a margarita on the rocks (with salt) or on the walls in a space. It’s a fun, playful shade that adds zest to a dining area.

Robin Bond Interiors

For a softer, classy vibe, then go to get a dining area palette of cooler bluish greens. I really like the mix of this celery-green wall color and watery blue-green floor-to-ceiling drapes in this gorgeous dining area. It’s a palette that is brilliant but also very soothing.

Jo Alcorn

Not for the timid, chartreuse continues its run as a favorite hue for interiors. It appears superfresh here, mixed with white, stainless steel and wood. Just keep in mind that a little of the bold hue goes a long way. It’s a wonderful choice for an accent wall in an otherwise mild and neutral dining area.

Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Leafy greens remind us of character and give away a happy vibe in the home. This is a really appetizing green that is simple to integrate into any style of dining area. It works nicely with cooler colors, like blues and grays, but also stands up to warmer oranges, yellows and reds.

Willey Design LLC

Acid green is a stunning dining area color choice here. I like how the upholstery on the chair backs up picks on the vibrant color, but it is all grounded by the abundance of warm neutrals through the mild wood flooring and table.

Take it down a notch with greens. This green works as a neutral. It’s a great solution for people who aren’t lovers of bright and bold color palettes, but that are wanting to break up an all-white or all-beige room.

Gallery Direct

The golden green on this wall is just another color that plays nicely with a variety of hues. Here it bridges the different warm wood tones, the arctic blues of these dining seats as well as the powerful grays and blacks of the fireplace surround. It’s a contemporary take on a retro color palette.

Find out more about how to use green in your home

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