The best way to Hook a Receptacle to get a Garage Door Opener Up

Garage door openers have an electric cord having a plug that connects to a power outlet, otherwise identified as a receptacle. By installing a receptacle in the current garage mild circuit in the event the garage-door opener has a computerized light, it is possible to avoid the expense of an extra circuit. Typically, the common do-it- yourself can complete the work in a fairly brief time. Obtain the shortlist of accessories in supply or a home center.

Light Circuit and Change

Switch off the breaker for the garage mild circuit in the panel. In the event the breaker isn’t labeled or marked, turn on on the garage light and request an assistant to discover the light. Before the garage light goes off, flip each breaker on / off in the panel, individually.

Remove the screws in the cover in the switch using a screwdriver. Pull the cover off yourself. Loosen the screws that hold the change in the box that is recessed. Grip the toggle on the change and pull the unit from the box that is recessed.

Touch one of the contacts via an electrical tester to all the wire terminal screws in the sides of the change that is light. The circuit is secure to perform on when the tester doesn’t display a reading.

Loosen the screws at every side of the change in the wire terminals. Pull the conclusion of every wire off the final. Loosen the screw in the floor wire terminal on the switch, and pull the conclusion of the ground wire off the final. Discard or save the change that is light and trim protect.

Loosen one of the screws in the trunk of the swap box. Hook the finish of the ground wire throughout the screw, and tighten the screw.

Twist the ends of equally change wires as well as pliers. Secure the reference to a wire nut. Protect the reference to several wraps of electrical tape across wires and the wire nut. Push the wires within the box. Attach a protect that is blank to the facial skin of the box using the screws that are offered.


Stand a step-ladder in the region of the garage mild fixture. Remove the light bulb as well as the world. Loosen the fixture screws and pull the mild fixture straight from the box that is recessed.

Loosen the screws in the trunk of the fixture a-T both wire terminals, and pull the wires off. Loosen the screw in the floor wire final and pull the floor wire off. Discard or save your self the fixture.

Attach the finish of the mild circuit wires to your terminal on one aspect of A3-way family receptacle of one. Attach the finish of the wire to your terminal on the contrary side of the receptacle. Attach the finish of the floor wire to the floor final. Tighten screws.

Attach the receptacle to the box using the screws that are offered. Attach the cover on the surface of the receptacle. Plug in the cord in the opener. Switch on the breaker in the panel.