Built-In Buffets Steak Up Dining Room Style

Built-in furniture was a part of residential architecture for centuries, but it wasn’t until the Arts and Crafts movement which built-ins reached their full potential. The dining room buffet in particular has emerged as one of my favorite built-in bits. Whether it comes with a china cupboard, behaves as more of a sideboard, is recessed into the wall or jobs into the space, it allows a small dining area to live big.

Considering that the Arts and Crafts movement, built-in dining buffets are modified and styled to work beautifully in many distinct kinds of homes. From classic sideboards in stained wood to modern buffets in a mixture of finishes, dining room built-ins are home runs in terms of storage, style and elegance.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Build

In Arts and Crafts homes, you’re likely to discover an open dining area with an integrated buffet. In certain, the buffet even features a pass-through into the kitchen, as efficiency proved to be a top priority in the Arts and Crafts movement.

Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design

Stained wood built-ins work well in tones which go with the other wooden characteristics inside the room, including flooring. Notice that in this dining room even the dining table and chairs match the buffet.

Warmington & North

The flush toe kick incorporated with the present baseboard helps make this dining sideboard appear as if it has always been there.

Economy Interiors

In this historical residence in San Francisco, leaded glass windows would be this built-in buffet’s crowning glory.

Arch Studio, Inc..

The mirror above this built-in buffet leaves the dining room appear as if it features a pass-through, although actually it’s just a space-gaining illusion.

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

A soapstone counter and drifting shelves bring about the modern take on the built-in dining buffet.

Dona Rosene Interiors

A bright white built-in buffet/china cupboard pops against walls painted Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue.

Tim Andersen Architect

Tim Andersen restored this Seattle Craftsman dining room by removing the drywall ceiling to expose the original box beams. In addition, he added painted MDF wainscoting with battens, constructed into the height of the present windows to populate the magnificent built-in buffet.

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Cozy Up to your Loveseat in the Table

Mix and match chairs for kitchens and dining-rooms is a craze for awhile, and love seats are a part of the mixture. Coming from that style, I Have been spying highbacked love seats in eating locations. In the event you are contemplating pulling up a little couch to the table, there are plenty of ways it is possible to make this scheme work as tough as it can for you — including colour and feel, getting prints and designs, offering an area for accent toss pillows, taking advantage of a smaller area… oh let us just get to the images already, we could?

Kristen Rivoli Home Design

Make an immediate banquette. Shove a flat-back couch or love seat against a wall to make a banquette. This designer has matched the upholstery of the love seat to the seat pads to unify different types of seats round the dining table.

Janell Beals – Home of Fifty

Add versatility. Short on space? This furniture is easily rearranged to make a family area or a living area.

LDa Architecture & Insides

Develop a cosy corner. Here is another excellent example of a versatile living area. Shoving on a couch from the wall and including some of casing seats as well as a table turns a corner that is possibly wasted into a romantic dining room.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Keep a clear view. If your living area is open to other chambers, set a highbacked love seat on the contrary side to maintain things open and make the the room sense bigger.

FORMA Layout

Add contemporary design. To make the coast-in simpler, jump the arms and use a mo Re light-weight couch. This extended, armless couch that is modern-day is an excellent partner for the seats across from it and retains the lines of the space clear and modern, allowing the dining table foundation that is exceptional get all the focus it warrants.

Moroso Development

Add an accent colour. This highbacked love seat provides a huge blast of peacockblue to the living area system and operates nicely using the graphics above it.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Add feel. There Is A a pleasant comparison between these rattan seats and this elegantly upholstered eating sofa.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Add print to the mixture. The material on this love-seat complements the eating seats.

Fowler Interiors

Play with scale. This huge living area may have devoured a standard-dimension dining table and seats, therefore the designer utilized a sizable table, two pairs of love seats as well as some of big wingback chairs to fill the room correctly. The effect is an unforeseen, eyecatching success.

SGH Styles inc.

Similarly, these dining seats add this dining room and their particular pleasure cursive print. Additionally note they’ve wood arms and cut in sharp contrast to the completely slipcovered dining seats – an excellent balancing act was pulled off by the designer here.


Take advantage of the back This love-seat rear adds some curves for this lavish dining room.

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