The Best HVAC Checklist

When thinking about the HVAC system, you can compare it with driving your car. It’s irresponsible to drive the car for say 20,000 miles without replacing the oil. The same applies to the HVAC services. You need regular maintenance in order to make sure it will serve you well for a long time, and at peak performance.

It’s advisable to run a maintenance check on the heating repair at the beginning of every season, avoiding this way the risk of a system failure when the weather is at peak extremes. This will also help you keep your energy bills low.

When Is The Right Time For Furnace Maintenance?

If you have a heating and cooling system, maintenance should be done during the fall and in the spring.

Maintenance should be done before the cold season for a cooling system, and once a year for the furnace before the hot season begins.

Preventative Maintenance

There’re a lot of dealers who have a comprehensive priority service for their customers which usually involves a service agreement or an annual maintenance schedule. This is done to make sure your system will be running optimally.

Depending on your unit, the following are some of the services that your local dealer will perform:

Outdoor Systems

– Inspect the level of the refrigerant and make the necessary adjustments
– Clear debris, leaves, and dirt from within
– Inspect the cabinet and coil
– Inspect the drain openings
– Inspect the motor and fan blades for wear and tear
– Inspect the associated accessories and controls, wiring, control box, and connections
– Inspect the tubing and compressor for damage

Indoor Systems

– Clean the blower assembly, the housing, motor and blower wheel
– Inspect and lubricate the motor, and replace the fan belt when necessary
– Inspect the housing of the combustion blower for debris and lint
– Inspect the furnaces for gas leaks
– Inspect, clean and adjust the burner assembly
– Make sure the heating elements and exchanger are in good condition
– Inspect the drain pan, the evaporator coil, and the condensation lines

A System In Operation

For a system that’s already running, the following are some of the maintenance tasks that can be carried out:

– Monitor the ability of the system to start and run efficiently
– Pay attention to any abnormal operating noise
– Be on the lookout for unusual smell
– Get the wet and dry bulb temperature
– Measure the low side and high side pressures
– Monitor the operations as per the manufacturer’s guidelines
– Provide an operating report
– Recommend replacement or repairs where necessary

How To Get The Most From Your HVAC System

The AC repair is designed for comfort and efficiency. In order to deliver the same for your house, the following are some of the steps you should take to optimize its operation.

Maintaining A Cooling System

– The thermostat should be set in a comfortable range
– Attics have to be properly ventilated
– You can enlarge or add vents to improve the airflow
– Use light colored roof shingles to help reflect the heat of the sun
– Minimize the use of the air conditioner during moderate weather
– Install awnings to protect the windows from direct sunlight

Maintaining A Heating System

– The thermostat should be installed far from doors and windows
– The thermostat should be set as low as reasonably possible
– Reduce the thermostat by a degree or two when you have guests in the house – people generate heat


Always make sure that you invest in proper insulation for your house. This step will go a long way in helping you save energy. That’s why when the cold season sets in, you might want to consider adding insulation.