The Way to Install Rooftop Dryer Vents

Dryer vents direct moist air outdoors, which protects your house that air can prevents and cause a fire hazard from lint buildup. Brick siding or a upstairs dryer place might mandate doing it while it’s preferable to vent the dryer through the siding. It is very important to take precautions to avoid buildup on condensation and the roof in the section. You are going to need a dryer roof vent that keeps the elements dismiss and while letting hot and heating air to escape freely.

Choose a place for the opening that’s within 25 feet of the dryer. The the pipe, the greater, but 25 feet is the maximum amount most dryers can deal with. Transfer the opening 5 feet nearer for every bend that you have to have for every 45-degree bend in 2 1/2 feet and the line.

The opening of the section of a rooftop dryer vent on the inside of the roof using a pen, working from the attic. Drill a hole that is 1/2-inch on the outline, then insert the blade of a watched it and then cut around the outline with the saw.

Climb on the roof and then cut away any shingles covering the hole, then disperse roofing tar. The shingles lining the hole’s part nearer up the top of the roof. Add the pipe attached through the hole to the vent, work the vent flashing under the shingles that are increased , then have them fall onto the flashing. Let the part of the flashing.

Nail the vent flashing to the roof with roofing nails that are 1-inch , then cover the borders. Connect the cap. On most versions, it just snaps on.

Slip a 4-inch metallic duct elbow and secure it using a clamp. The elbow should be facing in the direction of the roof vent.

Connect the dryer to the roof cutting pipe necessary with tin snips, vent with 4-inch metallic duct tube and matching it. You might need to cut a hole to operate the duct. In that case, outline the cross section of a piece of pipe on the ceiling and then cut the hole using a reciprocating saw.

Insulate the part of pipe that runs throughout the attic by wrap pipe insulation and securing the insulation. This is especially important when you reside in a chilly climate, because temperatures will cause the hot air in the duct. The condensation can make lint block them and settle the sides of the pipes.

Reinforce every joint in the duct using metal foil tape, especially the one between the duct and the vent.

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The Way to Install Aluminum Bar Carpet Edging

The borders of the carpet are tucked into the base of the wallboard when there is a carpet installed in a room. This can be done for aesthetic reasons, and to stop the border of the carpeting . Whenever there’s a door involving also an area and a room, the border of the carpet must be locked down since it’s a tripping hazard. This can be done by placing an aluminum transition pub across the border of the carpeting.

Cut the aluminum transition pub to fit upon the period of the door with a hacksaw.

Lay the aluminum bar across the door it so that the front edge is beneath the border of the carpeting. Attach the pub to the floor with screws.

Put a straightedge on the carpeting 1/4 inch from the border, placing it so that it runs parallel to the door.

Reduce the 1/4-inch border of the carpet off with a utility knife. Use the straightedge. Cut away any rough edges left by the original cut.

Stretch the carpet till it reaches the aluminum transition pub with a knee-kicker — so named because you kick the padded edge of the tool with your knee.

Twist the edge of the carpet underneath the top border of the transition bar and onto the hooks along the bottom edge inside the transition pub using a stair outwards. The hooks help to hold the carpet in place.

By tapping on it bend the flange on the top of the bar down onto the top of the carpet. Put a block between the hammer and the transition pub to protect the pub from getting direct blows.

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How do I Understand Property Foreclosure?

A borrower may lose his home or property in a house foreclosure. Foreclosure is the legal process a creditor uses against a borrower to enforce payment of a mortgage loan debt. A foreclosed home is typically sold at a public auction. The real estate becomes the property of the creditor if no winning bids are received at the auction. The owner is forced to proceed once the property has been foreclosed on.

Read your mortgage loan documents. Mortgage loan and notice records incorporate a brief description of the creditor’s foreclosure procedure. You should have received a copy of the loan documents at the time of your closing.

Get in touch with your lender. Your lender should have a foreclosure outline or manual which outlines the foreclosure processes the provider uses. Ask the record be mailed or faxed to you.

Speak to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Schedule a session. The ceremony is free if you’re facing foreclosure. The fee is dependent on your earnings if you’re not dealing with a foreclosure. The advisor will explain the foreclosure procedure on your region to you personally and answer your questions. Visit the office place section of HUD’s official site for contact information for housing advisers locally.

Speak to a real estate lawyer. Schedule an appointment. The fees for lawyer consults differ by area. The lawyer will sit down with you and explain the foreclosure procedure. Write down any questions you have about foreclosure prior to going to your appointment and ask about the fees for consultations until you meet with the lawyer.

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What Does a FHA Appraiser Look for?

A house appraisal is a necessary part of the loan application procedure for each and every kind of loan. No new buy loan and quite few refinance loan program recommendations allows for approval without one. FHA appraisers perform many of the same acts as appraisers for traditional loans, but with a few extras. Considering that FHA loans are government-insured and designed to provide safe housing, there are specific matters that an FHA appraiser must examine for the house to meet loan program guidelines.


FHA appraisers are a select group of experienced and licensed appraisers who have demonstrated their qualifications and ability. They have to undergo a procedure so as to develop into an FHA-approved appraiser. FHA appraisals remain with the home for three months after they are completed and enrolled, which means that all FHA loans applied for on this house for the next three months are based on the value set by the assessment. This shows the confidence that the FHA has in the abilities and ethics of its approved appraisers.


An FHA appraiser must establish the value of a house using three to five equal sales within one or two miles of the subject home. The sales must have taken place over the past six to 12 months. Adjustments are made to the comparable homes’ values so as to create parity between them and the subject residence. The appraiser uses these adjusted values to find out the market value of the house. The appraisal ensures that the residence is well worth the amount of the loan and that there is sufficient value in the house for the lender to recoup its losses in the event of foreclosure.

Additional Function

Besides setting the market value of the house, an FHA appraiser inspects the home to see whether it meets the minimum criteria set out by FHA guidelines. This really isn’t the same as an inspection. Prior to 2006, the guidelines had been much stricter, and the list of flaws in the FHA guidelines was considerably longer. The FHA pared the list to exclude most cosmetic defects.


The flaws that FHA appraisers notice are primarily health, safety and structural issues that could lead to serious harm or property loss. Cracking or peeling of lead-based water and paint discoloration are cosmetic issues that may indicate roof leaks or potential lead poisoning. Adequate, unobstructed entrance and exit to and out of the house allow for safe emergency evacuation. Outlets that are functioning and electric systems reduce the risk of fires. Important systems, such as pipes, heating and air, has to be operational. There ought to be no substantial roof or structural damage, which reduces the risk of collapse and property damage. Septic systems must operate correctly, to lessen sanitary health dangers. Poor drainage is an issue, as it can lead to damage to the base and structural integrity of the house.


In case an FHA appraiser finds some of these issues, he notes it on the appraisal. The FHA will not guarantee the loan until the seller handles and repairs those issues and the FHA appraiser re-examines the house for completion. Without the FHA warranty, lenders will not provide loan approval to a FHA loan. Does the appraised value remain with the house for three months, but the list of defects remains with the home as well. No lender will approve an FHA loan on this house for three months unless the repairs are completed.

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Manufactured Housing Definition

Terms like”manufactured housing,””modular homes” and”mobile homes” are frequently used interchangeably. Yet factory-built housing has developed over time, and national and state codes also have effected change in the way houses are designed and constructed. While different kinds of factory-built housing exist, houses characterized as manufactured homes must be assembled under specific conditions following federal guidelines.

General Definition

Homes built in a controlled factory environment which adhere to national construction codes are referred to as manufactured homes. After construction, these single-family structures are transferred to the home site and set up. The level of meeting to be completed on the home site depends upon the manufacturer, but manufactured houses are typically delivered as sections or panels.

Federal Code

Homes classified as manufactured homes must meet specifications outlined by HUD, or the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The HUD Code was set into place in 1976. Homes built in California factories before 1976 were known as”mobile homes,” and also their construction was regulated by the nation.


Several recognized criteria help modulate the design of manufactured housing, as well as its construction, fire resistance, qualityand durability and energy efficiency. In addition, systems like plumbing, electric, heating and air conditioning are all governed by the HUD Code, that’s the only building code determined by the national government. Any additions to a manufactured home has to adhere to construction codes set forth by the state and local governments, as they’re finished on site.

Differences in Factory-Built Housing

Manufactured housing differs from other kinds of factory-built housing, as outlined by California legislation. Manufactured homes, as defined by the HUD Code, and modular houses are two kinds of factory-built housing. But, modular houses fall under another category, as defined by the California Administrative Code. An approximate 3 percent of factory-built houses in the state adhere to the code, according to the California Manufactured Housing Institute.

Manufactured Homes in California

The California Manufactured Housing Institute notes an estimated 97 percent of factory-built houses in California are deemed manufactured houses, as they comply with the national HUD Code, which is also referred to as the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.

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How Does a Rent-to-Own Home Work?

Rent-to-own houses are a means for a person who has bad or no credit background to function toward owning a house. Leases for rent-to-own houses eliminate the need for a buyer to find a mortgage at the start of the deal. The purchaser will need to find financing to pay the remainder of the home’s sale price in the end of the rental option duration if she doesn’t have the financial resources to cover in total.


The rent-to-own approach may be used by sellers to dispose of their house quickly. The seller may need income from the rental due to a new house purchase or due to a job-related transfer. A difficult financial marketplace can prevent buyers from obtaining financing. The rent-to-own option allows a purchaser to commit to buying the house without obtaining a mortgage. Potential buyers can be thinned out by A property market. A seller may use the rent-to-own method to make the house more appealing to buyers, as the transaction doesn’t involve monetary institutions and may be less expensive for both parties.


The vendor and the purchaser draw up an arrangement covering all areas of the rent-to-own procedure. Some parties employ an attorney to prepare the rent-to-own contract. Rent-to-own contracts typically state the amount of the monthly payment. There is a set interval given in the contract, such as three decades, after which the tenant has the choice to buy the home. The contract will incorporate the sales price of the house. The said price cannot be altered at the time the tenant reaches the buy option unless the vendor agrees, notes Les Christie, a staff writer with The cost remains set even when the value of the house has decreased or increased since the start of the rent-to-own arrangement.


The charge for a rent-to-own house is generally split into two components. The option fee is the portion of the monthly fee that goes toward the renter’s down payment when he should opt to buy the house at the end of the lease period, based on property advisor Steve McLinden of The option fees become income for the vendor in the event the tenant decides not to buy the house. The rent premium is the part of the monthly payment that the tenant pays for residing in the house. The premium is revenue for the vendor and doesn’t go toward the cost of the house.


A rent-to-own house gives the tenant time to save additional money toward the home’s purchase price whilst already paying down the entire sale amount. A tenant with credit issues preventing her from obtaining a mortgage loan may work on her credit history whilst renting. However, a tenant who pays can lose the choice fee for that month, based on the terms of the rent-to-own contract. The tenant is normally responsible for most home repairs during the rental area of the contract, based on’s Steve McLinden. Exceptions to purchaser repairs can be negotiated and included in the contract.


Rent-to-own agreements are legally binding, however, the tenant can walk away when he finds the house has significant issues. However, the tenant will generally still lose the option fee portion of the monthly payment. The tenant may nevertheless have to put a down payment on the house when registering for the rent-to-own arrangement, as in traditional mortgage loan purchases. This upfront option fee is generally a percentage of the home’s sales price.

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Make More Than Your Bedroom With One Wall of Color

Add a little spice into the bedroom with … paint! Whether you’re looking for some va-va-voom, a lively environment or a serene atmosphere for relaxation, an accent wall can strike whatever mood you desire. Have a slide down the rainbow to discover just the right color for your bedroom.

Busybee Design

Ravishing red. Red is the color of love. Profess your love of life, your significant other and your self with a bedroom wall dedicated to this powerful, inspiring colour.

Get the look: Attempt Behr’s Regal Red 150D-7 as a accent to Vanilla Custard WD220.

Four over One Style

Eye-opening orange. Orange calms the spirit and stimulates creativity. Kids generally and artistic minds will feel jaded by its own energy.

Get the look:UseValspar’s October Bronze LA716 as an accent to Stony Path 5007-1B.

Beckwith Interiors

Cheery yellow. Yellow is one of the most jubilant colors in the rainbow. Attempt to not feel happy once you’re looking at it. Just try! Imagine how far better your day will be if you were to wake up to this color every morning.

Get the look: Use Sherwin-Williams’ Funky Yellow SW 6913 as a accent to Shoji White SW 7042.

Panache Interiors

Beautiful green. Green represents balance and growth. Balance your chi at a bedroom emphasized with this particular hue.

Get the look:UseSherwin-Williams’ Overt Green SW 67818 or Benjamin Moore’s Dark Lime 2027-10 as a accent to white.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

Calming blue. Twist the master bedroom into a sanctuary with soothing light blue. Perhaps the calm glow will even convince the children to keep items cool, calm and collected when deciding to deliver a criticism in here.

Get the look: Attempt Sherwin-Williams’ Spa SW 6765 with lotion.

Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Maritime blue. Ahoy there, matey. No matter how far away your property may be from an ocean, you’ll almost have the ability to listen to waves lapping the shore at a bedroom showcasing this powerful, nature-inspired tone.

Get the look:UseBehr’s Planetarium 560-D as an accent to Dolphin Fin 790C-3.

Purplicious. Purple represents magic, mystery and royalty. If it’s the right tone, it can also be tasteful and intimate, like this shade that straddles blue and gray.

Get the look:UseBenjamin Moore’s Evening Dove 2128-30 as an accent to gray or white.

N Style Interieur

Taking matters to “gray-t” heights. Gray is a go-to neutral due to its strong yet soothing nature. This bedroom has not only an accent wall in this color, but an whole ceiling.

Get the look:Use Betonel’s Intercoastal 30BB 16/031 or Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Floor A2001 as a accent to pure white or white with a touch of grey.

Shigetomi Pratt Architects, Inc..

Sophisticated brownish. Brown signifies orderliness, which is the form of condition any active individual yearns for through the nighttime. Leave chaos at the door when you enter a room with a brownish accent wall.

Get the look: Attempt ICI Dulux’s 511 Le Chateau MP20YY 18/140 as a accent to its 756 Basic Beige MP45YY 65/084.

Your turn: Show us your accent wall and also please inform us what paint colors you used.

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Family Memories and Personal Details in Texas

It’s the unique little stories which produce a home more than just wood and nails. The first home of Austin, Texas, newlyweds Nick Moore and Stephanie Wright is a fitting example of this. They ditched their college music posters to get a homier approach, including old family photos, painting and building furniture themselves, and working with local artists and designers to open up their space and add details which reflect their personalities. But it’s the moments along the way that added even more character to the home.

For example, a photograph that Wright thought was her great-grandmother turned out to not be a relative at all. It was just a girl in a frame. But rather than down it, Wright left it up. “So now she is only a woman that sits on top of my cabinets,” she says. Next, while renovating the kitchen, Wright needed to come up with “a solution to prevent my tall Viking of a husband from hitting his head on hanging pots and pans,” she says. That led to a smart way to hang skillets under a large open island.

The home would be a great space only by itself, but Moore and Wright have left it one of a kind.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Nick Moore, Stephanie Wright and their beagle, Sherman
Location: Foster Heights area of Austin, Texas
Size: 1,080 square feet; 2 bedrooms, 1 bath

Sarah Natsumi Moore

The exterior of the bungalow was originally manila colored with brown trim. “It made the home seem like a leisure suit,” says Wright. The couple gave it fresh white paint. Moore built and painted grey shutters to match the ones he built for inside.

Wright hand lettered the home numbers on the front porch, a DIY project that “went too long,” she says. She picked a font, made a stencil and used an X-Acto knife to split the letters out.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

Moore and Wright have fun with their four-legged roommate, Sherman.

“Our design aesthetic is a traditional look, but I like things to be a tad more edgy, not always contemporary but a little dim,” says Wright.

Before Photo

The kitchen had closed cabinets made by the homeowner. There was also an awkward divider between the living room and the kitchen. Moore worked at a kitchen in college and wanted a skillful cooking area with a great deal of steel; Wright liked open-style kitchens and desired a space that was not too feminine.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

AFTER: Working with Jack Sander of Design Build Adventure, they enjoy a spacious, industrial-style kitchen. The entire project took only a week and a half, and the couple managed to cook and utilize the distance almost entirely throughout the renovation.

The designer created a custom case for the fridge. “I really don’t know anyone that believes a refrigerator is beautiful, so we got a steel encircle built to make storage space and shelving while concealing the refrigerator,” says Wright.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

Wright and Moore stained and stripped the previously white Windsor dining chairs and bench in their spacious dining area. “We painted them the exact same grey we used about the accent wall in the living room to offer contrast,” says Wright. The tablecloth is a linen blanket from Spartan, a shop belonging to the couple’s friend Currie Person. The images framing the window are family photos which were used as wedding decorations.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

“We both do not like cabinetry. We figured if you do not need other folks to see it, it should not be from the kitchen,” says Wright. Mason jars are used to store pantry items like pasta and rice. From this view you can see where the couple removed the previous divider to make a more open layout.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

The most time-consuming project was this slatted wall. Zach Larkin, their handyman extraordinaire, painstakingly put each slice. The design team at Design Build Adventure built the butcher block island. Below it you can see the skillet storage which Wright came up with so her tall husband would not hit his mind.

The antique sink comes from Old Home Supply House at Fort Worth, Texas; it is a warehouse which carries only cast iron baths and sinks bought from old houses.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

Each of the open wood shelves at the kitchen are made from the truck beds of 18-wheelers. The designers welded custom iron stands for each piece of timber to make a simple open unit.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

The couple found the matching chair and couch on Craigslist for $300; the round trip to transfer them shot four hours. It then took them to decide on the neutral fabric. “The sofa was beautiful and tufted, but we made a decision to reupholster it to make it a little sleeker,” says Wright.

The credenza is also a Craigslist find. The couple repainted it, along with the corner secretary desk, and additional fresh gold knobs.

Moore built and added the inside shutters, painting them the exact same grey as the accent wall. The hardwood floors are original; he stained and sanded them darker to pair nicely with the walnut cut the furniture.

The couple commissioned their friend Mason McFee at Crummy House to make the “Slow” art piece. “McFee thought ‘slow’ was amusing, since it had been moving above our sofa. But it really reflects our lifestyle. We only take life one day at a time,” says Wright.

Gray paint: Knight’s Armor, Olympic; upholstery: Long Upholstery Service, Austin; black and white collages: Crummy House

Sarah Natsumi Moore

This china cabinet came from Wright’s great-grandmother’s home in Norway. Wright thought the portrait at the gold frame was of her great-grandmother, so that she put it on top, only to find out later revealed that the girl wasn’t a relative.

Sarah Natsumi Moore

These old family photos were used as decorations at the couple’s wedding day. Wright’s all-time favorite picture is of her parents on their honeymoon in New Orleans, dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde (first column, third down).

Both Moore and Wright have strong family ties. “Both of us are excited about our legacy, and we both have a very strong Norwegian heritage. Looking at the images is really nostalgic, and it is fun to always be reminded of where we come from,” says Wright.

More adds, “We really, really love our family and are superclose to our families, so it just made sense to surround ourselves with our legacy.”

Sarah Natsumi Moore

The centerpiece above the couple’s bed is a 1920s framed picture that once hung in Wright’s great-grandmother’s home. “It’s been around so long that now the piece is part of the family,” Wright says.

Bed: French Académie Iron Bed, Restoration Hardware

See more images of this house | Show us your home

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Cozy Chic in an Open Dallas Loft

Designer Bernard Underwood’s downtown attic was a stark white box with an open floor plan and high ceilings inside a 1920s historic building. Those components independently created a challenging space to layout, but historical attributes like concrete beams, exposed brick and unpainted plaster which Underwood was restricted by altering pushed the issue level even higher.

He reacted beautifully by layering jewel-toned colours, faux-fur throws and velvet fabrics to soften the more industrial components. “Now the heat meets me in the doorway and makes me feel great at home,” Underwood says. And to keep things new, Underwood constantly changes the insides, which act as a canvas for creating his fresh thoughts. “I really like change,” he says. “I’m not a person that is stuck to any one thing. I’m constantly thinking of how I could revamp some thing to make it better.”

in a Glance
Who resides: Bernard Underwood
Location: Downtown Dallas
Size: 1,384 square feet; 1 bedroom, 2 baths

Angela Flournoy

Underwood turned a retail shop mirror into a coffee table by simply attaching it to a metal foundation.

He also created the black and white wall art by painting two large panels using a high-gloss metal enamel, then incorporating picture white swirls. “It’s paint,” he says. “When I mess up, I will always paint over it. I’m not real individual. I love to hurry and see the final product.”

Angela Flournoy

The designer painted stripes onto the living room walls as one of his very first home projects. “With this white box, I had to include dimension,” he says. “I did not want it to be dull, and the stripes brought the space down to scale. The furniture was floating beforehand. I’m not a major fan of cluttering every wall with pictures. I think if you paint stripes or designs, it removes the need for wall decor or artwork.”

He then brought in large parts of furniture, “something large that will produce a massive effect,” he says. “I love deep, rich colours, like chocolate browns and burgundies, and then I layer on pillows and throws to make it even more lush.”

Brown throw pillows: Hemispheres; gray paint: Almost Charcoal 4008-2B, Valspar

Angela Flournoy

Underwood’s late mother created and upholstered one-of-a type furniture pieces. This royal-blue velvet chair is a project they finished collectively. “I designed them, and also my mom built them, and then we upholstered them collectively,” he says. “I went searching for fabrics with my mom and desired a rich color that would make a statement.”

Angela Flournoy

The designer spotted this display table in a retail shop and bought it to use as a dining table. He left the kitchen is, other than adding some budget-friendly shelves from Ikea to maintain wineglasses within achieve.

Glass Cabinets: Wisteria; wall shelves: Grundtal, Ikea

Angela Flournoy

A repurposed store banner over using a geometric pattern leans on a wall. “I really like to recreate matters,” Underwood says. “Shifting something from its initial purpose and utilizing it in a totally different way really excites me.”

White sofa: Domino, Z Gallerie

Angela Flournoy

Underwood opted for warmer tones from the bedroom to ramble in the dramatic colour combination from the living area. His aim was to create a relaxing and relaxing area. “I only wanted to make it warmer and comfy upstairs,” he says. “If I’m sitting up here working on a project, it just relaxes me. I sit and watch people on the road walk by.”

Burgundy throw: Essential Cozy Throw, Pottery Barn

Angela Flournoy

This decorative white panel was once a prop from a retail window which adds a decorative element to the bedroom. “I attempt to think out of this domain of what a thing is assumed to be used for, and it saves a great deal of cash,” he says. “Plus, it is a fantastic conversation starter when I have people over.”

The wood floors were a labour of love. When Underwood first seen the attic, the floors were untouched and dull. He tackled this project before moving; in a 48-hour procedure, he implemented a gloss coating to provide the untreated wood its high sheen.

Wall paint: Almost Charcoal 4008-2B, Valspar

Angela Flournoy

Open lofts do not have a great deal of solitude, and Underwood embraces that motif, even in storage areas. “I believe that if it is an open floor plan, why try and hide it?” He says. “Just keep the open layout in most facets, and you also won’t stress out about storage and trying to conceal things.”

The open closet also forces Underwood to purge frequently. With the dearth of personal storage, staying organized and utilizing every inch of this vertical space is indispensable.

Angela Flournoy

Instead of tucking away his endeavors, Underwood functions on them in full display throughout the attic. From the styled mannequins from the entryway to the hat set in his bedroom, his imaginative endeavors become immediate art and add to the eclectic flair of his property.

The foyer place doubles as a workplace for meeting with customers and as a workstation for sewing clothing or pillows. “The whole place acts as a live-work area and keeps my thoughts imaginative,” he says. “I have the space to create table configurations, save racks of clothing or even picture vignettes for customer projects.”

Angela Flournoy

“It’s always reassuring to come home to my area,” says Underwood, shown here. “My layout taste is very eclectic. I love mixing new and old, rough and smooth, contemporary and rustic. I tell my customers, ‘Design your home like you want your clothing. Layer colors, textures and accessories. Your home should be a reflection of you.'”

Show us your creative attic

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Streamlined Texas Home

Jacquelyn Lawrence and Jeremy Levine always wanted a home on Bridle Trail, located in a beautiful and Tranquil Area of west Austin, Texas. They discovered their 1976 home whilst driving around their favourite neighborhood and jumped on the chance to make it their own. A photographer now studying fine art and printmaking, Jacquelyn added a darkroom and applied the principles of photography — spacial equilibrium, color placement and gratifying lines — when designing her home. “Powerful, vertical lines have great appeal to mepersonally,” Lawrence says. “As a family, we’re not of those mind-set that we must get a good deal of things. We enjoy clean, open spaces with abundant natural light.”

at a Glance
Who lives here: Jacquelyn Lawrence and Jeremy Levine; daughter Esme Skye
Location: Tarrytown neighborhood of Austin, Texas
2,750 square feet; 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms
That’s intriguing: Jacquelyn discovered to create prints with a professor who was formerly photographer Robert Frank’s printer. Many of the prints are out of her time studying with him.

Kara Mosher

The living room includes seating options and piled end tables, perfect for entertaining. This round stainless steel coffee table from Copenhagen Living ties in with stainless steel in the kitchen and baths.

Kara Mosher

A wall of windows in the kitchen looks out at the front lawn, which will be lined with Austin’s signature live oak trees. “I love to cook for my loved ones members and friends,” Jacquelyn states. “All we had to make this home our own was [to] possess our intimate friends over. I cooked all day to my favourite songs, and by the time our last guest left, the home actually felt like it had been ours.”

Kara Mosher

The family feels at home in their kitchen. Of the cabinetry and appliances are stainless steel, and the countertops are made of glass. Although lots of natural light flows into the home, Jacquelyn states, “If money were no object, I’d splurge on converting the home to solar energy”

Kara Mosher

The entrance to the home flows into this dining room area, where a simple black table contrasts the cherry-stained wood floors.

Kara Mosher

Two soft red leather chairs, from Austin’s Skandinavia, form a cozy sitting area.

Kara Mosher

A neutral painting behind the sofa, from Austin’s Four Hands, complements the easy yet warm layout of the family room. Jacquelyn states I do not have a doctrine when it comes to decorating, except that for almost any thing to come into our home it must be functional, well made or possess a distinctive aesthetic”

Coffee table: Skandinavia

Kara Mosher

Jacquelyn learned to create prints with a professor who was photographer Robert Frank’s printer. She left these prints, and also those in the guest bedroom, even while researching with him.

Kara Mosher

Jacquelyn retains some of her most cherished items in her home office. “I have a box of negatives and pictures and a very small turquoise inlaid box given to me by a friend, in which I keep my daughter’s baby teeth,” she states.

“two photographers that I respect are Hiroshi Sugimoto and Keith Carter,” Jacquelyn adds. “Sugimoto for his quest of mild and lengthy exposures. One feels that photography’s science fascinates him as much as the art. Keith Carter could reside anywhere in the world, and he resides, works and photos Texas. He discovers poetry in backyards and small towns.”

Desk: Design Within Reach

This black and white photo, taken by Lawrence, reveals her personal darkroom for developing her photos by hand.

Kara Mosher

The easy, modern master bedroom includes a white, black, gray and green color palette. The next home project Lawrence and Levine would love to complete is incorporating solar panels.

Kara Mosher

The master bath has marble tile and a soaking bathtub. Lawrence says, “My toilet is very peaceful. My cats approve of it” Zen-like statues from Four Hands complete the distance.

Kara Mosher

The reflective toilet cabinets are stainless steel.

Kara Mosher

The guest room continues the peaceful vibe of the home, with patterned bedding from Peacock Alley. The three framed black and white photos were taken by Lawrence in Seattle. “I place them especially from the guest bedroom to get when my Seattle friends visit,” Lawrence says.

Kara Mosher

The small and easy guest toilet includes glass tile detailing.

Kara Mosher

The family’s favourite place in their home is the outside patio. “We eat as many foods as possible outside,” Lawrence says. The terrace was added to the home when it was remodeled in 2006. The fence matches the clean lines of the property’s interior.

What Lawrence loves about Austin is the artistic energy. Some of her favourite items include, she states, “BookPeople, celebrating Thanksgiving drinking margaritas in summer clothing, meeting new people that defy stereotypes, and the unbelievable gift living in this city”

Lawrence took this portrait of daughter Esme within their front lawn.

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