Smart Phones Hold the Keys to Front Doors

The smart phone is now the mother of electronic apparatus for one very simple reason: You always have it with you. And that’s why a phone is a great spot to put all the stuff linked to your doorway. By way of example, you may virtualize the primary, the peephole, the doorbell along with other elements of the doorway, and put everything in your phone to be used from anywhere over the web.

There are significant advantages for doing so (besides laziness). By way of example, you may send a key via email to unlock your door. You are able to hear knocks on the door or even the ringing of the doorbell even if you’re not at home. And you’ll be able to see who’s there even if you are not.

Three brand new goods take electronic doorway stuff to the next level. All of them are crowd-funded jobs still in evolution. But if everything goes according to plan, you will be able to buy all them, and at a manageable cost, by summertime 2013.

UniKey Keyless Entry System

A few phone-based door products allow you to use your phone much as you would a key. You wander up to the door, pull out your phone rather than your own key, then unlock the door with your phone.

One offering within this category is the UniKey, that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to unlock the doorway. You just touch the UniKey deadbolt, and it unlocks in case your phone is within a couple of feet of this lock. (Anyone may lock the door with no phone.)

But the UniKey system also does yet another neat trick. From the UniKey program, it is possible to send an electronic copy of this “main” — for example, if you want to allow a friend in your home while you’re away, it is possible to send the key over the world wide web, then the friend can use it to unlock your door. You might also undo keys using the program and send secrets that work only during specific hours of the day.

Pricing has not been announced for its UniKey, but the firm says it’ll be less than $199.

Agipy Lockitron Keyless Entry System – $149

A company named Agipy is working on a very convenient smart phone lock named Lockitron. Rather than being a replacement deadbolt, the Lockitron fits over your existing deadbolt and turns it phyiscally when you send the command from your phone. The box runs on AA batteries, along with the smart phone app will tell you if they need replacing. You could also turn the lock hand.

Lockitron connects through your house’s Wi-Fi community, which means you may unlock the door from anywhere in the world over the net. And also the Lockitron does a couple more neat tricks. It may sense you approaching by discovering the Bluetooth signal from the phone as you approach the door, and may unlock the door automatically. Additionally, it has a knock sensor; if someone knocks on the door, you receive a message. It is also possible to grant access to other people by sending them consent over email.

Lockitron was actually rejected by the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, so the developers did their very own crowd-funding hard work and increased a small fortune. They expect deliveries of this product by summertime 2013.

Edison Junior DoorBot Smart Doorbell – $169

The other crowd-sourced phone-controlled door endeavor is named DoorBot.

The DoorBot, made by a company named Edison Junior, installs alongside a doorway with screws. It’s a doorbell and a camera, and runs on AA batteries that last a year, according to the company. The camera is infrared capable, so you can even see who’s in the door at night.

The way it works is that if people ring the doorbell, your phone alerts you and you’ll be able to see who’s there, even if you’re not at home. And you may speak to them through your mobile phone.

Perhaps best of all, the DoorBot is designed to utilize the Lockitron, so not just are you able to see and speak with whoever owns at your door, but it is possible to allow the person in, too.

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A Ecofriendly Family Home Gets in Line

“You won’t find a single arc or curve inside this home or landscape,” says residential designer Leigha Heydt. Heydt teamed up to build this home that was sustainable-minded . Quite quickly, the straight-lined home belonged to some young family of New York City transplants. In addition to some layout that is design, Heydt cautioned resource-saving attributes — such as bamboo floors, energy-efficient windows and skylights, water-saving plumbing fixtures and landscaping — and blurred the lines between indoors and out. The home is GreenPoint rated and in walking distance of a grocery store and other businesses. The few and the house can age together, also, thanks to an available downstairs bedroom and full bathroom.

at a Glance
Who lives here: A household with two boys
Location: Mill Valley, California
Size: 2,300 square feet; 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
That’s interesting: This home is called Green Lines, because of the strict use of lines inside and outside, as well as renewable and resource-saving capabilities.
Builder: Jake Glavis, Pacific Ridge Construction

Heydt Designs

Strong horizontal lines from the railings, overhangs and wooden siding help unite the outside assemblage of materials.

The developer initially wanted a timber facade, but Heydt incorporated as much stucco as she could (on the first floor and on the faces of the home), because this stucco is more durable and fireproof than wood siding. She set the timber, a western red cedar, in which it’d make the visual impact. She used the exact same red cedar to the garage door but stained it darkish gray.

Before Photo

BEFORE: This is the first home, which has been torn down to the studs so that the floor plan may be opened up and healthier, contemporary insulation, paint and other materials could be utilized. Heydt preserved the exterior footprint of their present house and added another floor.

Heydt Designs

She borrowed a idea from the home. Recessing the front door produced a protective front porch plus a grander sense of entrance. It covered by an upper balcony, and is tucked between living area bays and the garage. The guardrail frames will be the exact same western red cedar utilized on the siding, and the metal railings are powder-coated tube steel, just inset to the posts by a CNC saw.

Care to detail generated continuity and a careful balance of materials. By way of example, Heydt had the planters and soffit screen fabricated in matching powder-coated steel. And she’d the concrete stained to match the color of the metal railings.

Heydt Designs

“Permeable landscape materials are an essential aspect of green building,” states Heydt. The driveway layout allows rainwater to sink in the soil, where it can be employed from the landscape plantings.

The gray pads are colored and stained concrete, the golden pebbles are Mexican pebbles (also referred to as buff), and the grasses are a native species, Juncus inflexus ‘Blue Mohawk’.

Heydt Designs

Geometry is at drama in the foundation to the roof. “The relationship between the materials and the geometric types creates its own balance,” Heydt states. “The horizontal lines of the timber siding play from the vertical lines from the downspout and railing, while the grid of the soffit display ties it all together.”

Heydt Designs

“Because the home is a compact dimensions and the layout is quite contemporary, we wanted an open great-room layout for the reduced floor,” Heydt states. “The front of the home has very few windows, because the developer wanted the house to feel quite private from the street. But once inside, there’s a completely different feeling — it is extremely open and bright, because the back of the home is almost entirely glass.”

Extensive back windows and the open plan make the most of the house’s southern exposure. “Maximizing the natural light isn’t just a green building measure, but also just makes a great deal of practical sense,” Heydt states. “The owners tell me that they almost never have to turn on any lights throughout the day, and the house uses very little energy for heating or cooling.”

Heydt Designs

Here’s one of those homeowners, Cindy, coming to the family room from the deck, which crosses the back of the home. “The deck makes the home feel a lot bigger,” states Heydt. “Because the weather is quite good year-round out here, the deck is used much as an extension of the home.”

Modern furnishings continue the straight lines, with only a few curves thrown in from a traditional Eames Lounge Chair.

Bench (underneath the TV): George Nelson for Herman Miller; couch: Klein, Room & Board

Heydt Designs

The lower windows were acid etched and screened with a wall of bamboo out to allow it natural light while maintaining privacy. “The traces of the bamboo leaves can be seen swaying in the front of the windows,” Heydt states.

Taking the limestone fireplace surround from ground to ceiling produced a bold modern spin on a chimney.

Fireplace surround: Fossil Green limestone; woven leather chair: DPortable La Espada; Baths: aluminum-clad Marvin timber; java tables: Bee Market

Heydt Designs

“While the parents prepare meals, the children do their homework or watch TV from the adjacent family room space. The layout allows for the family to remain engaged with one another while utilizing those common spaces,” Heydt states. “When the family entertains, guests leak in and outside of their house through the patio doors as though there were no separation between the interior and outside.”

Bar stools: Radius, Room & Board; cupboards: Nexus Black, Ikea; counters: Calacatta Oro marble

“I made the landscape to become integrated with the home,” states Heydt. “From the interior of the home, you find the color green through every window.”

A row of mature camellias inspired the placement of the window at the kitchen. “When they’re in blossom, the backsplash view is spectacular, and if they are not, it is a serene introduction of greenery to the kitchen,” Heydt states. She sized the backsplash to fit the space just between the cabinets and the counter tops. The reflection off the translucent glass upper cabinets gives the illusion of a continued outdoor view.

Heydt Designs

Homeowner Peter in front of the brand new dining area. “Considering that the floor plan was so open, I wanted to create a little intimacy for the dining area and define its space as separate from the foyer and living area, which are very close,” Heydt states. “One of the columns contains a structural pole to get the floor framing above. The portico effect of the design incorporates the pillar and achieves the design goal at the exact same moment.”

Living chairs: Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller

Heydt Designs

“Because the front of the home has very few windows for privacy reasons, we brought natural lighting into the house through the use of many skylights on the upper floor,” Heydt states. “Skylights line the stairwell and hallway ceilings as well as the two bathrooms. The skylights are extremely energy efficient because of the type of glass that they contain. They allow in light but keep cold and heat out.”

The inside staircase railing is the exact same powder-coated steel at the exact same color as the outside railing.

Heydt Designs

This cupboard and shelf wall at the master bedroom homes a TV, fireplace and computer area. The doorways to the right lead to a balcony overlooking the backyard.

Heydt Designs

This back balcony spans the period of the home and is accessed from the master bedroom and another bedroom. “The balconies also serve a safety point; the glass doors serve as egress accesses, which are somewhat more appealing compared to egress windows and let in more light,” Heydt states.

She chose this Pebble Tec flooring, an epoxy-set aggregate with small gray Mexican pebbles, because it looks like a loose-gravel garden route.

Heydt Designs

Heydt (shown here) surrounded the master bath tub in the exact same porcelain tile she utilized on the ground: Grey Ground, by GranitiFiandre. It is made from recycled materials.

Heydt Designs

A floating vanity at the children’s bathroom permits the floor to stretch from wall to wall, which makes the space feel bigger.

Flooring: Grey Ground porcelain tile, GranitiFiandre; cupboard: Rifra, Fonte Collection

Plan Surveys reveal the house’s layout. This is the first floor, including the deck.

Here’s the floor.

Heydt loves seeing the household enjoy her design. “I am thrilled they have the home, because they really understand and appreciate the aesthetic,” she states. “It was so much fun for me to see them move in and begin using the home in ways I had previously only imagined.”

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10 Contractor Scam Warning Signs

Natural disasters bring out the very best and the worst in people. Sad to say, the disorderly environment they produce is a prime setting for illegitimate builders, sometimes called “storm chasers” or “fly by night” contractors. “That is a vulnerable time for homeowners,” says Rick Lopes, chief of public affairs at the California Contractors State License Board. “Be very careful about giving somebody else too much electricity.”

After something really traumatic, it seems sensible that a homeowner would want things to return to normal as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, it’s important to take the time to find the appropriate person to perform the job correctly. Do additional research if something doesn’t feel appropriate. Be mindful, and you’re going to prevent scams and the builders who get jobs only when people are desperate.

Below are some key warning signs to search for.

Before Photo

Federal Emergency Management Agency

1. Lack of licensing. Request proof or look online at your state licensing board’s site to be certain a possible contractor has a permit to work on your region if a permit is necessary. (Find out about your state’s contractor licensing requirements here.) Lopes warns that builders coming door to door might not be from a local, based business, and many state licenses don’t allow builders to run in another state.

Of course, there is always a danger even with someone who’s licensed. “Just because someone has a permit and insurance doesn’t necessarily mean they will do the very best job,” says George “Geep” Moore, remodeler chairman at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). “But it does mean they are a legitimate contractor and they are doing the right thing.”

2. Unbelievably low bids. Before hiring someone to fix up your home, you’re going to want to get no less than 3 bids on your job. “Have your choices in mind before you get your quotes,” says New Jersey contractor Lucy K.H. Kalian. The more details you can provide a contractor, the more likely it is that you are going to get a precise estimate. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) suggests using the very same specifications, materials and labor for each bid.

“If you buy a bid that is a lot less than others, there is usually a reason for this,” says Lopes. “The cheapest deal is seldom the best deal.” The contractor might be cutting corners, might not have insurance, might use bad substances or might pay employees under the table. Regardless, you do not want to get involved.

3. Requiring a massive deposit. Each state has different regulations regarding the amount a contractor can request an up-front deposit — it ranges from less than 10% to around 30 percent. Check your country’s law regarding contractor deposits before agreeing to pay an especially large amount up front.

4. No permanent place of business.
Not every contractor who might come knocking on your door is going to have scam — a few might have the abilities to repair your home, but they might not know how to deal with all the complications that come with a natural catastrophe and water damange. Be extra cautious and make certain that anybody who helps you following a natural catastrophe is qualified and state licensed. The NAHB advises that any contractor you work with should have a physical office (not only a P.O. box), a mailing address, a legitimate telephone number and an email address. This can help you find out if they are licensed and will ensure that you can contact them constantly.

Before Photo

Federal Emergency Management Agency

5. No contract. The judgment is unanimous — prevent anyone who says a contract is not necessary, particularly after a natural catastrophe. Make sure your contract summarizes specific work performed, materials used, a cost breakdown and a payment schedule. While a few smaller subcontractors might not work with contracts on a regular basis, the likelihood of a person getting taken advantage of in a crisis situation is high, so don’t take the risk. There are a lot of general contractors that specialize in smaller jobs, too.

6. No insurance. Every general contractor that you work with should have two kinds of insurance. General liability insurance guarantees that your property will be protected in case any damage happens during the job. Employee’s compensation insurance protects a general contractor’s employees in case they are injured on your property. Lopes advises requesting a possible contractor’s insurance policy number, then calling the insurance company to ensure the contractor has each single worker covered.

7. Inadequate references.
Get at least three references for each possible contractor and really check them. Ask about the standard of the job, how the job has stood up over time and also what it was like to work together with the person. “The second you see an inconsistency, you know [they are] a flake,” claims contractor Bill Reid of RemodelWest. Your insurance carrier can provide recommendations, but do not trust someone who shows up on your door stating they were shipped by your own insurance until you obtain confirmation from your claims adjuster. Do your research through external sources as well — local professional associations and the BBB can offer great insight.

Before Photo

Federal Emergency Management Agency

8. Special deals. Avoid anyone who offers you “special” pricing, particularly if you sign on the dotted line right then and there. You do not want to rush into an agreement until you know precisely what you’re getting yourself into.

9. Cash payments required beforehand.
“Your cash is your very best leverage,” says Lopes. Protect yourself and limit the sum of money that goes into a job prior to completion. The BBB suggests never paying money — notably beforehand. Moore indicates that you carefully record how you hand out your cash and get a receipt for each payment.

10. Mechanic’s liens. Legally, an unpaid contractor, subcontractor or provider can record a mechanic’s lien against your property, which can finally force the sale of the property in lieu of compensation. “it is a means for professionals to guarantee they get paid,” says Reid. Make sure you’ve got a listing of all the subcontractors, laborers and materials suppliers that your primary contractor will be using, and request proof that everyone was paid before releasing your final payment — otherwise you could be held responsible. Homeowners can wind up paying for equipment twice otherwise — both to a subcontractor and to a provider who ended up not being compensated by said subcontractor. “You can also compose a two-party check,” says Reid. “it is a small pain, however, your contractor will need to visit the provider so as to cash it.”

More: What to Look for in a Contractor’s Deal

Resource Guide: Recovering from Sandy

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Guest Groups: Shower Curtains Make a Splash

I must admit, I favor a glass enclosure over a shower curtain, but a few homeowners have no other choice except to use a single. If you need to use a shower curtain, then make it a beautiful one! Below are a few of my favorites that are certain to beautify almost any toilet. — Jami from Imagine Design Website

Bed Bath & Beyond

Echo Design™ Jaipur Fabric Shower Curtain – $39.99

Here is just another paisley for you! I can’t help it I have been so attracted to this publish recently. The dim primary colors of this curtain make it quite eye catching, and it would go best with a gentle backdrop — maybe light blue walls with cream cabinetry. For drama, I would accessorize with crimson and coral towels.


UDDGRUND Shower Curtain – $9.99

If you don’t understand yet, my favorite color combination is black and white. Basically anything black and white is going to catch my attention, but what I really like about this curtain is that the design and the pattern aren’t too “in mind” This is quite subtle and beautiful, yet it makes a big impact.


Yhdessa Shower Curtain – $69

What I enjoy about this shower curtain (apart from it being black and white) is that the graphic nature of the daring pattern. It’s not typically something I’d source for my customers, but I appreciate its artistic attributes.


Paisley Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is just sweet. The color palette is soft, and the paisley pattern says nothing but “girlie” to me personally. I would love to find this in a small girl’s bath with soft pink or yellow walls and white cabinetry.


Sechura Shower Curtain – $128

This is such a serene shower curtain. I like the watercolor impact that it’s in its stripes. It’s not too rigid and formal, but has a much more loose and flowing vibe. It would be perfect for a toilet by the shore.

Urban Outfitters

Peacock Shower Curtain – $49

I have had a long time love affair with the peacock, so this guy had to make my listing. I am actually loving the soft color palette of this curtain. It’d be beautiful paired with classic white subway tile as the shower surround. Again, this is just another one for the women.


Standard Tub Shower Curtain Premier Decorator by Maison Boutique – $95

There are a whole lot of chevron curtains out there today, but what I enjoy about this Etsy store is the fact that it supplies a wide array of colors to choose from. Of course, if it were for my house, I would choose the black and white.

Restoration Hardware

Diamond Matelassé Shower Curtain – $89

Following is a more sophisticated, mature selection for a shower curtain choice. The gray diamond pattern is classic and cool, and it will be a great complement to the vast majority of bathrooms.


Vibrant Cornflower Yellow and White Traditions Damask by Home Lush – $119

You can’t ever go wrong with a damask. I love this bright and cheery curtain. I think it would perk up any dull space in a rush. It would be a knockout in a black and white toilet.

West Elm

River Rock Shower Curtain – $39

This is a unique pattern on a shower curtain, and that I enjoy it. It’s very natural with the river stone design. A spa-like environment would be best for this curtain, as the soft blue-green color is quite serene.

Ballard Designs

Monogrammed Classic Shower Curtain – $149

This is one of my favorites. I am loving the black and white and also the simplicity of the wide black band at the base. Plus, anything monogrammed is cool in my book. This might look good in a traditional-style toilet.


Marimekko Kivet Black Shower Curtain – $59.95

Holy cow! Here is a few more black and white to you. Polka dots make me grin. I enjoy this curtain since it’s daring in its pattern, yet it’s not too flashy. It kind of reminds me of Twister. This would be cool in a teenager’s bathroom with vivid pink walls to get a girl and bright blue or green walls to get a boy.


Splish Splash Shower Curtain – $39.95

Very easy, very artsy and extremely hip, this curtain has a sense of humor that I like. It’s unique, which makes me want to utilize it even more.

Pottery Barn

Spring Sparrow Shower Curtain – $49

This shower curtain has a wonderful vintage vibe about it. I adore the colorful birds and the natural green and brown branches. A farmhouse or country-style toilet would be perfect for this curtain.

Pottery Barn

Matine Toile Shower Curtain – $69

What is an ideabook without some toile? I am loving this timeless pattern and how it comes in three distinct colors. This is just another perfect alternative for this country-style toilet, especially when paired with a claw-foot tub.


Zen Leaf Shower Curtain – $29.99

This is a beautiful shower curtain. The black blended with the gray and white is a sophisticated palette, but then it’s punched up with a pop of crimson. I enjoy that the routine is rather large and takes up most of the panel.


Popular Bath “Sinatra Silver” Shower Curtain – $29.45

Bling Bling! Add some sparkle and pizzazz to a bathroom with this shimmery, silver curtain. I am a fan of anything that sparkles, and this is a real eye catcher. I would keep the rest of the toilet in subdued and silent finishes, just so that you don’t feel like you’re inside a disco ball.

Laura Ashley ‘Yardley’ 72-inch Shower Curtain – $34.99

What is more beautiful than Laura Ashley? For real. This is the best complement to some little girl’s toilet. The soft palette of pink, gray and white is as sweet as a Siamese kitty.

Cost Plus World Market

Grey/Coral Ikat Shower Curtain – $29.99

I just love Ikat. It’s basically my preferred print. There’s just something so tribal and unique about it. This curtain is stylish and beautiful in style. The gray and coral supply good contrast, and you get a lot of bang for your dollar with this curtain.

Urban Outfitters

Romantic Floral Scarf Shower Curtain – $44

Bam! Here is some color for you. I love this shower curtain. I am partial to floral prints, and the bigger and bolder they get, the better they are. This one is pretty and romantic. I’d source this to any bachelorette.

Next: Uncramp Your Small Bathroom

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A Family Home Grows and Gets a New Face

‘I give a lot of the aesthetic credit to my clients. They put their heart and souls into this job,” says residential designer Leigha Heydt. They added 705 square feet, redesigned the floor plan and altered all the prominent architectural attributes, Heydt states. “When they discovered this home, it was an obsolete, modern lodge-style home with two bedrooms and 2 baths which had not been updated since the 1980s. They purchased the home planning to enlarge it and change it into something they loved; they wanted a comfortable but beautiful family home.”

at a Glance
Who lives here: A family with 3 children and a fourth on how
Location: Mill Valley, California
Size: 2,700 square feet; 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths

Heydt Designs

Heydt clarifies the new style of the home as with Craftsman shingle style and Spanish colonial influences outdoors, with modern elements inside.

This home doesn’t have much of a garden, so the owners treat their front yard like a garden. There is a patio off the kitchen to the right.

Before Photo

BEFORE: This is your front facade before the redesign; its massing seemed disjointed, as did the obsolete architectural components.

Heydt Designs

This entry foyer, the full family space, part of the living area and the breakfast nook are a part of the new addition to the first floor.

Heydt Designs

The foyer includes a side and a casual side, which offers a spot for sitting, removing one’s shoes and stashing them under the window seat — a smart design movement for a family with young children.

Heydt Designs

The relaxed, light floors throughout the home are an engineered, prefinished product by Navarre; the top layer is actual bamboo. The colour is called Montauban.

Heydt Designs

Heydt Designs

An over-the-mantel TV is concealed by an antiqued mirrored cabinet. Its panes offer a link to the curved windows used on the house’s facade.

Heydt Designs

Zoning regulations prohibited a picture window which Heydt had initially intended for the wall in which the hutch is, therefore inside designer Benjamin Dhong created the concept of the blue and white accent wall. “It was a great alternative as a desperately desired focal point,” states Heydt.

Dining room pendant: Goodman Hanging Lamp by Thomas O’Brien

Heydt Designs

While Heydt designed the design of these appliances, the corner as well as the windows, the spouse, her mother-in-law (a kitchen designer who lived on the East Coast) and interior designer Dhong and layout adviser Matthew MacCaul Turner chose it from there.

An oversized necklace brings the attention to the middle of the space, lending balance. Cabinet-front panels camouflage the fridge, while bright yellowish industrial counter stools add sunny color.

Heydt Designs

The spouse picked the elegant Calacatta Oro marble countertops. “She’s great flavor, and that made a massive difference with the project,” states Heydt.

A white subway tile backpsplash and glass-front cupboard doors reflect the light and brighten the windowless wall of the kitchen.

Pendant mild: Victorian Hotel Pendant, Restoration Hardware

Heydt Designs

The built-in breakfast nook enjoys a lot of natural light, thanks to the expansive windows and transoms. There is storage beneath the banquette.

The kitchen conveniently opens to front patio, in which the family loves to enjoy meals al fresco.

Heydt Designs

This cozy family room demonstrates that comfortable rooms should not be vast. Smart custom cabinetry and media storage store things from looking cluttered.

The area opens to front porch, a part of Heydt’s careful placement of chambers in relation to the outdoor spaces. “The link to the landscape was quite intentional. The site is quite beautiful, with large, old-growth redwood trees. We wanted to be certain that you feature the house’s connection to the site via the use of strategically placed windows and glass French doors,” states Heydt. Therefore, the family room opens to the front porch, the kitchen opens to the patio, and the bedrooms have private balconies that love views of the top parts of the yard.

Heydt Designs

A jewel box of a powder room joys having a blue faux-bois wall covering and also a perspective outside instead of a mirror. A Chinese garden blossom and smoky foo dogs include Far Eastern flair.

Heydt Designs

The upstairs hall is an ideal example of the new and old combinations seen throughout the home. It features a traditional console table, a classic architectural element, a contemporary drum shade and crisp white walls.

“The present upstairs bedrooms needed vaulted ceilings with triangular windows in the upper parts of the gables,” states Heydt. “Since we eliminated the triangular windows for style reasons, we replaced them with curved windows to finish the look of the new aesthetic. We still wanted windows up there, and circular windows tend to look the very best in a triangular space.”

Heydt Designs

Another dynamic wallpaper accent adds a jolt of vivid colour without overpowering the girls’ bedroom. The space is a brand new mixture of Victorian and contemporary pieces, such as painted Victorian twin beds plus a Swedish contemporary wicker pendant.

Heydt Designs

“We added the balcony to the girls’ space to complement the master bedroom patio and also to make an outdoor architectural element within the breakfast nook,” states Heydt.

Heydt Designs

The guest bath is clean and modern. Boston Library Lights are an unexpected and clever choice for bathroom lighting.

Tip: A vanity on a base like this one or attached to the wall may make a modest bathroom feel much more spacious.

Heydt Designs

The bedroom is based upon the cathedral ceiling’s beam. It also has a private balcony which overlooks the front yard.

“The rooms are extremely streamlined, but the home feels more spacious than it actually is due to the tall, vaulted ceilings, both the windows and the glass doors,” states Heydt.

Heydt Designs

The master bedroom, master bath, kids’ bath and guest bath were a part of the new addition upstairs. The vaulted ceiling, natural light and soft hues of the master bath make it look much larger than it actually is.

Heydt Designs

The space combines elegant finishes and streamlined accessories with the occasional antique, like the dressing table chair along with the urn, and having the eclectic Moravian star pendant light. The result is one each parent of four children deserves, a relaxing and serene area.

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Design Guide: Bistro Chairs

If you’re searching for stylish dining chairs, take a virtual trip more than Western bistros and cafés. The bistro chairs made there were ruling this category for at least 150 decades. We’ve featured articles on a few of our favorites before, but I thought I would make it easy and lasso them into a single group so you can select a favorite. If you can not narrow it down to a single, that is just fine; every one of these styles is so flexible that just about any combined and matched collection is smashing.

Schranghamer Design Group, LLC

Bentwood chairs. Produced by Michael Thonet back in the 1850s, these chairs predominate as the granddaddies of bistro chairs. Their gorgeous curves and sturdy performance make them a house and restaurant staple that never goes out of style. There are many different iterations of the bentwood chair, some by Thonet along with an array of imitations. The one you see above is the Bentwood Chair with Arch Brace.

Ben Herzog

This variant on the original bentwood chair is the Era seat. Reproductions can be found in natural wood and also in an array of vivid colors. It is available with a caned or solid seat.

Brian Watford Interiors

These farmhouse-style café chairs were motivated by Thonet’s original A150 Bentwood Chair. Williams-Sonoma includes a similar seat called the Bosquet Side Chair, and Ballard Designs offers the Constance Chair.

Dreamy Whites

Classic folding French bistro chairs are portable and light, and will fold up for storage or be carried out to the terrace or garden easily. Blogger Maria of Dreamy Whites utilizes them as the ideal seating to match with her Scandinavian/shabby chic aesthetic.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

If you hanker for modern over shabby chic, don’t dismiss this style of bistro seat. Chartreuse provides these folding bistro chairs all of the modern design they need to fit in at a modern farmhouse.

See the rest of this home

Summerour Architects

The armchair version is a sturdier and more comfortable version, and it has rustic French farm appeal. These chairs (available at have a similar look.

The Marais A Chair. Produced by French metalworker Xavier Pauchard back in the 1930s, this seat’s classic industrial style has never been popular.

BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc..

While the galvanized metal in gunmetal grey has big industrial allure, the vivid colors it comes in are extremely appealing.

Boor Bridges Architecture

The Praque seat. This industrial seat brings in more flair, with a few extra curves plus a lighter shape.

Scot Eckley, Inc..

Let’s pause for a tiny folding bistro/Marais mashup. The mixture of wood and metal ties this dining room together beautifully.

Woven French bistro chairs. Observe the chairs in their natural habitat, on the sidewalks of Collioure, France.

Studio William Hefner

Once woven from Nile river reeds, the chairs are most commonly composed of rattan and rilsan today.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

These chairs work well in traditional, transitional, eclectic, modern and modern spaces. In fact, all the chairs I have listed have this fantastic versatility.

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18 Great Midcentury Modern Chairs

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Guest Picks: 20 Modern Quilts for Kids

Now the holidays are over, it’s time to freshen up things around the home. January is a superb time to take advantage of many White Sales and replace the kids’ bedding to get a bright beginning to the new year. Here are a few of my favourite contemporary vases for children. — Elaina from Fun Finds for Mom


Modern Baby Quilt Half & Half Herb by B Perrino Quilts – $125

This neutral quilt will be ideal in a modern nursery, especially if your little guy’s name starts with an O.


Equilateral Triangles Crib Quilt by Carson Converse Studio – $360

This Equilateral Triangles Crib Quilt by Carson Converse is really two quilts in one: glowing triangles on one side and lemony stripes onto the other.

Pottery Barn Kids

Dahlia Medallion Quilt, Pink – $179

My daughter would probably choose this one out of the bunch. Pink and flowers are two of the favorites.


Geometric Quilt, Bricks by B Perrino Quilts – $325

Barbara Perrino creates some really striking vases, such as this clean and simple”bricks” design.


Delft Quilt – $2,850

The gorgeous quilts made by FunQuilts are an investment, for certain, but the good news is that the company also sells quilt kits for people who possess the skills to generate their very own.


Zig Zag Chocolate Quilt

This comfy Zig Zag Chocolate Quilt by Dwell is made of 100 percent cotton.

Denyse Schmidt Quilts

Run & Fall, Chocolate Queen Quilt

Chocolate brown and blue is one of my favourite color combinations, especially when paired in matters like this fun geometric quilt.

Denyse Schmidt Quilts

Swirly Rose Appliqué Quilt

This quilt by Denyse Schmidt is named Swirly Rose, but it reminds me of freshly picked oranges. I could design a whole room .

Haptic Laboratory

New York City Soft-Map – $450

Look carefully and you’ll notice that Soft-Maps are quilted maps of towns and areas around the world, including New York, Paris, London, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. They’re perfect for the urban tot!

SUCH Designs

Wonky Small Homes Quilt Pattern – $10

This is a quilt pattern called”Wonky Little Houses” I love its playful appearance. It was created by my friend (and super gifted artist) Carrie Bloomston.


Quatrefoil Blossom Quilt – $220

This is absolute pinky perfection.


Baby Quilt Orange Boxes by B Perrino Quilts – $125

This is just another great quilt made by Barbara Perrino. It is named Orange Boxes, and it’s sized for a baby.

Serena & Lily

Ruched Quilt – $230

White happens to be my favorite color, so I wouldn’t mind having this unique Ruched Quilt from Serena & Lily in my bed. It is so refreshing!

The Land of Nod

Children Red & White Nautical Striped Quilt Bedding – $129

These bold white and red stripes are at home in a nautical-themed bedroom for children.


Equilateral Triangles Crib Quilt by Carson Converse Studio – $360

If you love Carson Converse’s quilt layouts but are not yet prepared to make the investment, have a look at his smaller stroller quilts and greeting cards also.


Circle Stitch Quilt – $184

This quilt has a genuine bohemian vibe with all its multicolored rings and circles.

The Land of Nod

Kids Dinosaur Bedding Comforter Set – $14

In case you have a dino lover, here is an enjoyable tower of dinosaurs onto a duvet from The Land of Nod. Additionally, there are a few great pillows for your upcoming paleontologist to snuggle up with also.

Chocolate/Chambray Cabin Quilt – $180

These reversible Cabin Quilts from Serena & Lily would be the perfect basic pieces for layering with patterned bedding. The contrasting red stitch on this one is a wonderful touch.

Aqua Diamond Quilt – $180

This Aqua Diamond Quilt from Serena & Lily resembles pure luxury. Additionally, it comes in punch, lilac, pink and citrine.

Denyse Schmidt Quilts

On and On Quilt

I think this orange, geometric”On and On” quilt by Denyse Schmidt would look great in a tween boy’s room.

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FHA Credit Score Limits

Loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) have more flexible credit criteria than conventional, non-government guaranteed loans. The FHA started providing an alternative to stringent mortgage loans in 1934, and it continues to aid borrowers with credit challenges to obtain financing from promising to repay lenders if borrowers default. The borrower, co-borrower and co-signer on a FHA loan should meet minimum credit score requirements to qualify.

The Basics

FHA-approved lenders adhere to particular credit guidelines outlined from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Handbook. They consider borrower credit history among one of the four significant factors influencing a borrower’s ability to repay a home loan. A credit score and report shows excessive credit obligations and any past failure to settle debts. A low credit score, delinquent and past due accounts, bankruptcy, and foreclosure are all red flags for lenders. The lender also considers income, assets and other obligations to determine whether the borrower is likely to repay the loan.

Credit Limits

FHA has a minimal credit requirement but not a maximum charge limitation. The highest possible credit score based on the most popular credit scoring program, FICO, is 850, and the smallest is 300. FHA requires borrowers to have a minimal 500 FICO score to obtain insurance. Such borrowers should contribute at least a 10 percent down payment. A borrower with a score of 580 or more qualifies for a loan with just a 3.5 percent down payment.


FHA’s minimum score requirements benefit borrowers who have sufficient assets and income to repay a home loan debt but who would be denied under conventional lending criteria because of terrible credit. FHA insurance allows lenders to make loans to otherwise ineligible borrowers as they’re guaranteed repayment of the debt. FHA loans require an annual mortgage insurance premium that the borrower pays monthlypayments. The increased down payment requirement for borrowers with very bad credit offsets danger for FHA and the lending company.

Expert Insight

Improve your credit score before applying for a FHA loan by eliminating inaccuracies and unpaid collections from your accounts. Such items affect the standard of your loan, specifically the interest rate and your loan limitation. A score below 580 takes more money out-of-pocket at closing and a higher monthly payment over the repayment term. By removing negative accounts and high-balance credit accounts, you also enhance the maximum loan amount. The lender counts fewer monthly obligations, raising the amount you’re able to put toward a housing payment.

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What Colors to Paint Martin Homes

Purple martins are lively, gregarious songbirds native to the U.S.. If you reside in the martins’ breeding range, that includes the eastern U.S. and Pacific Coast from Washington state to Mexico, along with elements of Arizona and Canada, hosting a purple martin colony is a rewarding, long-lasting endeavor. Purple martins have survived with people since Native American occasions and are now almost dependent on human-supplied housing. Even though purple martin houses are readily available for purchase, building your own martin house adds a second level of satisfaction. Whether you construct a martin “apartment house” or offer gourd-type homes, a key contributor to the achievement of your martin housing is the shade that you just paint it.

Paint It White

White is the preferred color for purple martin houses. White offers maximum reflection of sunlight, which keeps the interior of the house cool so that the birds can flourish and increase their young. It is possible to paint the trim, like the roof and the ledges under the doors, another color, but it’s not vital. If you reside in an area that gets high summertime temperatures, you should also paint the roof white.

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3 Buildings Maximize Nature Views

This Seattle artist desired to construct a house in Washington’s San Juan Islands where she could be inspired to do her job for the majority of the summer, but she did not wish to spend the entire time in isolation. Her house needed to have living space space for guests and studio space. Instead of constructing a large two-story house with all the identical water views, the architects split the house into three separate one-story structures. Which minimized the impact on the landscape while embracing every part of it. Presently a studio, guesthouse and chief house make the most of the perspectives of the water, the woods as well as the magnificent present madrona trees on the rocky bluff.

in a Glance
Who lives here: This is a Seattle artist’s summer and weekend residence.
Location: San Juan Islands, Washington
Size: Main house: 1,400 square feet; guesthouse: 650 square feet; studio: 500 square feet

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

“We carefully choreographed the entry order,” states Rick Mohler, of Mohler Ghillino Architects, that worked with project lead Rik Adams on the plan. Upon arrival one experiences a course of discovery, appearing from the woods to obtain the studio and then continuing along to the guest house and main house.

“Her job is more inwardly focused, so the studio’s perspectives are much different than people from the others,” Mohler states. The clerestory windows face north and let in the light in addition to the view of the woods. The studio doesn’t have big views of the water.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

Next one walks past the guest house, which comprises two bedrooms and a bath. The distinct structure provides the guests privacy and enabled the architects to tread lightly on the landscape, nestling the constructions into the website rather than building one big two-story house with all the same views.

Having separate buildings also means that the homeowner may turn the heat off in the guesthouse when it’s not being used.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

“There’s a rhythm along the path, made by the different shed roof orientations,” Mohler describes. Details such as rafter tails beneath these roofs break things up and increase the rhythm.

At the end of the entry order, one arrives in this entry court; it’s shared with the primary house and guesthouse and gets the first glimpse of the water views.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

“We love to utilize corner windows; they tend to open up the space and the view,” Mohler states. Here, near the front door, a corner window cuts diagonally across the primary living space, revealing a dramatic view of the water and Vancouver Island.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

You can see how this operates on the plan. The cap of the program is that the entry-court side; the base is that the water-facing side.

The architects also placed larger decks from your main house, using a narrow deck across the water-facing facade to maximize the views and expand the rooms out.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

“The owner did not mind us pulling back on the website a bit, which enabled us to display the view through the gorgeous madrona trees; this made for much more interesting and lively perspectives,” Mohler states.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

Breaking up the structures also allows the house to float atop concrete piers that are cast directly onto solid rock just below the soil. This meant very little excavation was required and thus there was minimal effect to the website. “The piers also make the house feel lighter inside the landscape,” Mohler states.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

The main house’s magnificent butterfly roof soars toward the skies and opens the structure to southern light and the view off the rugged bluff.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

Windows reflect the view; the trim color matches the grass and the ⅞-inch corrugated sheet metal siding; as well as the roofing and railings mix in with the sky.

Metallic end: Zincalume

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

The front of the main building is all one open living space and comprises the dining room, living room and kitchen. The master suite is tucked into the rear corner (on the left side of this picture), allowing a floating bathtub to feel like it’s from the woods.

Mohler + Ghillino Architects

“Lots of homes are just what we call see machines, with every room focusing just on the same view of the water,” Mohler states. “This website had an unbelievable diverse all-natural landscape, and also we needed to expose the structure to each of the land had to provide.”

Main accountable for Rik Adams, with Rick Mohler and Rick Ghillino
General contractor: JAS Design Build

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