Guest Picks: Concrete Suggestions for Decks and Patios

Like functional sculptures, lots of trendy indoor and outdoor products are created by a fiber cement material that renders the designs lightweight, easily transportable and ideal for urban dwellers. Concrete is a natural material that has long been a favorite among architects and designers because of its durability, in addition to its grand breadth of colors and distinctive finishes that provide a broad spectrum of design choices.

Because it’s most commonly used as a construction material, concrete is obviously ideal for outdoor products of all types. It is weather and UV resistant, making it virtually maintenance free and equipped to hold up to just about anything, such as children and dogs. Additionally, it is porous, so it drains well, making it good for planters since it enables plants to breathe and consume only enough water and nutrients. Better yet, it stays cool, helping maintain appropriate soil temperatures. — Robin from Urban Gardens

Ivanka Studio

Puzzle Slabs

Time for some games. How about mixing it up with these concrete slab mystery tiles interspersed with bud? They’re chic and witty and let you play on the terrace.

Ivanka Studio

Biofire Coffee Table

Ivanka creates this fabulous combination concrete table and bioethanol firepit. The double-duty layout is excellent for smaller spaces since it’s two products in one.


De Castelli Claps Stone – $956.81

De Castelli’s lightweight cement Claps Stones are smooth white stones that function as seating, a place for setting a drink or just as decorative pieces. They are perfect for urban spaces, as they are easy to proceed into the rooftop and rear indoors.


Concrete Geodesic Planter, Dark Gray by At Stuart

Inspired by the geodesic dome, this hand-cast cement planter is pure natural architecture for your garden. I would fill it with something colorful or using succulents. A group of them are magnificent.


Concrete Coffee Table With Moss Planters by LAbC Furniture – $1,100

I’m loving this outdoor glass fiber–reinforced concrete block with moss insets on the surface. It is would be be good for indoor or outdoor use, as it’s lightweight and the moss needs no upkeep except an occasional misting.


Concrete/Wood Planter Bench by Tao Concrete – $1,300

This concrete and timber planter seat has a wonderful blend of industrial and natural elements. For the two exterior or interior spaces, it’s a good illustration of a multifunctional piece that’s both a planter. It would be particularly good for smaller spaces where a single piece must do the work of 2.


Extra Large Handmade Concrete Gold Planter from Dachshund in the Desert – $40

Oh what a delicious bit of bling this hand-painted concrete could result in any decor! I love the contrasting roughness and gold colour of this planter’s edge, which can be sealed so that it’s perfectly weather resistant and ready for outside.


Concrete Birdhouse from Ferguson Mireault Concrete Design – CAD 95

Hi, birdies. Here’s a modern concrete and timber abode for contemporary feathered friends. What do I love? The magnetic lid that may be easily removed for cleanup along with the water-based acrylic sealer that enables it to be left outside all year round.

Stitched Concrete Stools

A study in trendy modern contrasts, these stools combine the appearance of soft fabric with the strength of concrete. The advanced Stitched Concrete stools by designer Florian Schmid are cleverly created by folding cement-impregnated fabric supported with a PVC backing, so they are weather and UV resistant, lightweight, and easily moved indoors or outside.

Concrete by LCDA

Cubik Concrete Table

Think big with this particular concrete and stainless steel dining table that has a design statement indoors or outside. Its lightweight concrete top sits on a base of 2 stainless steel legs, however, the element I love most is the centre well that may hold river stones or plants or — get creative!


Concrete Jungle Table

Discuss about funk and function. Jonas Bohlin’s Concrete Jungle dining table is ready to party. Its top concrete disc sits on a black painted steel base. Put some candles into the snowy aquarium gravel (that comes with the dining table), then light up it and revel in the glow.

Grupo Bondi

M. Bench – $194.79

A twist on outdoor upholstery, this Grupo Bondi concrete pouf makes enjoyable outdoor or indoor seating and can be also quite a conversation piece.

Stefan Zwicky

Comfort Without Conformity Chair

I am rather intrigued by designer Stefan Zwicky’s concrete homage to the iconic Corbusier seat. This really brings a contemporary classic outside. It is not for each space, but it would surely include a trendy detail into some landscapes.

5.5 Designers

Mobilier a Jardiner

How interesting is this concrete garden furniture? The creative minds in the agency 5.5 Designers came up with a collection of modular concrete bits that incorporate planters of varying sizes and configurations. The furniture is intended to go anywhere you are able to plant it.

Anna Badur

Concrete Bench

Anna Badur’s seat beautifully fools the eye using its “soft” concrete seat. It has buttonholes that Badur says she’s adjusted to the body to provide comfort. I love the way the designer has thought it throughout. It’s drainage holes if it rains, and the powder-coated steel frame and legs add a dash of colour.


Triangulum Fire Pit – $1,979

I love to heat up from the flames of an outdoor fire. Envision a group sitting about that one that’s made from durable combination concrete. It is equally good looking and practical. The fire sits 10 inches from the floor, over vertical slots that allow drainage and allow in air to feed the flames.


Knotty Stool – $756

These funky hollow-cast concrete tree stumps make fabulous outdoor side tables or additional seating. If you want to bring nature indoors, just add the optional sliders and roll up the Knotty Stool indoors.

Sit Urban Design

Bench With Backrest and Planter

I can see some of these planter chairs together on a terrace overlooking the cityscape. They work nicely as seating, occasional tables or both, and flexible pieces such as these optimize limited spaces.

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