10 Things That Will Determine Your Home Appraisal Value

One of the key requirements to selling a house is to put it through landscaping San Francisco, and the best way to get a good valuation is to take a proactive approach in the matter. You should do some research beforehand on what home appraisals are all about and how you can prepare in order to improve your chances of getting a fair home appraisal.

Check out 10 of the factors that contribute to determining the value score given to your home at the end of a home appraisal.


There’s a reason why the word “location” has become synonymous with the real estate industry. The neighborhood in which your home is located as well as the positioning of your home within that neighbourhood will have a huge influence on the valuation of your home.

Age of the Home

Age is another major contributing factor to landscape San Francisco. A well-maintained, older home with heritage value might get a good appraisal, but a new home with interesting and unique features has good odds too.

Construction Materials

A home that’s built on a good foundation with long-lasting durable materials will also get a good appraisal, while general updates will add exponentially to its value. That’s why it’s always advised to give your home a bit of a facelift before you put it on the market.

Design Style

Certain design styles are timeless and are therefore considered valuable regardless of what era they’re from. However, certain “trendy” designs will actually devalue your home over time as they fade out of fashion.

Number of Bedrooms

The more bedrooms your home has, the better the appraisal value will be.

Number of Bathrooms

Homes with multiple bathrooms will also get a better valuation than those with only 1 or 1 1/2 lavatories.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the external appearance of your home and your landscaping. Both of these factors have a major impact on landscape design San Francisco because they give the appraiser a first impression of the property.

Square Footage

After the appraiser measures the total square footage of your home, he will then work out how that space is distributed around your home. Are the rooms spacious? Is there extra space? Also, the more stories your home has, the better.

Garage Space

These days, garage size is becoming increasingly important, and homes with multiple garages are valued higher than those with garage space for just one or two cars.

Storage Space

Storage space is also incredibly important to most buyers which is why an appraiser will look out for additional storage spaces such as a built-in closet (or two!), an attic and/or a useable basement.

It’s important that you have a thorough understanding of the factors that go into the valuation of your home so that you can prepare in advance in order to get a fair yet favourable valuation.

Houzz Tour: Prefab Cabin in Rural Vermont

New York’s Resolution: 4 Architecture was founded in 1990 by Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, but it was not until 2003 that their job gained global attention. That was the year they won a home layout invitational, which requested 16 architecture businesses to design a prefab home for $200,000. Their winning entry — The Modern Modular — used prefabricated modules that would be trucked to the job site after manufacture in a factory. The modules, that might sit upon a base with mechanical services, might be configured in a variety of ways; the winning strategy envisioned a second-floor module perpendicular to a lesser one, creating a sheltered terrace and directing breezes.

Tanney and Luntz’s modular system exploded after that, and it has become their primary means of producing single-family homes, be they in remote sites (such as the Vermont Cabin revealed here) or urban contexts (watch their Bronx Box). Variation appears not just in the positioning and stacking of the modules, and consequently their connection to the environment, but in the articulation of the exterior materials and the dimensions and positioning of their windows.

With this off-the-grid cabin in Jamaica, Vermont (who understood Jamaica was in New England?) , the architects responded to the huge property and the requirements of their customer from the cabin’s siting, strategy and exterior.

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: A retired Brooklyn couple
Location: Jamaica, Vermont
1,650 square feet
That is intriguing:
This exceptionally specific home was assembled from modular, prefabricated components.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

The Vermont Cabin is comprised of two modules forming an L-shape to create an outdoor area that opens to the western sunlight. “It is based on conceptual building blocks we call Modules of use, which are included of Communal Modules (kitchen/dining/living) and Private Modules (bedrooms/bathrooms),” the architects explain. The Vermont Cabin consists of two public and two private modules, linked by a fifth entry module.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Siting the building was quite important, particularly given that the property encompasses 200 acres. Particular restrictions limited places for siting the home, particularly for the septic system, however, trekking through the house was a massive part of the process, echoing the owner’s hobby of mushroom-picking on the grounds. The last place is atop the property’s highest point, allowing for views of the surrounding landscape.

Another factor: solar energy, associated with this off-the-grid nature of the home. The panels are seen here on a post removed from the home, so repositioning them in different seasons is simpler compared to a rooftop place.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

According to the architects, the first visit to the site in order to determine the positioning of this home “was in the freezing rain with restricted view,” along the lines of this snowstorm here. Subsequent visits in nice weather confirmed the choice made on the first visit. This points out the value of experiencing the site in a variety of countries before coming to a finish.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

The appealing visual character of the home from the snow is undeniable, no doubt arising from its place on the property’s highest point.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

As previously mentioned, the outside space created by the L-shaped plan has been significant. Two means of shading in the western sunlight can be seen from the opinion: An exterior sunshade projects from one volume, while another attributes a deep-set cutout that provides access to and from the interior.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Also visible in the preceding view, in addition to in this perpendicular one, is the wrought iron fireplace marked by two flues. One serves the interior and one functions the exterior, allowing this outdoor area to be used beyond the summer months.

These views also make both primary exterior materials apparent: Most of the home is coated in Cor-Ten Kynar painted corrugated metal panels, however, the fireplace volume is clad in cement board panels.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Cedar beams stand out from the Cor-Ten and cement panels, hinting at what is going on inside.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

One positive aspect of modular, prefab construction is that shelves and other storage options can be fabricated offsite before the home is delivered to the site. This sort of sequencing yields greater control, both in terms of quality and in terms of reducing building waste. Bamboo flooring and walnut shelves stand out from the white drywall and aluminum-clad timber frames.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Here we see the built-in, wood-burning fireplace and more wood shelves. The entrance of the latter under the windows is really a wonderful touch. With light pouring in from the south and west, it is clear that the architects addressed the layout of the home in terms of solar orientation.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

Maple also finds its way into the kitchen cabinets, which gain from the prefab construction.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

This last shot of this solar panels presents the opportunity to discuss how the home manages to be off the grid. According to Tanney and Luntz, an average home in America utilizes over 10,000 kwh each year. The Vermont Cabin was made for 3,000 kwh, together with efficient appliances, lighting and mechanical systems. Heavily insulated exterior walls and glowing heating help keep the home warm in the cold months.

Writer: What’s Up With Prefab?

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11 Ways to Remake a Room With Fabric

Searching for unique and affordable methods to liven up your walls or upgrade your decor? Look no further than the marvels of fabric. Textiles have more uses than simply covering your pillows. Available in styles and patterns galore, fabric can add both texture and color to a space, if it be as hanging wall art or a new headboard cover. Check out the shots for inspiration. You won’t be able to jump in the car to flee to Jo-Ann’s fast enough.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Rather than the traditional framed art over your child’s crib, consider developing a small canopy with fabric. You may make something similar to this at home using a bolt of cheap muslin, stencils and paint.

Cherie Marcel

Bored with your headboard? Update it by covering it with an assortment of fabric samples. In this example, the designer attached the samples with decorative tacks.

Stephanie Woody

For easy decorations for your holidays or the everyday, cover parts of artboard with fabric cutouts of your favourite designs.

sarah & bendrix

You can make the whole alphabet for your child’s bedroom by covering cardboard letters with colorful, fun fabric.

Amy Lau Design

Feel like your ceiling can use just a small texture? Adding a very long piece of fabric down the middle of your ceiling for a creative impact which begs your guests to look up.

Craig Denis

If you’ve got a certain fabric that you simply cannot get enough of, frame it. It will add color, dimension and interest to your space.

Studio Marcelo Brito

Go even further and framework many distinct kinds of fabrics for a whole textural gallery wall.

Craig Denis

If you think a quilt is simply for snuggling up indoors during films, it is time to re-asses its possible. Generally larger in size than most art, quilts create a beautiful statement piece when hung on display.

Vintage Renewal

Have a classic desk chair that is super comfy but hard on the eyes? Give it fresh life by covering the trunk in a mix of fabrics. Pick complementary colours and designs for an eclectic texture.

Watch more of the loft studio

DSA Architects

Even the simple act of draping a special fabric over a banister will offer your stairwell an entirely different look.

Laidlaw Schultz architects

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful throw. Toss one in your bed, sofa, dining table, wherever; its inclusion will bring immediate visual appeal.

Watch more of the Home

More fun with cloths:
Beautiful Burlap?
How to Layers Patterns Proper

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The Right Hardware: Jewelry for Your Home

Widely seen as jewelry for the house, architectural hardware puts the finishing touch on a design. Great hardware has the ability to elevate the outcome of a room with its own character, whether you’re striving for exuberance or subtlety.

Some nice hardware is quite pricey (with good reason, particularly when handmade to order). But there are also very affordable options which are perfect, particularly for for small DIY projects like breathing new life into older furniture or sprucing up a room with brand new door hardware.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

These chunky pulls are a terrific play on the traditional look.

Dena Brody Interiors

Squared off and clean, this slick cabinet hardware is the epitome of modern, and goes well with all kinds of decor. There are versions of the style for those with a higher-end and those looking for a less expensive alternative.

Rick Hoge

Particular antique hardware, such as the bits on the two yellow cabinetsare hard by which to organize, as they’re actual show-stoppers and you don’t need to overpower or overshadow them with additional hardware. Rick Hoge did a great job of introducing drawer pulls that compliment the cabinets without even attempting to match themand surely let the cabinet brings glow!

Tal Goldstein

I am a sucker for classic glass knobs. When they’re clear glassthey blend in superbly with most decor, but utilizing colored knobs is a excellent opportunity to decorate a room and add comparison.

Nic Darling

The fat wood pulls on the drawers in this ultra-paired down kitchen are a hot touch that talk into the plywood wall doubling as a accent and backsplash.

Modus Design Studio

The stainless steel lever and rectangular backplate reinforce the simplicity of the monolithic yet warm modern door.

Brennan + Company Architects

Lots of you are aware of my affinity for barn doors, however, which makes the room number the actual pull only knocked my socks off.

Working with warm wood and don’t want to cool it off with stainless steel, chrome or nickel? Try out an oil-runned bronze or blackened steel. For toilets, kitchens and other possibly”moist” rooms, consider having a matte lacquer applied to the hardware, therefore it won’t corrode or change color over time due to exposure to humidity or wet hands.

Ziger/Snead Architects

Houses are full of squares, rectangles and other right-angled types, therefore that I love the idea of bringing in a round hard surface to break up the monotony.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Ah, pocket doors, you slay me! I could go on for days about pocket door hardware, but one of my favorite resources is Rejuvenation; I could have lost in their gorgeous hardware (and each of the end choices ) for days. I like that the doorway hardware does not fit the cupboard hardware in this toilet, creating a more collected look, despite the overall warm, modern tones.

Moroso Construction

Obviously, fitting finishes is not a bad thing. The dark hardware onto such pocket doors can be a gorgeous complement to the metal framed windows and dark curtain hardware beyond.

Woodmaster Kitchen & Bath Inc..

I know I only wrote about liking the concept of dividing right angles, so strengthening them are able to make quite an impact, too. These easy squares are a terrific touch.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

And these yummy little friends are a favorite of mine. I also adore them in round shape…

K2 Design Group, Inc..

… like this. Quite Hollywood glam!

There is a lot to love about this slick, nautical bathroom: the ceiling treatment, the light fixtures, the tile and the nifty storage solutions. But would you look at these amazing rope cupboard pulls? They are a whimsical comparison to the more traditional lever handle on the door.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

Oil-rubbed bronze knobs on stark white doorways are fine in my book any day of the week.

Locate an old doorway with gobs of character? Do not bother changing the hardware! I love the comparison between old an new in this toilet.

Glenvale Kitchens

Mix it up! This amazing AGA stove/oven includes a classic feel (although maybe not a classic pricetag).

Castro Design Studio

These modest chrome balls are the perfect hardware option to the high quality millwork, Calacutta marble counter tops and decorative light fittings.

More: Browse hardware products
Metal Mixology

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4 Beautiful Sunroom Ideas

A sunroom provides a great way for you to soak in the pleasure of being outdoors without actually being outside. Built as an extension of a house, this room is a great place for you to laze away in the afternoons on slow days. A window repair can be designed in various ways.

In order to make your room look more fun and inviting and to help you feel more comfortable there, here are some inspirational ideas of what you can do with that space to make it more beautiful and relaxing.

The Classic, Collected Mix

Create garden inspired sunrooms by mixing things up and accessorizing the room with stuff that can be found both in the outdoors and indoors.

You can furnish the room by including some outdoor furnishings together with indoor furnishings. You can have plants set up on a metallic side table. Wickers chairs and slipcover sofa can help make the room look more solid.

Adding plants gives the room an extra zing, especially if you put in a variety of plants. Add color to the room by placing chair cushions, hurricanes made out of glass and wall panels.

Rustic-Cabin Cool

For country window installation, go for a simple and more toned down look. You can achieve this by opting for a neutral color scheme, clean furnishings and by creating a cabin atmosphere.

Furnish the room with low lying furniture that’s comfortable to use. The furniture should also be clean-lined.

To add some excitement to the room but not detract from the rustic theme, you can add some throw pillows and metallic stools.

All Prepped Up

You can achieve this look by using different kinds of patterns on the upholstery. You can have as much as five patterns or even more. Match this up with other preppy details and your room will be good to go.

When it comes to furnishings, the key is to pay attention to the upholstery. Just make sure that there’s some kind of theme with the patterns that you are choosing. For instance, they can be of the same color or you can choose patterns or motifs that blend well. Ensure that there’s some kind of cohesiveness to the patterns.

You can go all out by using wallpaper or big fabric curtains to add an extra touch to this room.

Natural and Neutral

You can also build a natural window cleaning. Go for organic colors and textures, as they blend in well with nature.

Furnish the room with teak or wicker, as these create a great indoor-outdoor ambiance. You can pair up these pieces of furniture really well.

Add some accessories that will give the room a natural look like a woven lampshade or a wooden bowl and other natural stuff that may blend in well with teak and wicker. You can add a bit of pop to the room by using colored cushions and throw pillows that are patterned. This adds a bit of elegance to the room without overshadowing the natural look.

Organizing Tips from a Hollywood Dream Closet

How do you design for a high visual effects practitioner that has worked on films like Titanic, X-men Origins: Wolverine, 300, Knight and Day, 2012 and Avatar? By paying careful attention to lighting and details! Closet designer Lisa Adams was tasked with producing a space that not only could shop and showcase the clothes and accessories at the simplest manner imaginable, but would also home this keen-eyed customer’s Ferrari equipment, his assortment of Jordans along with his wife’s clothes and accessories. “Obviously, most of us can only dream about a selection of Ferrari equipment and Jordans,” Adams says,”but the general take-away is that most of us DO have collectibles that we would like stored/displayed in our closets!”

More: 10 Elements of the Fantastic Closet

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Adams strikes a pose in her completed job. While this cupboard, coming in at 220 square feet, is to get a lot of us bigger than our first/second/current apartments, there is a lot we could learn from this clothes-storage fantasy.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

A peek into the cupboard reveals off one of Adams’ top philosophies in regards to closet design: feign your cupboard is a boutique and product it as such. From this viewpoint, it looks like a swank Beverly Hills store where a private tailor awaits.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

The materials used in crafting the cupboard are a mixture of wenge cabinets and aluminum drawers, aluminum base detailing, broad thick shelves, touch latches for the cubbies to get a minimal appearance, and also U-shaped custom hanging rods.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Some of Adams’ favourite components: Lighted hanging rods, L-shaped corner rods, S-shaped shelves, a pull-out pant rack, and also the open/closed door cubbies over the aluminum agency of drawers.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Here are the lighted hanging rods in action.” Re-creating natural light is vital,” Adams says. “I’d suggest a combination of ceiling lights like recessed can lighting, a ceiling fixture/chandelier, and shelf/rod lighting (low voltage LED lights). We had this lighting system wired switches — all with working skills. I am a huge lover of dimmers! With it, you can make mood lighting, turn on certain lights in the closets without having all of the lights on, and above all, you have sufficient lighting to see everything in your closet — sufficient to see that the gap between black and navy blue in an instant!”

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Adams loves to integrate spaces within a cupboard for activities such as ironing, dressing, and primping. “In a dream cupboard, it is your refuge,” she says. So dressing, relaxing, putting on makeup and accessorizing here are par for the course.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

For many of us limited to a tiny pole-and-shelf cupboard, Adams recommends buying shelf dividers; drawer baskets or bins; belt, tie, and/or scarf hangers, shoe drawers, and boards for hanging jewelry.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

When it comes to keeping a cupboard organized following a big cleanout,”incorporate a separate lining on your laundry drawer/basket for donations and purges,” Adams says. “That way, donating/purging becomes part of your normal routine. If something doesn’t match, is out of style, or comes with an unsalvageable blot, then throw it into your donating/purging lining. On your next dry-cleaning run, take the things to your cleaners to have them contribute for you (many cleaners will). The more you make this procedure a portion of your normal pattern, the less it will accumulate and become a daunting chore!”

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

All appropriate, bye-bye fantasy closet, you manly and well-lit miracle of wenge you! Thanks so much to Lisa Adams for sharing her job and hints with us now. Now for many of you, feel a sense of accomplishment from a tiny organizational undertaking, and proceed put that donate/purge bag in your cupboard at the moment.

More: 10 Elements of the Fantastic Closet
How to Turn Your cupboard into an Office
Closet Storage Option: Fall Clothes In, Summer Clothes Out

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How to Organize Your Room for Entertaining

With the holidays right around the corner, I have been thinking about why some houses operate nicely for a celebration. It’s not the holiday-themed decoration as well as the food or beverage, because if the celebration is actually great, few remember those details.

For a designer, I’m always analyzing a space — yes, even during a celebration. (Don’t worry friends, I’m not judging, only analyzing!) A handful of items are really crucial for throwing a good party — music, light, food, beverage, and of course, excellent company — but a lot of them are secondary to great flow.

The best parties are those where there are lots of places for wandering, for hanging outside, for intimate conversations and for talking to new individuals. Your house might not be laid out for fun on a daily basis, however you can always rearrange the furniture to make it more party-friendly. And while you are at it, as it is a given that everyone always ends up in the kitchen, it’s also a good idea to search for ways to disperse the meals and pub tables to other rooms to inspire people to mingle.

More: 20 Great Serving Trays

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

1. A feeling of entry. I totally adore this room. I imagine walking to the house and seeing this view from the front foyer. I really like that the furniture isn’t blocking me visually, with a sofa facing the fireplace or the too-typical formal layout with two sofas flanking the fireplace. The path leading down the center and the two distinct seating areas make this feel more like hotel lobby or restaurant lounge than a living area; fabulous for entertaining.

Abbott Moon

2. Intimacy. When you’ve got a large space, it is important to place the furniture in small groups to produce a feeling of intimacy. A good guideline is to not set furniture so far apart you need to lean in across the coffee table to listen to the person you’re talking to!

Alix Bragg Interior Design

3. Multiple seating areas. Furniture arrangement can be hard, however this is a superb example of how to pull a room with dual seats areas. An open console separates the two seats areas while two sisal rugs clearly specify each space. I enjoy the runner and the second rug layered on the sisal carpet in the foreground. Layering mismatched textures and furniture help the room to feel more like the pieces have been collected over time and less like a store showroom.

Catalyst Architects, LLC

4. Downplay the TV. Even if your living room or living area usually has the furniture set out for television viewing, think about moving it around for a celebration. Blow Off the TV and organize furniture for dialogue. I really like how the 2 sofas are placed back-to-back to create 2 seating areas. Most men and women believe they do not have the space for this, but give it a try; you might be surprised!

Tracery Interiors

5. Communal seating. This room includes back-to-back sofas too, but because it is a larger space, there’s also room for a sofa table between them. This space reminds me of some mountain ski lodge. It’s perfect for communal seating where everyone might not know each other, which also makes it perfect for entertaining.

Dick Clark + Associates

Back-to-back sofas with a lanky sofa table in between also functions with modern styling. This one feels like a contemporary ski lodge’s spa lounge.

Mandi Smith T Interiors

6. Circulation path. In case you don’t have the room for two seating areas with sofas, then consider setting a few armchairs at one end of the space and the sofa with extra chairs in the other. The two mismatched traditional rugs work well to tie the space together. They also create a transparent flow path from the door.

You can find so many ways to think about arranging furniture for entertaining. Throw the rules out the window and get creative. Perhaps you will find that you prefer your living area laid out this way all the time.

More: Let us Chic-ify the Game Room
20 Great Serving Trays

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Complete Your Landscape with a Backyard Cottage

It’s the time of summer when my husband start taking a look at the landscaping. It’s too hot to plant anything in the garden, so we start analyzing what we should have done in the spring and now must earn a purpose of accomplishing in the autumn — or perhaps even next weekend.

A shed/garage/barn/studio/guest home is among these items on our list. We have had two gorgeous weeks of nonstop sun, accompanied by a week . We are now back to reality and trying to think beforehand. We need somewhere to store our garden stuff, and we’ve been planning to build a shed to round out the garden layout because we moved in five years back.

That I love the way a shed, outbuilding or barn completes the landscape, providing plantings an chance to offset themselves from something.

Historic Shed

Outbuildings can function as potting sheds, artist studios, workout studios, or simply be about storage, but make them interesting and they will continue giving back for a long time to come.

Plenty of windows with divided lights, brakets, a barn star and French doors make this one-room shed a destination place. I adore the way the ferns and sitting area are characterized by the design.

Banyon Tree Design Studio

Cottage design sheds can range from state charm to craftsman cool and add so much visual attention (and operate ) to a lawn. There is something about the way plantings offset themselves from the building, and the way the roofline or an attached pergola gives vines somewhere to distribute.

Innovative Construction Inc..

An easy farmhouse-style building such as this produces a sense familiarity from the lawn.

Restyled Home

Outbuildings may be storage sheds or childrens’ playhouses. Either way, have fun with colour and accessories.

Susie Harris

Insert a front porch to elevate a simple shed from the purely functional to enchanting.

Hydrangeas stand out much more when planted against the side of a cute cottage.

Refined, cottage or rustic, potting sheds and barns add charm to any lawn.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

The beauty of building a shed today, rather than two years from today, is that it in two years it’s going to be nestled in lush garden development.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

I’ve always loved the idea of owning a studio that may double as a beachfront dining area. Triple French doors connect this indoor space to the outdoors.


Contemporary custom or prefab sheds are all of the rage and seem like a wonderful place to get away, take rest or write your book.

Crisp Architects

Garages designed as coach homes and horse barns have an Old World charm that completes a house and garden. The simple and elegant structure, with square windows, carriage style doors, board and batten siding, and a metal roof exemplify the appeal of simple substances and function.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

Carriage-style doors and plantings frees this garage from practical to beautiful.

Lewis / Schoeplein architects

Ah, the pool home. If we could all be so blessed to have a pool, no less a pool home. This form of outbuilding grounds the spaces and provides the pool area a wonderful focus.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

I love pool homes that have a design that reminds me of simple barn outbuildings. It’s like a building that was always there called out to the homeowner that this is the best place for a pool.

14 Picture-Perfect Playhouses
Prefab Sheds: 7 Instant Backyard Getaways
Browse readymade sheds

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New Classic: Jamaica Bar Stool

Are you trying to find a contemporary bar or counter stool that will amp up your house’s style? Get to know the Jamaica bar stool. Originally designed by Pepe Cortes for a disco in 1991, the Jamaica bar stool has moved to several homes and accommodated with ease. Its shape recalls a classic tractor seat, while the chrome-plated tubular structure and polished seat give it a contemporary look. This merging of new and old is a good lesson in how to make a design stand the test of time; 20 years after its still a top choice among designers.

BAAN layout

The polished aluminum chairs are a fantastic match for glossy metal countertops. The light track and the stools have a great relationship as well: The stools deliver the substance all the way down to the ground; the mild track lifts it up toward the ceiling.

Mark Brand Architecture

Likewise, the stool balances out the amount of metal in the room when there are stainless steel appliances and vent hoods.

Webber + Studio, Architects

This kitchen uses a lot of metallic finishes. The bulk of them are matte, although the stools, hardware and a couple of accent pieces are glistening.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Not only are those stools light, but they also have a visually light silhouette. This makes them a superb choice for this light-filled and open living space.

In the larger context of the open floor plan, the stools connect to the metal construction of the Brno chairs and the Platner table.

Dunlap Design Group

The stools swivel 360 degrees, so you can take them for a twist or twist 180 degrees to make a graceful dismount.

ZMK Group, Inc

Due to its light weight, a single stool could be dragged around to where you need it in the present time.

Birdseye Design

While outdoor use isn’t recommended for those stools, they’re light enough to carry outside temporarily as soon as the weather is fine.

Design Within Reach

Jamaica Barstool | DWR – $769

The Jamaica stool can be found in bar (32″) and counter (28.25″) stool heights.

nestliving – CLOSED

Cortes Jamaica Low Stool by Knoll – $719

Additionally, it is offered in a fun small low version that doesn’t only swivels but rolls on casters.

Read more contemporary counter and bar stools
Bar Stools: What Design, What Complete, What Size?
Surprisingly Versatile: Old School Stools

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Stair Flair: Staircases Unlike Any Other

If your home contains two stories, a basement, or whatever requires the shifting of floor amounts, it is likely that you will need a staircase. There are some ways to do it : you can choose the everyday traditional staircase, or you can make a statement using an original staircase which will make your neighbors envious. Of course, generally, this takes you to be in the preliminary stages of a new structure or in the midst of a renovation, so perhaps you can just tuck away these thoughts for future usage. But if you are in the place to take creative staircase actions, consider these hints to literally and figuratively bring your staircase to the next level.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Create a branch. Do not twist your neck : this divide staircase instantly warrants a double-take.

House + House Architects

Vary the width. Many staircases are as broad at the top as they are in the bottom. Rather, look at building your staircase with varying widths to create for an interesting ascent and descent.

First Vision Limited

Get creative with the rail. There are not any principles that stair railings be installed parallel to the staircase. These vertical rods add the security of a rail and an unexpected visual accessory.

Nic Darling

Or, install a stair wall. For maximum security, outfit your staircase using a wall. The cut-outs really are a fun addition and maintain the staircase from feeling too entrapped.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Paint them. Here is a simple and cheap means to bring a unique splash to your staircase: paint! This lime green color is playful and cheery, and the perfect entry for this diverse landing.

Siller Stairs

Create your own distinctive layout. Like anything, stairs also could be personalized to the unexpected style of your dreams. This semi-spiral staircase is as much of a sculptural piece as it is a functional one.

Jensen Architects

Pick something out of the ordinary for the actual stairs. At the end of the day, the staircase are just horizontal boards which can be made from an assortment of materials. These wood blocks are a excellent rustic match for this modern home.

Martin Fenlon Architecture

Or, think concrete stairs to get an unconventional modern appearance.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Add an unexpected stair landing. Instead of extending your staircase all the way to the ground, disrupt them with an entertaining landing. Install drawers for extra storage.

Tile the stair risers. Add a graphic element by boosting your stair risers. Pick unique patterns to create your ascent up the staircase continually surprising. Consider adding vertical stripes down your staircase to make it appear longer and add personality.

Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

Mix it up. Wood staircase? Or stainless steel stairs? Why not! When rustic meets contemporary it equals a chic combination filled with feel.

DIN Interiorismo

Back-light the staircase. To get a staircase which glows day and night, add back-lighting beneath the staircase. No need to get a night-light for this look!

Go for the glass. To get a staircase which seems to just vanish, look at using glass. Just be sure you have the belly to get walking up and down them!

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