Decorate With Intention: 12 Remodeling Sanity Savers

It’s easy to get excited about a home job at the start, when the work looks theoretical and you hear yourself saying things like, “Oh, we could just knock each one these walls out, no problem!” Then reality sets in. The workers your budget is disregarded and you can’t locate your shoes under the pile of scrap wood and duct tape. It is time to take a deep breath and make a plan. Keep reading to get a dozen ways to stay sane when you are creating your dream home, no matter how long it takes.

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

1. Have a strategy A … plus also a plan B and C too. Even when you set what seem like perfectly reasonable goals, things have a way of coming up suddenly to bulge your project end date further and further back. Having a backup plan (or 2) is key.

I find it helps immensely to think your target in three components. There is the perfect target — when everything went right and there were not any snafus, this is what you’d need done by a certain date. Then there’s your strategy B, where you pare down your list to the fundamentals. To earn a plan C, pick just 1 thing that if you have done would still make you feel somewhat accomplished.

Before Photo

Soorikian Architecture

2. Take “before” photos. In fact, take lots of photos throughout the procedure. If you feel inspiration starting to falter, take a look at images from early in the procedure to remind yourself how far you have come.

Young House Love

3. Start a site. Just like most diet and exercise programs advocate sharing your plans with supportive family and friends members, I advocate starting a site as a way of holding yourself accountable through the renovation procedure. After a rough day, when nothing went as planned, at least you can vent your frustrations in a blog post and receive kind words of support in return from subscribers all over the world.

They did it : Sherry and John started their site Young House Love while they have been fixing up their first home, and it became a wildly popular and award-winning site that attracts many people every day. Realistically, most of us will not turn into the following Young House Love, however starting a blog can still be a worthwhile job and documentation of your home progress.

4. Focus on making it livable first. This may seem obvious, but it is so simple in the start of a job to take on a lot of. By conserving some of those cosmetic changes (such as decorative tilework) for later and opting to concentrate on essentials (such as pipes) now, you’ll make your life far easier.

Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

5. Schedule your renovation. During an extensive renovation, be smart about the sequence you work on matters if you are staying in the home at the same time. Work to finish bedrooms plus a bathroom, and that means you can have a cozy area to dwell in while other changes are moving on.

Architecture & Community Design, Union Studio

6. Set a small, attainable target each week. Tasks such as setting up new home numbers, ordering whatever you need online, or patching holes in a wall do not take very long, yet being able to cross something off your record — and see visible improvement– can help you stay motivated.

Holly Marder

7. Help the experts by doing your project: Be critical. Yes, contractors, architects and designers can at times go beyond the first program, but every time you change your mind or put off key conclusions, know the procedure will require that much longer. The very best thing you can do to speed progress would be to keep a clear vision of what you need and convey it clearly to all those involved from the project.


8. Stay busy during downtime. It is inevitable that there will be times it appears that nothing is occurring. Whether because of a small budget, workers vanishing midproject or simply a stretch of bad weather, it is crucial to keep your spirits up when work stalls out.

Try keeping a record of simple tasks that you can do anytime. Afterward, when you start feeling antsy, pull out your record and then get to work. Cleaning, organizing, decluttering and doing small repairs are good places to start.


9. Pitch in and do some work yourself. Even in the event that you’ve hired experts to do the majority of your renovation, consider taking on a small DIY job of your own. Using your own hands to pitch in and improve your home can be incredibly satisfying.

Aquidneck Properties

10. Make your bedroom a refuge. Even when outside your door is quite literally a disaster area, obtaining a serene, relaxing place to unwind and recharge can do wonders for your soul.

Mykonos Panormos Villas

11. Utilize your outdoor area. When the weather is great and your job is taking place indoors, setting up a comfortable outdoor living area is a fantastic way to get away from the noise and chaos of the renovation. I’ve heard of people setting up full outdoor kitchens to use while the indoor kitchen is being remodeled, and I think it’s an excellent idea.

See how to live a kitchen remodel

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

12. Remind yourself why you are doing this … Clicking through your inspiration photographs is a great way to get juiced up about your job around again. You can even try simply closing your eyes and visualizing your home project completed, vividly imagining every little detail, and how wonderful it will feel to have it all done.

… and know when to Escape town. Of course there are occasions when it is best to acknowledge it is time for a break. When the whole home in in complete disarray, taking a spontaneous weekend getaway can be just what the doctor ordered.

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Fluted architecture components have curved grooves cut vertically into them. Fluted things are typically wood or stone and include columns, pilasters and furniture. This detail began with the removal of tree bark from tree trunks, which left grooves at the back. The appearance was later simulated in rock to make thinner, taller-appearing columns.

Cameo Kitchens, Inc..

This is a round tapered and fluted column, broader at the bottom and narrower towards the top.

Elizabeth Anne Star Interiors

These squared columns are fluted in the base to the capital.

Emily McCall

There’s a little part of fluting on the columns of this mantel, making it effortless to find the the ends are curved.

david phillips

The fluting at the center of this pilaster has a corbel (carved brace) and two arcades (the rectangular areas above and below).

Great Rooms Designers & Builders

The fluting on those kitchen cabinets is made with a router, which is a tool with a spinning piece that can make exact tiny cuts.

Browse more fluted photos

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30 Dream Decks for Lounge Lovers

I will never forget the first time my mother-in-law came to visit us at our new home in Sandy, Oregon. It was a beautiful, glowing week, and we had all kinds of plans for events and sightseeing in Portland. But we are blessed with a deck over the Sandy River with a fabulous view of rapids and a canopy of trees overhead. The afternoon after she came, we all sat out there using our coffee to enjoy the afternoon. Four days later we were still wearing our pajamas and all still sitting around the deck.

We call it”the deck impact .” It’s complete inertia caused by the realization that there just isn’t everywhere you’d rather be; it’s the complete inability to rip yourself away. What could be better than sitting there taking in the view, enjoying a soft breeze and pops up a little sun? Just being there is all the entertainment you need.

Here are 30 decks guaranteed to provide you with a serious case of the deck effect.


The deck does not need to be large. The view makes you feel like you have all the room on earth. This infinity-edge pool in Turks and Caicos looks as part of the ocean. I believe that you would feel like you’re floating over the water with hardly any deck to interrupt your view.

Whitten Architects

Framed by beautiful molding around the entrance, this lake is picture perfect. A simple dining table and chairs create a great picnic spot.

Gary Hutton Design

This deck hovers just over the lagoon’s surface. With no railing to block the view, it lets you feel the full expansiveness of the atmosphere.

Gary Hutton Design

Another deck at the exact same home is a little higher up and still gives unobstructed views via metal-framed glass railings. The minimalist styling of the chairs and table keeps the view the middle of attention.

Camens Architectural Group, LLC

This covered deck with architectural columns runs across the front of this home, forming an entryway flanked by living places. It contributes to an infinity pool that overlooks a marsh. A totally stunning view!

Siemasko + Verbridge

A simple rocking chair is a great selection for whiling away the hours gazing at the sea.

Integration Design Studio, Landscape Architects

The sleek lines of this modern deck and lounge chairs are a serene complement into the endless blue of the sky and remote ocean.

Robert Granoff

Since decks do not sit on the ground like patios do, they can be constructed high up to soar over the trees. This one does this admirably, featuring a bird’s-eye view high above the jungle in Belize. I believe I need to go there.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This deck overlooks Lake Fairlee in Vermont. It takes me back to happy thoughts of summer camp. I can almost hear the squawking of the bluejays and the lapping of the water around the shore. Makes me want to roll up the bottoms of my jeans and go back.

Dan Forer, Photographer

The rustic twig design of the railing is a wonderful touch around this deck with a lake view in North Carolina. Multiple groupings of chairs encourage quiet discussions or provide places to consider in your as the river rolls .

D-CRAIN Design and Construction

This contemporary multilevel deck has lights hanging over it at multiple levels. It seems to follow the varying heights of the trees, giving glimpses of their water from up high or down closer to the water.

McClellan Architects

This huge patio in Seattle provides lots of space to get a seating area and a dining table with a view of the lake.

Summerour Architects

This dramatic deck provides Mediterranean style and a luscious view of water via a gorgeous, mature tree.

This wraparound deck provides constant views of the mountains and the lake. I believe this must have been where they have the point about”purple mountain majesties” from the song”America the Beautiful.”

Whitten Architects

This is 1 part of a system of multicolored decks that join the cabins within this camp. I love the view of the forest with all the lake shining through the trees.

Living Stone Construction, Inc..

Rocking chairs and a ceiling fan offer lots of comfort for somebody enjoying the view that goes for miles from Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Urrutia Design

A deck built around a big, sprawling tree provides color, and the tree provides the focal point.

Urrutia Design

I have a soft spot in my heart for decks that preserve trees and are constructed around them. This is unusual because the stairs are also constructed around a tree. What a beautiful spot to enjoy the view of the swimming pool from.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

I particularly enjoy the alternating squares of this decking, and I enjoy that you can see the view all the way throughout the home also.

Eva Hinds

This minimalist deck wraps a beautiful pool and gives a spot to walk across it and also delight in the giant palm trees. There’s a pleasant, broad seat, but sitting on the edge of the deck to dangle your toes in the water would not be a terrible idea.

Dumican Mosey Architects

If you do not have a view, then make your own. The architecture of the home, the ball sculptures as well as the pool are absolutely beautiful surroundings with this easy deck at a courtyard-style home.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

The distinctive rolling hills of San Luis Obispo, California, will be the background for your bay. This deck provides loads of built-in chairs and a dining area. The flame is nice, also, if you’re able to tear your eyes away from your view.

DNM Architect

An opinion of a marina is a great selection for boat fans having an early-morning coffee prior to setting sail. Can’t you just hear the seagulls?

The Garden Route Company

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of my all-time favorite views in regards to man-made attractiveness. Together with the bridge as a background, what better color than orange to the lounge seats? I adore the green railing and snowy places against the shade of the bay.

The town view here just barely noticed from this angle is Chicago. The deck has wonderful lighting for nighttime, which is, in my opinion, the ideal time to enjoy a town view.


This deck just amazes me. It is constructed directly above a koi pond, with bridges letting you see down into the pond from several vantage points.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

The pointed shape of this deck feels like the prow of a ship. Adirondack chairs are hard to beat for a couple hours of deck time.

Blue Sky Building Company

Imagine how great it is to have an entire day just to look at this scenery.


Many decks take advantage of spectacular all-natural settings. If you do not have this, then you can create the spectacular all-natural atmosphere with giant planter boxes such as this and fully mature trees. In any event, you get a superb place to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

Colors Of Green Landscape Architecture

This deck enjoys the seclusion of trees as well as the beauty of contemporary landscaping. Such a serene spot for relaxing.

Inform usIf you might have a deck at any setting you wanted, what is it like?

Dream Tubs for Bath Lovers

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Clerestory Windows Are Tops at Ushering in Light

My husband and I recently moved in the apartment which got no direct daylight into an apartment which has direct daylight for at least half the day, if not more. The difference is routine if not life altering.

Now I’m getting up with the sun early in the morning, obviously (no alarm clock), and that will help me go to bed at a decent hour. It’s also no more depressing to operate from home — we’re saving money by taking fewer trips to Starbucks just to escape the flat.

And although I have not noticed a new utility bill, I’m convinced we’re going to be saving money by using less electricity for lighting.

The advantages of organic lighting simply cannot be overstated, and there are lots of methods to get it in to your home. For one, CalFinder, a nationally remodeling company, states that if you put in enough clerestory windows — these shallow panes of glass near the top of a wall — your home might not require electricity during the day. And you may require less central air conditioning, especially in temperate climates which cool down in the evening.

Like all new or renovation construction jobs, it is very good to speak to the professionals prior to making any big conclusions, but here are a few examples of how clerestory windows work to get you started.

FINNE Architects

When you are considering incorporating clerestory windows for more natural daylight, then also consider how much warmth you want to include. Clerestory windows on the side of your house will create more heat from the sun in winter.

The clerestory windows with this escape by Finne Architects in the Cascade Mountains in southern Washington not just add light and warmth during the snowy season, but also visually raise the roof. This prevents the building from looking too top heavy, especially when it’s piled with snow.

Harry Braswell Inc..

A low-emissivity coating to also will reduce heat loss.


If you want to reduce heat, do the reverse: Install clerestory windows on the north side of your home, which will allow natural light in through the cooler part of the day. You could even set up them wherever tree shade will filter direct sunlight.

Consider installing clerestory windows in unexpected locations for optimum natural daylight. For example, the clerestory windows on this garden shed by BMF Construction reduce the shed’s reliance on electrical light.

Furman + Keil Architects

Think about adding windows between rooms. Within this endeavor by Furman + Keil Architects, the windows move daylight from the bedroom to the adjacent room.

Tracy Stone AIA

Clerestory windows in a toilet can be installed rather than (or in addition to) tubular daylighting devices as a means to bring natural lighting in.

As just 1 part of a whole-house daylighting strategy, clerestory windows can save 75 percent of the electricity used for lighting.

RWA Architects

Clerestory windows set high on the walls are often protected by roof overhangs, which let sunlight in but protect the home from summer-sun warmth.

Retractable awnings can supply the best of both worlds, ” indicates the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors: When they’re retracted, the home receives more heat and light during the winter; whenever they’re out they protect the home from summer sun.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

With no windows, this kitchen would be dark, regardless of the white cupboards. Cabinet space would be lost if windows were inserted. Clerestory windows are the perfect solution here.

And when windows such as these are operable, they’re also able to save cooling costs in the summer by allowing hot air to rise and escape.

Sandrin Leung Architecture

Inform us : Do you have sufficient natural lighting in your home?

Energy-Efficient Windows: Decipher the Ratings
Tubular Daylighting Devices Bring in More moderate
Energy-Efficient Windows: Understand the Parts
The High Life: Clerestory Windows
Bathe at the Light of Clerestory Windows

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Highlights In the 2012 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

From a new, drop-in-style apron sink into an interchangeable backsplash layout, prepare for hundreds of exciting products coming soon to the local kitchen and bath center.

I had the opportunity to pop into the 2012 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show last week in Chicago. The screens dazzled me hours, and I found particularly interesting the innovations that may easily be integrated into existing houses.

My pick of this show: the U-Socket, bringing sequence — and USB charging stations — into an electrical outlet near you. Read on for more.

First up, Kohler’s new Top-Mount Self-Trimming Apron Front Sink. It can easily be retrofitted into existing cabinetry and countertops, providing a genuine farmhouse-style sink with minimal disruption. Most apron sinks require a special base cabinet built to sink specifications, so the cost savings to bring this specialty sink is likely important.

Tired of the clutter caused by AC adapters clogging up all available wall outlets? The genius U-Socket AC Receptacle with built in USB ports simplifies the issue of too many chargers and not enough wall sockets.

U-Socket – $24.95

Designed to decrease energy prices dramatically, the U-Socket includes a five-star energy-efficient layout that automatically senses the necessary wattage and outputs full power just if a thing is connected. It’s made in the USA and may be set up by do-it-yourselfers.

Ever wonder exactly what happens to all of that glass you painstakingly recycle? Glass Recycled, for one, converts recycled ceramic and glass bound for the landfill into elegant, sustainable and ecological hard surfaces to the kitchen and bathroom.

Comparable to granite in durability, easily resisting household stains and sporting like iron, this product requires practically no maintenance. No waxing or sealing is necessary and the colour options are endless. Pigmented epoxy resin forms the foundation and numerous aggregates are inserted to generate a product as distinctive as the kitchen.

Laminate counters also have come quite a way. Witness the 180fx Collection of Formica. With exotic granite and quartzite patterns in either a softly polished or a high-gloss complete, ease of maintenance and affordability are just part of the attraction.

A new treatment that removes horizontal advantages and brown pits, dubbed IdealEdge, duplicates the bullnose and ogee edges generally found in costlier options.

This display by Moen stood out to me as a fun alternative for a family bath, making a step stool unnecessary. It features the favorite Weymouth taps with ceramic inlays and “Hot” and “Cold” written in English or French script on the handles.

Kitchen Palette Interchangeable Backsplash

Ever thought about changing out your backsplash? Kitchen Palette has come up with a synonymous option that suits behind a normal cooktop or range; it’s a printed palette which may be changed out on a whim. Watch for new designs coming soon.

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Sourcebook: Industrial Style

Professional style is all of the rage at the moment. It used to take searching around antique shops and sales to locate industrial pieces, but today many breeding things are available at retail locations (and costs). Below are some of my favourite readily available pieces.

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ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints

Industrial style can be a mixture of mill bits, farm pieces, even school-style pieces. You don’t have to select only one. In fact, a mixture is more intriguing.

For authentic classic pieces, check out garage sales, the Craigslist listings on the city’s industrial neighborhood, a college or university surplus shop and junk shops. Figure out if your city has a Habitat for Humanity ReStore — the inventory changes all of the time.

Search conditions: “Industrial,” “farm,” “schoolhouse,” “rustic,” “rusty” and “science”

Browse industrial-style items in the Products section

Schoolhouse Electric

Princeton Senior – $199

Because good lighting is so crucial in schools and factories, industrial design has a ton of great lighting choices. Look for metal lamps, pendants and adjustable-arm pieces.

Find this one and a number of other classic school inspired pieces at Schoolhouse Electric.
Hudson Goods
Shades of Light has plentiful worker-style cage lights.

West Elm

Short Industrial Metal Bath Cabinet – $249

Few matters are more industrial than alloy furniture. A piece such as this was created for the tub, but that says you couldn’t use it from your living room?

Find this one at West Elm.
that I love the Tolix design for practicality; locate it at Design Within Reach.
Invest in a unique piece like this particular table out of Deskur + Deskur Design Collective.

Industrial Wood and Metal Aiden Coffee Table – $289.99

Wood, metal and a lot of brakes are features of industrial pieces.

Find this coffee table (along with other pieces in this group, such as shelving and a console) at World Market.
Crate and Barrel includes wood and metal pieces with blank lines.
Wisteria delivers distinct shapes.


Lyon Adjustable-Height Industrial Stools, Dove Gray – $274

Metal stools like you’d find in a science laboratory are a great way to add only some factory style. You can locate them with springs such as these or simply use round padded stools (bonus points for finding one that is flexible). With the industrial tendency going powerful, these are cropping up everywhere.

Find a set of two on Amazon.
Crate and Barrel has flexible choices.
Barn Light Electric has stools in many colours.

Factory 20

Vintage Industrial Cart Coffee Table – $1,085

Part of the allure of industrial design is using a piece of machinery for a new function. This cart is the best size for a coffee table and much more interesting.

Find this and a Great Deal of classic pieces at Factory 20.
Arhaus includes a similar wheeled java table.
Hudson Goods offers repurposed-style furniture.

Restoration Hardware

Laundry Cart Rectangular Collection, Natural – $129

These cloth laundry bins show a softer side of industrial. Classic grain sacks or java sacks make great cushions, and a classic silk parachute might be sewn into a throw. I like to pair rustic pieces with luxurious velvet curtains.

Find these and many, many other industrial-style pieces at the hub of industrial style, Restoration Hardware.
Etsy has lots of grain sack pieces.

Clayton Gray Home

Vintage Wooden Hotel Essential Rack – $72

Accessorizing can be the simplest way to add industrial design to your home. Repurpose classic pieces which may be “junk” but are still interesting or beautiful. Or purchase the reproduction. I will not tell.

Find this hotel key rack at Clayton Gray Home.
Anthropologie frequently includes industrial or machinery-inspired accessories.

Emily Winters

Vintage Meets Industrial in Ohio ‘Laboratory’
Light Your Home With Industrial-Style Power
Industrial Elements: Factory Style at Home

Tell us Is the style industrial? Share your best sources and photos of your house below!

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The Finer Points of Style: Eclectic

What exactly does eclectic style actually mean? For starters, it’s not about showing and arranging a random mixture of stuff all around your house. There are a number of simple rules to follow, lest your home wind up looking much like a junk shop compared to comforting sanctuary you had in mind. Regardless of what you might think, there are rules to diverse decorating — and most of the designers I have spoken with say it’s actually one of the hardest styles to successfully master.

Fougeron Architecture FAIA

Eclectic. Eclecticism. Sure, you’ve heard these words in everyday phrases, describing everything from someone’s individual fashion sense to a restaurant’s cuisine. But what do they mean in an interior layout circumstance?

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Yes, decorating could be catchy. Particularly when you’re attempting to wed different eras and styles — and that’s actually the crux of eclecticism. Aim for a carefully edited mix of furniture and decorative accessories, and you’ll surely strike the proper balance. Always remember: There’s a fine line between “living area” and “crap store.”

Design Manifest

Start with taking risks you are unaccustomed to taking. Coupling dissimilar colors, furniture and other bits that look “out there” initially just could be the ticket to making a standout vignette.

Here, a set of Queen Anne–style arm chairs sit across from midcentury modern amounts upholstered in a vibrant faux-zebra stripe. The cheery Nina Campbell Paradiso wallpapered accent wall is also a wonderful surprise.

Georgetown Development

The element of surprise is a key aspect of eclecticism — and it’s often the very thing which makes an eclectic room appear cohesive. Color is a superb tool you can use to that end. The cobalt La Cornue range against the robin’s egg blue wall in this kitchen is a surprising, yet lovely, comparison — as would be the red cushions, mahogany stained chairs and washed-out pink cabinets. None of it matches precisely, but it works to make a magical modern-rustic vibe.

Low, dark ceilings give the room a sense of closeness, and each decorative element attracts the following. The stainless fridge picks on the range’s stainless accents, and also the hand-carved bolt seats mirror the deep brown ceiling and metallic garage door monitors. The two-tier trestle table has been equipped with casters and overlooks the first turn-of-the-century cupboard doors.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

This bathing room is completely eclectic. First, it’s completely surprising, as the gorgeous (clearly first) Victorian-era fireplace is much more appropriate to your living room or dining room than a bathroom. Secondly, the gorgeous Wetstyle freestanding tub is so obviously contemporary. The muted olive-tone wallpaper, though vintage inspired, is not first (though it could just as well be), and the furniture is midcentury modern, with a lovely Norman Cherner molded plywood armchair off to the side. And it’s all overseen with a sparkly, contemporary chrome and chrome chandelier.

Although there are not many elements within the room, each is tonally unified. And their natural curves are yet another connective factor — down to the horns on the serving tray. Quite easy, yet brilliantly executed.

Erika Bierman Photography

Contain fun, quirkier decorative elements as your colour and furniture pairings begin hitting the mark. This vintage Turner flamingo print is a far more interesting alternative to a staid mirror or generic piece of art. There’s typically a fantastic story behind bits like this too. If you are having trouble melding eras, a coat of paint does wonders — white or otherwise.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Keep a watch out for lines and scale also. You’ll understand when things look off. Here, taller seating options just wouldn’t work — however they might in a less traditional room lacking seat rails. Yellows and golds are the neutrals here, and accents are kept to a bare minimum. The result? A welcoming, comfortable living room.

Surprise elements are twofold: The scenic, mustardy Susan Spies subjective and the mirrored coffee table are equally lovely anchors. The round lines of the Michael Taylor club seat set nicely with the timeless, silk velvet Century Furniture roll-arm sectional — also nicely contrast with the angular moldings. Sharp marble, obsidian obelisks and jutting black sconces tie it all together while contrasting colorwise.

Winder Gibson Architects

The dichotomy of this 1800s Renaissance revival cottage–style bedroom place and another modern bits is eclecticism at its very best. The abstract art, the chrome chandelier and coffee table, and also the knotted wrought iron arm seat (reminiscent of Marcel Wanders’ 2006 “fishnet” plastic/epoxy rendition) comparison beautifully.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

Height and scale also play a major part in diverse style. The designer lets the floor-to-ceiling windows, empire chandelier, piano and opulent molding take centre stage here while furniture plays second fiddle. Hulking bits not only would ruin the lush view, but they’d make the room look too serious. Instead, low-slung modern sofas and a brief glass-top table almost fall away — and let the room communicate elegance without being overly precious.

Catalina Estrada

This wallpaper is wonderful. Lt’s made by the Colombian graphic artist Catalina Estrada. As you can see, you don’t need much else in a room with this on the walls. Here, a simple 1950s-style linoleum checkerboard floor, what looks to be a formica-topped side table in the exact same era and a vintage step stool finish the hacienda-inspired vibe inside this vignette.

CONTENT Architecture

The great thing about raw lofts is they provide such interesting palettes. Whether you decide to go totally modernist or industrial, you can’t fail. I adore this chamber since the designer incorporated a well-worn Chesterfield sofa that looks as if it’s been around for ages with sculptural and chic classics: the beechwood Marc Newson for Cappellini seat and Pepe Cortés’ aluminum Jamaica bar stools for Knoll.

So Your Design Is: Eclectic

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Modern, Entertaining Home in Florida

When a few with three boys purchased this house, it was a typical Mediterranean-style Miami house, with closed-off rooms, windows covered panes and a lot of clutter (see “before” images here). “My customers wanted to open up the house,” says Karina Donadel, lead designer in DKOR Interiors. “The wife loves very minimal contemporary, while the husband needed to make sure it still had heat.”

Meeting the couple’s needs meant a gut renovation which involved tearing down walls, using transparent and translucent glass to raise the natural light and incorporating natural textures and finishes to add heat to whitewashed walls. At the exact same time, the designers and the customers had to create a house that could stand up to boys ages 2, 6 and 4 and grow with the family. Now, “people are shocked when they walk through the door and find out how contemporary the interiors are,” states Donadel.

in a Glance
Who lives here: A couple and three boys
Location: Aventura, Florida
Size: 4,500 square feet; 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths
That’s intriguing: A dining table custom created to accommodate extended family was long, the house needed to be expanded.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This striking wall is actually not a slab of stone, but rather a massive picture covered in acrylic, made by artist Alex Turco. “You can order these in any dimension, and they are completely waterproof, so you can use them in the shower or as a backsplash as well,” explains Donadel.

The warm timber is a green product named Havana Strand by Plyboo, and it wraps up across the ceiling, offering a warm contrast to the ceramic flooring, which continue through the first floor.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The layout moved some chambers opened the floor plan. Beyond front foyer, the house opens into this living and dining space. It had been extended out the back beyond the column as part of the renovation, because the customers had a dining table that could seat 14 people.

“The customers entertain all the time,” states Donadel. “My client is like Martha Stewart; she always has a beautifully set table” Donadel differentiated the two spaces with a dramatic change in floor texture. The dining room floor is raised and has light underneath the stage.

Stone wall: Vena Grigio limestone; chandelier: Atlantis Suspension Light, Tarzani

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The artwork draws the eye upwards and fits the space perfectly. “We had something bold that could resist the scale of this wall,” states Donadel. “Each panel of this triptych is 60 inches by 60 inches.”

Floors throughout the house are covered in Kerlite, which is a very thin porcelain. “This is a superb product which arrives in 48-inch by 48-inch by one-sixteenth-inch pieces. Although we didn’t do it here, it could be laid atop existing floors,” states Donadel. “It is very durable, easy to maintain and it’s a seamless appearance.”

Artwork: Blue Movement, commissioned through Art Design Resources; dining table: two foundations by Minotti with custom glass top

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

After the more open plan brought in a contemporary feel, Donadel had to add in the heat. “We cozied up the space with a careful balance of substances,” states Donadel. “Using very clean sharp lines keeps things from looking cluttered.” Case in point: To keep it clean lined as possible, the glass railing you visit upstairs has a support system concealed within the floor.

Here, a sharp line between a limestone wall and more Plyboo wood differentiates the two floors. The timber proceeds up the wall and across the ceiling. “The element of wrapping is a significant one we carried through the house, to give things continuity,” explains Donadel.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The previous photo shows the translucent doors which mark the entry for this workplace. Donadel added them to provide privacy yet still let in light from the living space. She also designed custom cabinetry to make sure that the room worked for everybody, as the whole family uses this room for work, crafts and crafts.

Pops of yellowish within the shelves and cubbies add a few bright color to the space. Dashes of colour like this can also be used in many of the other rooms.

This staircase was closed off and included a closet they didn’t need, therefore it had been gutted and opened up. The wall was reinforced to encourage the floating risers. A glass railing and also the open risers continue the open topic, and the circular stone sculptures create a strong contrast to each of the right lines.

Stairs: Bella Stairs; sculptures: Michael Dawkins Home

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This former bedroom now acts as a comfortable family gathering spot. The whole wall on your left has been covered by a custom built-in storage system which holds movies, games and press equipment. Additionally, it has a full size bar such as storage for wine and wineglasses and a refrigerator.

“It had been very important for my client to have a place for all, thus we planned out the storage quite carefully,” states Donadel. Like the workplace, pops of chartreuse split the long storage wall.

Sofa: Arravanti; java table: Pool Coffee Table

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The kitchen used to end at which the first group of cabinets finishes, and the breakfast room had a big wall unit blocking the windows. A pop of green is provided by the Panton chairs and plays off the vibrant foliage seen in the backyard. “We designed the house to bring in as much of the outdoors as possible, from expanding windows and bringing in plants,” explains Donadel.

The cabinets continue the subject of blending natural textures, in such a case glass and walnut, and the backsplash is white back-painted glass. “The pendant lamps would be the very first thing that my client and I picked out on our first shopping trip together,” states Donadel. “We didn’t know where we were going to utilize them, but we knew we needed to have them”

Kitchen created by Mia Cucina; Bertoia counter stools: Knoll; Saarinen kitchen table: Knoll; Panton kitchen chairs: Vitra

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Donadel took this downstairs bath and turned it to a cabana toilet by replacing an existing window with a door that contributes to the lawn. “This space is transitional between the landscape and the house, so that I used ceramic tile which resembles wood, pool towels and those interesting ferns,” she states.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The extension in the dining area below supposed the master bedrooms gained a certain length. “We had to break up the long walls and include a softness, thus we made three sections down the side that the bed is on,” Donadel states. The wall composition alternates between wood veneer and fabric-upholstered panels.

The storage system on the opposite wall mirrors the three sections as well and contains a desk, a press centre, dresser storage and even a refrigerator.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This bath continues a wrapping theme, with the Vena Grigio stone stretching round the floor, around the tub, up the wall and to the shower stall (look carefully; this image was taken from within the shower stall, which can be covered in a pebbled tile).

The stone contrasts using a ceramic backsplash behind the vanity. “The backsplash is a ceramic matrix which has a slight shimmer that adds only a little glitz,” states Donadel. This can be representative of this subtle glamour that’s woven through the house.

In accordance with being a place for all, the habit vanities have built in hampers. Even some of the light is built in. “We chose a mirror with integrated illumination for a very clean appearance. We didn’t wish to mess up the wall with separate sconces,” she states.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

This bedroom has been shared by the two youngest boys, and making it interesting was the most important matter to Donadel. While function was brought in by lining desks and beds together opposite walls, fun was brought in through brightly patterned and coloured MDF panels, that continue the wrapping element seen throughout your house.

She also included an area rug made up of Flor tiles, which can be replaced in case of any harm.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

“We wanted to keep this tub minimal and clean, but not institutional,” explains Donadel. A exceptional wall made up of white stones embedded in grey resin adds natural texture, interest and gloss.

Natural light streams in thanks to its crystal clear glass shower enclosure. “We extended the glass to the ceiling so it didn’t create an extraneous line,” she states.

Tile: Riverstone, Artistic Tile

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The boy’s area is cool, futuristic and fun. It gets plenty of bright blue colour from painted Inhabit textured wall flats, an FL/Y pendant lamp and an Eero Arnio Ball Chair. The wrapping motif is continued from the floor up the wall and round a part of the ceiling. The occupant’s favorite thing? The glowing green headphones.

“My customers were very fearful, but their entire trust let’s accomplish this job together,” states Donadel. Their leaps of faith resulted in a unique and gorgeous house that works for their loved ones. Donadel is currently working on altering the lawn. We look forward to watching it when it is done.

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Creative Collector: Vintage Vessels

Vintage items (those dating from 20 years past; antiques, by contrast, are at least 100 years old) are crucial in adding style and history to spaces and give a custom, storied look to any home.

What is a vessel, just? Though a vessel is, in its truest sense, a bottle, bowl, cask, cup or kettle (thanks, Merriam-Webster), let’s think about the term loosely, as who wants limits in regards to creative collecting? Thus, consider beakers, jars, pails, vases, vases and urns as well — you name it ; they are all vessels.

Where can you find older vessels? You can find vintage vessels in obvious places like flea markets, estate sales, antiques shops and auctions, in which you will likely pay top dollar. But less probable spots include church rummage sales, thrift shops, Goodwill and your regional recycling center’s or dump’s thrift shop (yes, I stated dump!) , where items are generally priced by a flat fee per item, like eyeglasses for 10 cents or dishes for $2. Head to those areas and dig up piles of attractive containers and home goods from the ’50s and ’60s, and often sooner.

How can I tell if what I find is … intriguing? Well, for starters, it won’t be something you will see in spades in your regional department store. Though one time status is difficult to confirm, especially if the thing does not have clear markings or authenticity papers, there are a number of telltale signs that an item is exceptional. In case the vessel is handmade, it may be signed by the artist or artisan and devoid of factory-made mold marks, as with thrown pottery and handblown glass. Maybe you can observe delicate paint brushstrokes on the surface, or the product was made in a country that has since been disbanded or renamed, like Catalonia, Ceylon, Tibet, the U.S.S.R., West Germany or Yugoslavia.

Can it be made of an unusual substance? Can it be an intriguing color? Does this have a peculiar, old tag? Perhaps it’s monogrammed with your initials? All that aside, I am a firm believer in this adage: “If you like it and can afford it, purchase it and display it proudly.” And here is what makes it really fascinating: the story behind the way you came upon it.

Madison Modern Home

Old ashtrays are fantastic for storing mementos and seashells — or just some loose change. The ciggie indentations along with the fonts are always enjoyable, and if they’re from hotels, motels and restaurants which are either foreign or no longer exist, they are just a more chic. I see olives in this one’s future.


Blue elephant toy planter – $14.95

Occasionally even the most unlikely items can be utilized as containers, like this hollowed-out toy. It is daring, beautiful cerulean blue, miniature size and intriguing shape make it a fantastic conversation piece. Maybe Ellie already had a very small hole in her back and this clever Etsy seller dreamed up a cool way to put her to work? Slightly irregular, chipped and even broken items may be windfall too. Think creatively.


Single Small Grey Dish by Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics – $25

Troll any flea market and you will find gobs of saucers and bread-and-butter dishes without partners. Gorgeous ones, to boot.

Ones I find particularly cute for saving jewelry on a nightstand or dresser top are those with chintz patterns, nature-inspired decals and Asian motifs.

Handmade dishes like those pictured here are pretty too. Some cost as little as a nickel! Bring a couple to work and stow paper clips, rubber bands and odds and ends. They will brighten up your cubicle along with your day. Just watch: Everyone may want to steal your idea.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Cloches are spectacular, and they’ve had a huge resurgence these past four or so years. Traditionally utilized in gardens to protect seedlings in colder weather, they’ve been repurposed throughout the home. If you’re lucky, you can unearth you in a treasure shop.

I love the way that designer put books under the dome and created a weirdly whimsical vignette under there. It just goes to show, you can place anything under a single — food contained. (Mounds of grapes — green and red together –would look so decadent.) Which is the reason I think repurposing a cheese dome is perfectly OK. And people are easiest to come by. Locate a taller one one having a wood or marble base — lovely!

Donna DuFresne Interior Design

I like vintage trophies so much, I have a collection myself. Everything looks great in a decoration: flowers, branches, long matchsticks, rolled-up papers for kindling … I could go on.

Occasionally, they are yucky or a bit corroded indoors, depending on wear and age. If you’re planning to display a bouquet indoors, stick flowers in a glass and then tap it within the decoration. The flowers will stand up better this way too.


Tin cans are the ultimate in affordability — and are pretty stylish with no ounce of trying. The iconic Campbell’s soup is a Warholian picture I’ve always loved to departure.

Consider also: big crushed-tomato and tomato-sauce cans. Those colorful labels are things of beauty, and they are so fun on outside tables. They are the perfect size for napkins, condiments and silverware, as seen here.

Recycle washed utilized cans right to the table and search for older java cans (rusty or not, and yes, folks collect these) at thrift shops.

Saving and amassing intriguing wine bottles to decant other items into is superstylish, affordable way to entertain in your home. Plus I find gorgeous crystal decanters on almost every one of my classic shopping excursions. Serving guests (and myself) booze out of a decanter makes me feel like I am Myrna Loy. And look — having a fully loaded bar is actually this easy! Eucalyptus somehow appears key as well.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Victorian-era urns are magic and make the best statements indoors and out. Filled with mosses and climbers, the one pictured here definitely makes the scene. Firms offering architectural salvage market a ton of these, often together with their first, unattached plinths, that are solid pedestals typically made of carved stone and plaster.

Perhaps you have dreamed of starting a collection but aren’t certain where to start? Sometimes all it takes is finding just 1 piece you prefer.

Say you’re fond of white bits, as pictured in this group: Milk glass, first created in Venice in the 16th century (though produced during the 19th century too), now has quite a collector following and will always be seen in thrift shops and flea markets; it’s also quite affordable.

Collecting fascinating pieces in almost any shape and shape and sticking to one basic color will yield a stunning result.

Bubble Terrarium – $150

Terrariums have made a huge comeback as well. Nearly any sort of vessel can be used to create a single. Childhood goldfish bowls, hand-painted cylindrical vases, even classic lidded apothecary jars all work nicely. The attractiveness of terrariums actually lies in having the ability to observe the individual layers which make up the very small ecosystem, so just pick something transparent.

Learn to Earn a terrarium


Mason jars have been around forever, and they are as useful in the kitchen as in they are in the tool shed. (This enterprising family utilizes theirs for spice storage; they’ve just screwed the lids up into a wood beam.) I am fond of those older, brown or blue jars using the zinc lids. Some lids are ceramic and zinc, indicators that they are definitely old, as that kind is not made anymore.

I’ve seen people spray paint them matte colours, to match their collections and decor. A wonderful hostess parting present could be a little one filled with dirt and a little basil or lavender plant. Simply wrap the jar with jute twine a couple of times and mix it into a knot for a classy send-off.

Finally, it’s always OK to buy an intriguing piece just because you prefer it. The decanter seen this is a unusual robin’s egg colour with lovely burnt-brown accents, has handmade, applied handles along with a slight iridescence. Chances are, this one is an oldie but goodie — and a real keeper.

Maintain Your Collectibles (Without Losing Your Sanity)

Flea Market Finds: Demijohns About the House

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Set of the Landscape: Coastal Garden Style

Gardening by the sea isn’t for sissies. Even the best day at the beachfront will bring noticeable breezes and salt spray. When the weather is stormy, there’s the added dimension of strong winds, even stronger salt spray and pelting storms. To add to this, at least right on the sea’s edge, the soil itself is likely sandy, salty or both.

Regardless of the difficult conditions, coastal gardens are by and large serene and beautiful — areas where you can relax and enjoy what nature brings. As a gardener, then you simply need to generate some adjustments to work with what nature will throw at you. This may mean picking a rugosa rose upwards of a hybrid or utilizing ice plants as a ground cover rather than Kentucky bluegrass. Your crops will most probably be low and sprinkled rather than tall and densely packed; your trees’ trunks may be somewhat twisted rather than ramrod straight.

Of course, you needn’t reside at the seaside to have a backyard that is reminiscent of the coast. By following the general guidelines for aquatic plantings and picking plants that will mimic the look of a sea garden and thrive in your climate zone, then you may make your own little seaside heaven, even in Kansas. These ideas will get you started.

Elemental Design Group

Choose Your Style

A coastal cottage garden is a natural alternative in Nantucket, along the Gulf Coast, in Santa Cruz or on Puget Sound. Look for hardier perennials in traditional cottage garden colors, like pinks, purples and blues, and bulk them together to get a magical effect, especially against the weathered grey often found on a coastal cottage. Gravel paths work equally well with cottage and coastal designs, and also the lack of a conventional lawn is completely appropriate for the setting.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

Modern or modern garden designs also work nicely with coastal style. The clean lines and slick method of plantings pair well with the frequently sparse vegetation to be found at the beach. Here the colors of the house and concrete mix with the dunes beyond just as the purposely planted trees coincide with the colors of the native specimens.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Another choice is to design a natural landscape which will mix in with the surrounding space. This works tremendously well when your property overlooks an open space or the ocean itself. The advantage of the property, for instance, blurs to the distance outside.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Use the Components

Constant wind affects tree growth, as noticed from the twisted trunks of the Monterey cypress. When picking on trees for your space, look for specimens which may take these ailments. A local nursery can help you find the best choices for your own location.

Lankford Associates Landscape Architects

The loose, sandy soil of the beachfront allows for great drainage, but in addition, it means that nutrients are rapidly lost. In nature, this may mean crops which are commonly spaced rather than densely packed. But a spare look doesn’t need to imply monotone, especially when you’re in charge of the space. In this garden, purple ice plants lining the road to the sea’s edge lead your eye to the sitting area and encourage you to explore. The entire space looks like the natural bluffs outside, with just a bit more control and planning than nature generally provides.

Gardens by Gabriel, Inc..

However, if spare is not really your style, you still have choices. This coastal planting bed is full of colour, both from the perennials along with the grasses. Additionally, it is full of plants. The overall look is a mix of cottage and traditional, a wonderful mix for a home garden and certainly up to handling coastal weather.

Debora carl landscape design

Meadowlike grasses rather than a close-clipped lawn are another choice if you want a more contemporary look. The gentle waves mimic the look of the sea on your own yard. As a bonus, you get the sense of a lawn with minimal lawn maintenance.

Debora carl landscape design

In warmer climates try using succulents to fill out the distance. They are often adapted to saltier lands, and they are rugged enough to deal with the winds along with the spray.

Noel Cross+Architects

Make sure that your Hardscape Fits In

A wooden boardwalk is a natural option for a natural or cottage coastal backyard. In a just-planted backyard, it is going to function as a foil to the plants…

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

… and as the wood weathers, its gentle grey tones combine with the sea outside.

Lankford Associates Landscape Architects

Gravel, whether used as a route or a patio, helps tie in a backyard with all the landscape around it. This entry patio appears right in your home, as would a patio of decomposed granite; a formal brick patio would look strange.

Lankford Associates Landscape Architects

Add the Finishing Touches

An Adirondack chair is the classic beach accessory, at home on either coast. Weathered gray is the conventional look, but it is also possible to locate them in vivid colors and easy-care plastics.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

A bench set at the middle of a sea of shrubs and grasses is the best getaway for relaxing. Again, the weathered grey look blends in with all the soft colors around it.

The Garden Route Company

Subtle is good, but bold is not out of place. Though these colors are often thought of as tropical, the orange of the cushions will not reflect the shade on the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance — and really is a bright spot in a foggy Northern California location.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

Do not Forget Comfort

Ocean breezes may be strong, and the warmth could be cool, especially at night or when it is foggy. A windbreak along with a fire pit are two enhancements you’ll use frequently.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

There is no doubt that there are fire components within this garden. These fire features are a good way to enjoy the fires while still keeping them under control and keeping the area warm into the night.

Lenkin Design Inc: Landscape and Garden Design

Whether you’re by the sea or in the Midwest, an enclosed patio like this one catches the ocean vibe. It begins with the wood deck, a classic beachfront attribute, then includes all the other necessary elements. The walls block the end, the plantings are shore motivated, and the colors can not be overcome.

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

Throw in Some Extras

In case you’re by the shore, an outdoor shower is a welcome inclusion. The paving makes it easy to maintain the area under it sand and clean free, and you’ll certainly track less sand to the house.

Rethink Design Studio

Better still, a washer and drier near where you enter the house can easily corral moist clothes. Adding a little changing area would make this area more effective for transitioning from shore to inside.


Of course, if you have this view, this pool and also this ocean, it may be time to overlook landscaping and just relax.

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