Bridging the Distance Inside

A bridge is normally considered as something that traverses a river, a street, or another border. In the realm of residential buildings it might carry over a pond, ravine, or another part of the landscape in order to attain the house. But it may also be something indoors. This ideabook presents some bridges that traverse spaces indoors, linking different elements of a house in striking ways.

Browse modern stairways

This bridge with handrails that seem to float in mid-air straddles a tall living space and connects the first and second floors. You ascend the stair at the foreground, cross the bridge, and ascend again in the opposite direction from whence you came.

At bridge level, it is apparent that the glass walkway adds some enthusiasm — or vertigo — to the act of moving up or down a level.

Chris Donatelli Builders

This is another glass-floor bridge, even although the more robust guardrails give a more powerful sense of safety when crossing it. Unique here is how the roof pops up to allow for passage throughout the space. The architects take advantage of this with windows on both sides along with a skylight bringing lots of light into the space.

Chris Donatelli Builders

Another view of the bridge shows how it’s put above casework dividing the living and dining areas. In this regard the glass flooring can help to bring light to those spaces.

This bridge takes advantage of this space under a ridge linking two limbs at an angle to each other. The numerous angles of the bottom of the roof and program give the view a dynamic quality.

Elad Gonen

Equally dynamic is this second-floor box connected by a stair and a bridge.

This bridge sits below a long skylight that brings light to the path and the bigger space. The glass block helps to make the motion along with the bridge throughout the area special.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

This is another bridge capped by a skylight. Notice how the bridge is a metal grating that allows light filter to the space below.

I like the way this little bridge lines up with a couple openings in the distance, giving the impression that it lasts outside.

Equinox Architecture Inc. – Jim Gelfat

In this complex area, two bridges are observable: the one from the middle photo below the skylight serves the top floor and can be put directly over another stair. Both use metal grating to bring light throughout the space. Notice how each bridge has cable guardrail on one side and a strong one on the flip side, the latter with integral lights that highlight the walking surface.

Swatt Architects

This last batch of illustrations are technically mezzanines, rather than bridges, but in being open on one side and acting as corridors they are very bridge-like. And elements like the glass floor which is different than the adjacent floor, create this walkway next to a wall of publications particular.

Ziger/Snead Architects

This walkway overlooks not only the large living room but also an outdoor area (at left) in a level above the patio seen through the opposite glass wall.

House + House Architects

This little walkway leads from the top of the stair to a kitchen at the distance. The windows at left, together with the skylight over the stair, give the sense of a bridge traversing open area.

Contemporary house architects

This bridge overlooks a double-height that serves a pool to the left of this photo. Notice the door in the end of the walkway…

Contemporary house architects

It proceeds as a bridge out! What better place to finish this ideabook?

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Guest Picks: Colorful Mid-Century Modern

I was raised on the Niagara escarpment in Ontario, Canada and was immediately smitten with all the mid-century modern ranch-style houses that I observed in the south end of St. Catharines as a kid. Most of them were painted baby blue and ivory and backed onto a ravine. I saw these as”happy” houses and loved the liberal use of glass, slate stone in exteriors and interiors and also the extreme slant to some of the roofs. One of these done up with a clever American or Australian interior could cause me to feel that all could be right in the world. This has to be why David Hockney’s masterpiece”A Bigger Splash” resonates so deeply with me. The mid-century modern aesthetic is fun, comfortable and eternally stylish — that desires more than that?

Here are 20 of my favorite furniture and decor finds that will add enviable style and color — I am partial to turquoises and filthy blues — into any room. I think everyone should have a least one bit from the age. Not that you would be able to stop at one! — Denise from The Swelle Life

Chelsea Textiles

Chest of Four Drawers in 2 Tone

It’s amazing what a few simple curves in an unexpected location can perform to get a look. A chest of drawers is a somewhat small bit of furniture, however, this particular set is one that would make me rethink everything else in the room — anything overly fussy would have to go!


Illum Wikkelsø #110 Søren Willadsen Teak Easy Chair

Pale blue is the greatest calming color, so I love that this sleek and curvy Danish arm seat is extended in such a relaxing shade of soft Danish wool. The seat envelopes the body with its wingback layout for relaxation relaxation, so you get the best of both worlds. I’d love to see its softness performed in an area of light colors and touchable textures.


Pearl Blue Mid-Century Modern Art Mobiles – $120

I love the look of a cellphone in a room: it is a daring surprise that never goes undetected. This beautifulblue, stainless steel cable and plastic layout is the perfect solution for a missing ceiling lighting fixture. It would be stunning hovering over lots of white gloss, leather upholstery and a low coffee table above a shag area rug.


Unikko (560) Fabric by Marimekko – GBP 35

This iconic Unikko floral patterned cloth is pure pleasure. It’s a heavyweight cotton that I’d really like to see upholstering a Danish armchair — both the teak arms and legs would anchor the vivid florals.

The Modern Warehouse

Wim Reitveld Metal Cabinet – GBP 895

I could not concentrate on anything else in the room — this Dutch double cabinet would hog all my attention with its big color-block doors in sage green and lemon yellow. Metal furniture is not usually enjoyable, but Wim Reitveld has made it happen. I’d soften it up a little with some potted flowers and unique animal-shaped pieces.


Mari Bowl – GBP 19

Lilac is this unusual color in decoration, and a nice unexpected bit of it could immediately brighten a room. The Maribowl is a glassware bit I would use in multiples as decoration, so moving them frequently to get a pop of color — from the console in the hallway, into the dining room sideboard, to the living room bookshelf and side tables.


George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa – $3,299

Exactly what a showpiece! This George Nelson couch is more like a sculpture and a fantastic remedy for those who have a inclination to fall asleep on the couch.

The cushions are removable for cleaning and are available in a wide array of vinyl and leather colours such as lemon peel, light teal, hot pink and seafoam. Employing a multi-color approach offers unlimited options and generates the expression of a paint-by-numbers paint set. This is a bit to build a room around.


Ercol c1960 Classic Children’s Stacking Chair – GBP 68

The c1960 Ercol stacking chair is a design classic. This one is joyfully painted in the quintessential mid-century modern color of aquamarine.

It’s a children’s seat, but it would also look fantastic as a brace for vintage watering cans or artists’ supplies.

Retro Bazaar

Retro 1950s Blue & White Cat Vase – GBP 40

How do you smile when a 1950s blue and white cat vase greets you upon entering an area? Utilize its kitschy cuteness to liven up minimalist decoration, and if you dare, then put flowers into its head. I enjoy it the way it is, with its unusually shaped head resembling the sleek curves of Danish design.

String of Serving Plates by Midwinter – GBP 30

I love a gorgeous pale turquoise; it is so quintessentially retro nonetheless always feels fresh.

These ridged serving plates could look fantastic on a walnut or glossy white sideboard. For a bolder look, I’d really like to find the turquoise of these unusual plates pop from the glistening red of a sideboard or 1950s diner-style kitchen table, like the one I have.


French Round Orange Resin Mirror by Syl

This is a cheery mirror, the kind you think about because you can’t pass it without recognizing it. Round, shiny resin in bright orange is very good for offsetting a room with lots of hard lines.

Salvage One

Chromcraft Vinyl Dry Bar – $550

There is nothing perfectly retro as a pub. I love the notion of the curvy burst of turquoise light a dark cellar, whether it’s used for the intended function or not. I would build up the color by surrounding it with translucent pinks, lavenders and yellows in things like lucite panels, seats and side tables.

Mark Parrish

Catherine Holm Cooking Pot – GBP 34.50

What’s not to love about a Norwegian-designed, orange patterned cooking pot? This one by Catherine Holm should not be relegated into dark cabinets but retained on a job top for all to admire. I’d cook a nostalgic meal for my buddies and serve it directly from the pot to get a homey, retro dining experience.

Retro Redheads

Rare Vintage Tammis Keefe Modern Pink & Green Tablecloth – $175

A quick and effortless method to earn your dining table mid-century modern is to locate a fantastic tablecloth from the age.

This infrequent Tammis Keefe tablecloth is pure retro pleasure and begs for sorbet-colored configurations and kitschy knickknacks like ceramic or resin napkin holders.

The Modern Warehouse

Two Seat Organic Danish Sofa – GBP 1,195

There is something very reassuring about a piece of furniture that is homey and modern all at one time. This Danish couch in the design of Finn Juhl can fit right into a variety of decor styles. Add just a little softness into a minimal modern ensemble or temper the ornate carved detailing of French bits. The slate blue-green of this patterned upholstery is especially versatile — it’ll go with anything.

Sarah Potter

Rosewood Dining Chairs with Blue Upholstered Chairs – GBP 495

All these 1960s Danish rosewood dining seats feel more like the kind you would see in an auditorium than a dining room, but that is part of the appeal. They appear simple in their structure from directly, but a profile view shows the mid-century surprise detail — the upper construction is bent so the seat back sits at a slight outward angle. It’s a wooden seat designed for comfort!

Midcentury Mosaic Tile – $19.95

Nothing invigorates a space like great tiles. These small glass tiles in shades of blue, beige and army green will add retro flair to any design space. The attractiveness of mid-century modern is how readily it blends with other styles to create spaces that are individualized. When I grow tired of my kitchen, I will see these as the backsplash behind my gas stove.


MIDCENTURY 17 9×6 by Jim Ward Morris – $25

If you can’t have a mid-century modern residence, you can at least have the art of one! Jim Ward Morris’ original artwork prints are a visual treat for fans of the colours and daring design of the age. I’d really like to use this print to create a mid-century modern hallway. It would hang on light turquoise walls with a Danish teak console table below and a pendant ceiling light over — that is all it would take.


Nanna Ditzel #83 Søren Willadsen Teak Easy Chair

This is what I call a happy seat! The curved shape (standard of Nanna Ditzel design) combined with all the original Kvadrat Tonus wool cloth in vibrant cobalt is pure pleasure and needs to be a focal point within the room. Just like most mid-century modern bits it has a surprise detail: the back legs are angled outward in two different directions adding stability while at the same time making it stand out from more traditional pieces.

I’d really like to see it in front of tall living room windows draped in celadon linen with dawn beams of sunlight illuminating the red tints of the teak.

Different Krenit Bowls/Plates – GBP 75

A fantastic bowl, like these original enameled Krenit bits (made by Herbert Krenschel), is a must-have accent in the kitchen and dining room sideboard. The boldness of this deep, slightly triangular form and contrasting glistening interiors creates a bit that looks best left unfilled. I would arrange several in varying sizes and colours for maximum affect.

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The Outside Comes Inside Under

The New Year might coincide with reduced temperatures and snow for a lot of the world, but in the Southern Hemisphere it’s summer and warmth. Even though this winter is unseasonably mild for much of the USA, it’s still simple to pine for warmer temps and longer days. So let’s take a look at some homes in Australia, especially ones where connections between inside and outside are flexible and open. The next examples demonstrate that homeowners at Australia — be it Sydney, Melbourne, or even someplace in between — really enjoy their outdoor spaces and the dry climate that makes it possible for them to be an expansion of their inside.

Sam Crawford Architects

Architect Sam Crawford has a number of exceptional projects on , the majority of which display a propensity of opening living spaces to the outdoors. The Caristo House’s living/dining space extends to an outdoor dining pavilion via an operable glass wall. The house’s generous roof overhang, matched by the wall extensions, strengthens the space’s expansion to the yard.

Sam Crawford Architects

The Wake Murphie House from Crawford uses an identical sliding glass wall because the Caristo House, but on a smaller scale. With the slender canopy between the operable wall and clerestory, the dining space feels like outdoors.

Sam Crawford Architects

The Sewell House shows Crawford’s predilection for operable walls in the end of dwelling spaces, as well as his use of sloped roofs. In this house the roof actually continues on one side to eventually become wall, giving the house a unique profile that is expressed from the patio.

Sam Crawford Architects

In Crawford’s layout for the Petersham House, coated at a tour, the architect inserted a little courtyard in an existing house. A few rooms overlook the distance, a number of these opening themselves to it more than others via operable windows. The courtyard effectively creates a fresh core — a void — for the house, with just a little bit of character, skies, light, and atmosphere.

Sam Crawford Architects

Another project by Crawford mixes up things a little bit. The opening occurs in a bedroom and also in the room’s corner; however, the roof still slopes to one side. Notice the louvered band between the sliding glass doors and clerestory, a zone which allows for ventilation.

Ian Moore Architects

Architect Ian Moore’s layouts are a lot more nominal than Sam Crawford’s homes, but we still find a solid link between outside and inside. The Cohen House is notable for the distinctive all-natural circumstances: a large tree is almost dwarfed by a stone wall; the house occupies the zone in between.

Ian Moore Architects

A closer look in the Cohen House shows substantial glass walls which swing open to connect inside and out. Louvered jalousies above are utilized to ventilate the big interior space. When we step inside, next…

Ian Moore Architects

… we see the way the stone wall sits under a few feet from more sliding glass walls running the length of this distance. Taking into consideration the presence of the natural feature from outdoors, it seems sensible that the architect made it the attention of the interior living space.

Ian Moore Architects

The Cost Oreilly House from Moore seems completely closed off by the road, a geometric exercise in squares and rectangles left in gray and white.

Ian Moore Architects

Yet, at the back of the Cost Oreilly House, inside and out are linked when double-height glass walls slip to one side. The ease of this white interior is offset by this enormous operable wall which attracts the exterior, and all its messy vitality, in contact with the residents.

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

The Maroubra House from Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects blurs distinctions between inside and out through the use of a steel framework on two sides of the pool.

Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects

Looking back towards the preceding view, we can see the way the living space opens to the patio and pool via a sliding glass wall. The overall effect is one where the outdoor space is characterized by the steel framework, even as sunlight and the components input it.

Secret Gardens

This house in Sydney situates a lap pool next to the house. Overlooking the water within an outdoor patio and second-floor balcony, each linked to the interior through sliding glass doors. The opinion to the living space from the pool, and vice versa, is especially wonderful.

Jaime Kleinert Architects

The Baker House from Jaime Kleinert Architects looks just like a conventional bungalow in the front, with its hip roof, shattered windows, and symmetrical elevation.

Jaime Kleinert Architects

At the back of the Baker House this belief falls away. The roof slopes to one side, expansive glass walls open to the patio, and a flat roof caps the living space on the floor.

Jaime Kleinert Architects

A closer look reveals the big operable opening which connects inside and out. Notice the ever-present jalousies to the side which naturally ventilate the interior.

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Choose Art With a Third Dimension

If you’re seeking a new approach to add art and interest to a big blank wall, think past the typical framed artwork and picture rails (not that there’s anything wrong with people!) And include some dimension, texture, and attention using a composition. Following is a look at just how this has been done by savvy performers.

Dube Fine Art Design Studios

Ceramic artist Katherine Dube creates site-specific installations which can climb from walls to trimwork to ceilings.

See more of her work

Dufner Heighes Inc

Light from the skylight highlights this distinctive ceramic setup.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This outstanding composition protrudes a couple of inches from the wall, casting interesting shadows which add yet another layer of interest to your wall.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

A quintet of faux trophies decorate this white wall. Matching their colour to the wall color makes us take a closer look and emphasizes their shadows.

Amitzi Architects

Vitra’s Algue is a method of plastic branches you can interconnect to create your own distinctive composition. They can hang against a wall or be utilized as a free-hanging display.

See more Algue in action

Coveted Interior Layout

After discovering these metal flowers, this designer created the whole entryway around them. They make a inviting statement inside the front entrance.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Beautiful yellow glass works of art stand out against this dark wall.

Maria Teresa Durr

This wood wall sculpture has been located in an antique store in Thailand.

Klang & Associates

Architectural elements in off-white soda against chocolate walls.

Katerina Tana Design

Unique baskets add texture, dimension, shadows and interest.

See more baskets as wall decor

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Plates add dimension to your walls and are easy to hang cheap plate hangers.

See more plate-covered walls

Amy Lau Design

Designer Amy Lau created this exceptional wall by deconstructing a glass drape.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

No over the kitchen window? No problem. Here the painters wrapped an installation of cardboard leaves instead.

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design

This C. Jere Starburst sculpture is mounted onto a linen-covered canvas. This keeps it from getting lost with this expansive attic wall and adds yet another layer. As we go to press, 1stdibs has a vast array of classic C. Jere sculptures available, while Jonathan Adler offers licensed reproductions.

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Color Crush: A Pop of Turquoise

Turquoise is the 1 accent color that I crush on. Its soft, decadent colors are liked by me as far as the ones that are bold and bright. It is a colour you frequently find in cabin style and shabby-chic spaces, but turquoise is also at home in any contemporary or global-inspired room. Sometimes the color feels vintage while other times it seems plucked from somewhere in the Far East. Here are a few displays of the colour turquoise.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

The chandelier is your piece within this dining space. The light fixture has a Moroccan vibe and the turquoise hue of this glass makes it a real gem.

Fiorella Design

The light color of turquoise softens the mod traces of these Eames chairs.

Hint: Colors do not need to be bright to soda in a space. Here, the light turquoise seats stick out against the neutral colors of the dining space.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

There is a reason spas use this turquoise in their layouts. Here, the layers of turquoise blues have a vintage appeal.

Hint: Using the same colour on the walls and cabinets in a kitchen assist the space seem less busy.

This loveseat is the perfect size for a punch of colour. The rich turquoise hue grounds all the white at the space.

Cosmetic Outburst

A bookcase is the perfect accent piece to go to it with colour; this turquoise cupboard makes the space memorable.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

This shade of turquoise feels perfect for a beach cabin escape. It may be difficult to locate furniture in this shade, but painting a little cabinet similar to this is a very simple DIY project.

Ventana Construction LLC

Yes, stainless steel has become the most popular choice for appliances. Thankfully, some people chart their own classes so that every kitchen doesn’t look the same. I have to say, I believe that the turquoise oven is pretty rad.

Michael Robert Construction

Saved into my inspiration file: Paint your door turquoise. It is so much more fun than basic white.


Vintage Mason Ball Jar Pendant w/ Neon Orange by EarthSeaWarrior – $95

I would love this for your own property. The clear turquoise glass of a vintage mason jar is paired with a neon cord to make a unique and cool pendant lighting.

Urban Outfitters

Coming and Going Rack – $79

Perhaps the household will be more likely to hang up their coats if there is an eye place place to hang them. This turquoise coat stand is a classic layout in an unexpected colour.

Modern Indoor Benches – $1,890

I’m not a major fan of mod furniture, but the turquoise cushion of the Jonathan Adler bench makes the bit extra special.

Can you love turquoise? Please share a snapshot of your turquoise crush below!

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Fantasy Length: 5 Seriously Glamorous Homes

Contemporary glamor does not imply Liberace’s place, kitten-heeled feathered slippers or oodles of rococo. Designers today are using just the right doses of polished finishes, reflective surfaces, crystals, lucite, glass, lacquer, silk and velvet to make elegant spaces which are not over the top.

It is a careful balance that delights me once I see it. Here are five houses from across North America which were showcased as Tours and so are in our Glamor Hall of Fame.

Jarlath Mellett

1. Manhattan Townhouse with High Style. This Manhattan townhouse’s glamor comes out of a combination of luxe materials like lucite, leather, chrome and crystal.

Jarlath Mellett

The designer, Jarlath Mellett, also utilized striking silhouettes against light backgrounds, like these dark armchairs and floor lamp contrary to soft white curtains.

Jarlath Mellett

The home combines a mid-century sensibility with much more contemporary details with amped-up (yet not over the top) ornamentation.

See the rest of this home

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

2. Contemporary Meets Tradtional in Saskatoon: This sleek showhome, decorated by Atmosphere Interior Design, is full of polished finishes, runway-inspired fabric choices and reflective surfaces.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

The principal living room’s high ceilings are emphasized by long window treatments, subtle trimwork and also the large painting which extends above the mantle. Toile on the contemporary chairs is a nod to classic design, while the zebra rug and absolutely trimmed topiaries add some soda pizazz.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

A wall-sized mirror inset supporting the bed doubles the visual dimension of this room and the lighting.

See the rest of this home

Jamie Herzlinger

3. A Fashionable Oasis at Arizona: This desert home designed by Jamie Herzlinger looks like a fashionable mirage. It has clean lines and the right amount of glow in all the proper places (check out the reflective metal over this table).

Jamie Herzlinger

This incredible mirror mosaic wall is artistic and has a touch of disco design.

Jamie Herzlinger

A range of soft fabrics in light colors, paired with glass, lucite and mirrored furnishings creates relaxed glamour in the bedroom.

See the rest of this home

For Folks design

5. Champagne Looks on a Beer Budget at the O.C: Glamor doesn’t have to break your bank. Domicile Interior Design combined flea market and Craigslist finds with pieces from IKEA and other retailers, using custom touches to give everything a exceptional flair.

For Folks design

It is all in the details when it comes to glamorous design. Patterns, textures, finishes and well-curated baubles all play a part. Do not keep your jewelry concealed in some boxlay it out as part of this screen.

For Folks design

This round glass table is a space saver; being glamorous means never being cramped. Additionally, it lets one respect the cloth on the chairs and the retro-style lighting fixture.

See the rest of this home

Guest Picks: 20 Particular Golden Accessories

Imagining a Stylish Nest for Beyonce and Jay-Z

Metal Mixology

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Guest Picks: You are Invited to Top Tea

High tea is one of my favourite indulgences, and hosting you in the home is in my (very) long term aims. Since high tea is about ritual, decadent treats and, of course, the ideal tea, a gorgeous setting is a must. Here are my selections for creating a table worthy of this tea tradition.

— Ally of

Switch Modern

The New English Benday Gold Espresso Cup and Saucer – $115

This gold-dotted espresso cup and saucer are totally modern in design but produced in a conventional batch manufacturing process in England.


Treasure Gold Espresso Cup and Saucer – $190

This sleek white cup and saucer rimmed in gold is a work of art.

Bernardaud Prince Bleu Tea & Coffee Service – $45

Gorgeous blue floral pattern in real cobalt and accented with 24k gold. Befitting of tea, don’t you think?


Bodum Tastea Tea Set in White – $19.95

There is a wonderful zen quality about the simplicity of this tea set from Bodum.

Komon-Sakura Japanese Tetsubin Iron Teapot – $175

Tea just has to taste better poured from this gorgeous teapot. The cherry blossom pattern and the deep blue color are gorgeous.

Solid Patterned Moroccan Glass Tea Cups – $10

Establish an exotic mood with these stone tone glasses with pretty silver leaf arabesque patterns.


Crossroads Tablecloth – $98

A natural cotton tablecloth is trimmed with a perfect grey stripe. It is a fantastic foundation for a gorgeous tabletop.

Matouk Bel Tempo Tablecloth – $529

The best pure lace with three embroidered lines in blue. It will not get more classic or more lavish than that.

European Tableware

Spode Blue Italian Pastry Forks, Boxed Set of 6 – $18.99

These petite pastry forks decorated with landscapes of Italy would be the perfect way to serve dinner. The porcelain handles are in timeless Spode blue.

Switch Modern

Caccia Dessert Fork – $102

I am in love with the simple layout and shape of these dessert forks. Paired with a pretty plate, it would make a very elegant dessert presentation.


Diane von Furstenberg “Animal Garden” Dessert Plate, Set of 4 – $70

Give any tabletop instant design with these animal print plates in bold colours.


L’Objet Perlee White Ramekin – $36

These porcelain ramekins are an elegant way to serve crème brûlée or any other dessert.


Mint Julep Cups – $89.49

You can place anything in a mint julep cup and it is going to look pretty. They are my go-to vessels for flowers.


Martha Stewart Collection Cake Stand, Pierced – $50

Pretty cakes will look even prettier with this cake rack with a frilly border.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Terra Pastry Stands, Set of 3 – $59.99

It is always best to have different heights on a buffet. This set of three stands is perfect for small sandwiches and cakes.

Julia B.

Set of 8 Biarritz Cocktail Napkins – $125

The vibrant hand-embroidered loops are too adorable. And they’re 100 percent linen, which means they feel as good as they seem.


Alistair Napkin, Flora – $8

A pretty napkin like this can produce a tabletop. I would love to see these paired with plain white dishes.

Design Public

Flowie Lawn Napkins Set of two – Royal Purple and White – $38

This layout is subtle but the purple shade gives it pop. It is screen-printed by stitched and hand in California.

Fretwork Tray Table – $348

This is the perfect bar table. It is constructed of timber, the mirrored tray is removable, the legs fold for simple storage and, most importantly, the openwork design is very elegant.

Orange Tea Canister – $25

Made of handmade traditional newspaper and shibori-dyed fabric, this tea canister will seem pretty while keeping your teas fresh.

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