Bridging the Distance Inside

A bridge is normally considered as something that traverses a river, a street, or another border. In the realm of residential buildings it might carry over a pond, ravine, or another part of the landscape in order to attain the house. But it may also be something indoors. This ideabook presents some bridges that traverse spaces indoors, linking different elements of a house in striking ways.

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This bridge with handrails that seem to float in mid-air straddles a tall living space and connects the first and second floors. You ascend the stair at the foreground, cross the bridge, and ascend again in the opposite direction from whence you came.

At bridge level, it is apparent that the glass walkway adds some enthusiasm — or vertigo — to the act of moving up or down a level.

Chris Donatelli Builders

This is another glass-floor bridge, even although the more robust guardrails give a more powerful sense of safety when crossing it. Unique here is how the roof pops up to allow for passage throughout the space. The architects take advantage of this with windows on both sides along with a skylight bringing lots of light into the space.

Chris Donatelli Builders

Another view of the bridge shows how it’s put above casework dividing the living and dining areas. In this regard the glass flooring can help to bring light to those spaces.

This bridge takes advantage of this space under a ridge linking two limbs at an angle to each other. The numerous angles of the bottom of the roof and program give the view a dynamic quality.

Elad Gonen

Equally dynamic is this second-floor box connected by a stair and a bridge.

This bridge sits below a long skylight that brings light to the path and the bigger space. The glass block helps to make the motion along with the bridge throughout the area special.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

This is another bridge capped by a skylight. Notice how the bridge is a metal grating that allows light filter to the space below.

I like the way this little bridge lines up with a couple openings in the distance, giving the impression that it lasts outside.

Equinox Architecture Inc. – Jim Gelfat

In this complex area, two bridges are observable: the one from the middle photo below the skylight serves the top floor and can be put directly over another stair. Both use metal grating to bring light throughout the space. Notice how each bridge has cable guardrail on one side and a strong one on the flip side, the latter with integral lights that highlight the walking surface.

Swatt Architects

This last batch of illustrations are technically mezzanines, rather than bridges, but in being open on one side and acting as corridors they are very bridge-like. And elements like the glass floor which is different than the adjacent floor, create this walkway next to a wall of publications particular.

Ziger/Snead Architects

This walkway overlooks not only the large living room but also an outdoor area (at left) in a level above the patio seen through the opposite glass wall.

House + House Architects

This little walkway leads from the top of the stair to a kitchen at the distance. The windows at left, together with the skylight over the stair, give the sense of a bridge traversing open area.

Contemporary house architects

This bridge overlooks a double-height that serves a pool to the left of this photo. Notice the door in the end of the walkway…

Contemporary house architects

It proceeds as a bridge out! What better place to finish this ideabook?

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