Color Feast: When to Use Green in the Dining Room

You may have been told at some point not to use cooler colors — greens, blues and purples — at a dining area as they are thought to be appetite-suppressing hues. Warmer colors, such as red, orange and yellow, are considered appetite stimulants, making them more popular choices.

But only as your doctor directs you to eat your greens, I’m going to encourage you to maintain an open mind about injecting greens into your dining space. Have a look at my green paint picks as well as suggestions on the best way to produce green an appetizing colour in your home.

Jennifer Ott Design

Green paint picks for dining rooms (clockwise from top left):

1. Green Highland 6007-5A, Valspar
2. Celadon Green 2028-60, Benjamin Moore
3. Tidal Foam 17-30, Pratt & Lambert
4. Hyde Park KM3905-1, Kelly-Moore Paints
5. Crystal Oasis 403-3, Pittsburgh Paints
6. Lime Rickey SW6717, Sherwin-Williams
7. Kiwi Breeze 076-5, Mythic Paint
8. Tart Twist A0904, Glidden

I really like lime, if in a margarita on the rocks (with salt) or on the walls in a space. It’s a fun, playful shade that adds zest to a dining area.

Robin Bond Interiors

For a softer, classy vibe, then go to get a dining area palette of cooler bluish greens. I really like the mix of this celery-green wall color and watery blue-green floor-to-ceiling drapes in this gorgeous dining area. It’s a palette that is brilliant but also very soothing.

Jo Alcorn

Not for the timid, chartreuse continues its run as a favorite hue for interiors. It appears superfresh here, mixed with white, stainless steel and wood. Just keep in mind that a little of the bold hue goes a long way. It’s a wonderful choice for an accent wall in an otherwise mild and neutral dining area.

Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Leafy greens remind us of character and give away a happy vibe in the home. This is a really appetizing green that is simple to integrate into any style of dining area. It works nicely with cooler colors, like blues and grays, but also stands up to warmer oranges, yellows and reds.

Willey Design LLC

Acid green is a stunning dining area color choice here. I like how the upholstery on the chair backs up picks on the vibrant color, but it is all grounded by the abundance of warm neutrals through the mild wood flooring and table.

Take it down a notch with greens. This green works as a neutral. It’s a great solution for people who aren’t lovers of bright and bold color palettes, but that are wanting to break up an all-white or all-beige room.

Gallery Direct

The golden green on this wall is just another color that plays nicely with a variety of hues. Here it bridges the different warm wood tones, the arctic blues of these dining seats as well as the powerful grays and blacks of the fireplace surround. It’s a contemporary take on a retro color palette.

Find out more about how to use green in your home

Tell us Would you go green on your dining area?

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How to Accent a Neutral Space With Color

Whether you have beige, white, grey or vibrant walls in the room, there is always an area for accent colours. Accent color is. Whether it takes the kind of accessories, fabrics, fixtures or even 1 wall, it’s definitely the simplest way to add character to a room.

Adding accent hues also is a great way to experiment with different color combinations and allow you to bring in those bold tones you’ve been dying to try but might be afraid to utilize.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Color pairs: Accent color can also arrive in twos. In this kitchen, bright yellow and celadon add a fun, casual feel to the space.

Melissa McLay Interiors

Neutral accents: accent colours do not always need to be bold — go for neutrals, also. In this gorgeous blue area, chocolate brown plays a critical part as an accent colour. It defines and finishes this window shade while at the same time tying the chair cushions and pillow into the entire look.

RLH Studio

Easy upgrades: within this white bedroom, coral toss cushions add a spark. Pillows are easy to switch out when you are experimenting with different accent colours or any time you would like to change with the seasons.

Design Manifest

Surprise wall: Many homeowners like the idea of owning an accent wall, since it’s a practical approach to introduce a stunning color without overdoing it. An unexpected color like electric blue (this one is Brilliant Blue from Olympic Paints) can energize and energize your distance.

TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

Accent seats: Painted furniture is a chic way to add an accent color. For the entire effect, add accessories in the exact same shade. This makes harmony in the space.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Art: In a neutral space, art can add just enough color to capture the eye. A gallery wall using similar or identical bits will reinforce an enjoyable accent color — in this case, yellow.

Emily Ruddo

Connecting colours: In an open floor plan, an accent color can connect different regions of your home. Upholstery is a superb way to accomplish this. I love these dining chairs have a solid cloth while the wing seat conveys a pattern.

Balancing acts: Even a room painted using a vivid hue can benefit from an accent color. Here, cool green seats balance the brilliant wall color (Bold Orange from Ralph Lauren Paint) and tone down things a little.

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Your Décor?

I Have got a thing for Frank Sinatra. The voice, the design, the positive smile will always define his heritage. The song “New York, New York” pops into my mind every time I fly into JFK airport. One interesting fact about Ol’ Blue Eyes was that his love of the color orange. Frankie stated, “Orange is the happiest color” Maybe that’s why he was always smiling: He surrounded himself with orange inside his houses.

Orange is fun and sassy and generally unexpected. And there are lots of beautiful shades of this, such as rust, peach, coral and terra cotta. Most people despise this hue or adore it, but even one of the fans there’s sometimes compliments on how to use it. For ideas, see how these great designers include shades of orange in their projects.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Here is the simplest way to infuse orange into your area: White walls using fairly simple details meet orange dash. Wouldn’t you love coming home for this entry with this beautiful shade of pumpkin to greet you?

See the rest of this home

Pangaea Interior Design

Textiles: Frame them hang them display them on a games console. Whichever way you choose, an orange cloth does its job by contrasting whatever surrounds it. Notice the contrast of this poppy orange against the modern shade of grey.

Willman Interiors / Gina Willman, ASID

Throw pillows are fast and simple and best of all synonymous. They’re a low-commitment way to bring orange into any mix. Notice how these burnt orange cushions feel earthy against the grass cloth, not punchy. This is why orange is so flexible: It may be neutral and daring.

J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC

I believe this room is so elegant with its charcoal-tinged walls and curtains. When paired with a stunning and dark neutral such as charcoal, this cherry crimson is playful and sophisticated. The appearance works because it is not a contrived palette; it is bold and courageous while keeping the stately feel of the furniture and piano.

For People design

The use of orange in this area is so straightforward, it is silly. These designers are so clever. Orange throws, smartly placed under cushions. Call it a day. These are
the particulars that make a room simple, practical and memorable.

For People design

I believe this bedroom is dreamy and shows how many colours set perfectly with orange. Did you see how many different shades of blue and green look right at home with all the orange wall? With orange you can really experiment with color. Trust me, it moves with everything.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Lampshades are a perfect way to add a little bit of orange. Here I used the timeless mixture of black and orange to add some playfulness for this mainly neutral area. The pattern on the lampshade is an extra layer of detail that makes this orange even more appealing.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

I believe that the soft orange onto the rear of this desk chair is brilliant. It makes the space.

Brown is still another color that matches perfectly with orange. Notice how this shade of orange feels daring and modern amid flat stripes, a geometric pillow layout and white furniture.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

A fantastic way to use orange would be in a rug. This yummy shade of orange seems particularly modern in a geometric pattern. This type of flooring pattern will always look crisp against a solid-color sofa or sofa.


Among my favorite shades of orange, this rust hue looks clean and inviting with all the color replicated in the oversized artwork and fabrics. Try replicating a shade of orange from fabrics on your artwork. This can be more of a controlled appearance, intentional and curated.

Fiorella Design

This chamber skillfully uses orange to emphasize twin markets with open shelving and accessories. Illuminated markets are a fairly simple factor to include. Not quite an accent wall, but they still provide contrast for a special collection or artwork piece.

Allow me to know what you believe in the Comments section while I go track down some pie — yes, pumpkin.

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Color Crush: A Pop of Turquoise

Turquoise is the 1 accent color that I crush on. Its soft, decadent colors are liked by me as far as the ones that are bold and bright. It is a colour you frequently find in cabin style and shabby-chic spaces, but turquoise is also at home in any contemporary or global-inspired room. Sometimes the color feels vintage while other times it seems plucked from somewhere in the Far East. Here are a few displays of the colour turquoise.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

The chandelier is your piece within this dining space. The light fixture has a Moroccan vibe and the turquoise hue of this glass makes it a real gem.

Fiorella Design

The light color of turquoise softens the mod traces of these Eames chairs.

Hint: Colors do not need to be bright to soda in a space. Here, the light turquoise seats stick out against the neutral colors of the dining space.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

There is a reason spas use this turquoise in their layouts. Here, the layers of turquoise blues have a vintage appeal.

Hint: Using the same colour on the walls and cabinets in a kitchen assist the space seem less busy.

This loveseat is the perfect size for a punch of colour. The rich turquoise hue grounds all the white at the space.

Cosmetic Outburst

A bookcase is the perfect accent piece to go to it with colour; this turquoise cupboard makes the space memorable.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

This shade of turquoise feels perfect for a beach cabin escape. It may be difficult to locate furniture in this shade, but painting a little cabinet similar to this is a very simple DIY project.

Ventana Construction LLC

Yes, stainless steel has become the most popular choice for appliances. Thankfully, some people chart their own classes so that every kitchen doesn’t look the same. I have to say, I believe that the turquoise oven is pretty rad.

Michael Robert Construction

Saved into my inspiration file: Paint your door turquoise. It is so much more fun than basic white.


Vintage Mason Ball Jar Pendant w/ Neon Orange by EarthSeaWarrior – $95

I would love this for your own property. The clear turquoise glass of a vintage mason jar is paired with a neon cord to make a unique and cool pendant lighting.

Urban Outfitters

Coming and Going Rack – $79

Perhaps the household will be more likely to hang up their coats if there is an eye place place to hang them. This turquoise coat stand is a classic layout in an unexpected colour.

Modern Indoor Benches – $1,890

I’m not a major fan of mod furniture, but the turquoise cushion of the Jonathan Adler bench makes the bit extra special.

Can you love turquoise? Please share a snapshot of your turquoise crush below!

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Colour Without Obligation

Color…do you does your preference run or fill your residence to it? Colour taste is not really very impersonal. Still another might feel impersonal is definitely the sole approach to take while one individual may adore a lot of brilliant, cheerful colour inside their house.

Years past, when buying upholstered items for my house (couch and chairs) I remained perplexed. In a number of your home furnishing shops where we shopped, we were informed by the salesperson jewel-tones were absolutely out…no one was using them. In shops we discovered showrooms filled with seats and couches covered in materials with greens, vibrant reds and blues. Ummm, things to believe?

It was during this time which I became conscious, in the décor globe colours were assumed to really have a shelf life. However, imagine if your budget doesn’t allow every couple of years for purchasing new furniture? Or imagine if you’d like to change the colours and “ out feel” of your house using the changing of the seasons? It’s not impossible with a little preparation…these chambers are excellent examples of the way that it could be carried out.

K & M Models

The reddish accessories make this kind of statement that is dramatic but a completely different appearance might be performed by simply changing out the reddish glassware and canisters. This will be an enjoyable place to enhance for the transforming of seasons or the vacations.

Mark English Architects, AIA

This kitchen could develop into a chameleon in the blink of an eye as well as a brand new tea kettle, using a fresh coat of paint material for the seat pillow/pillows.

Shoshana Gosselin

The general scheme of the home office is unbiased with just a couple of punches of colour. It’d not be super difficult to totally alter the colour scheme or to go all impartial.

What catches your eye when you see this chamber? Could it be the blue couch? A big piece of furniture is undoubtedly more of a shade obligation, but also for many couches that can be certainly changed by a slip-cover. In the event that you are concerned about tiring of a specific colour, a strategy would be with a neutral or white material on the couch and get your colour fix through the pillows and add-ons.


We see the colour azure developing an appearance that is sensational within an decor. This chamber will not be very difficult in case a change were wanted to change up. A brilliant throw on the other side of the chair/ottoman or some added patterned pillows on the chamber along with the mattress would take on an entirely new appearance.

Chat about a simple room to change-out the colour scheme…simply obtain a fresh robe and you also are done. 🙂

Bockman + Forbes Layout

Even little punches of shade can cause points that are wonderful in an area. I really could see an accumulation of reddish or amber glass atop this piece come autumn winter. Again…no huge obligation to get an entire new colour appearance.

Laundry space that is great! Adore the punches of red…do not alter a matter. 🙂 But in the event that you genuinely needed to…you could paint the M and most likely the sink foundation, also.

New seat and new lamp = new appearance…simple as lemon chiffon pie.

Again…new lamp, new linens…entire new appearance.


Take a gander at just how yellowish continues to be utilized in this chamber. This will be a place to come to on a cold temperatures day. If wanted, additionally, it might not be that difficult to alter the appearance of this chamber. Alter the book addresses, alter the wall-papered panels for an entire room and swap the seat for another one.

Feldman Architecture, Inc.

This door would be interesting to play with occasionally. Any paint colour you might dream up would make for a completely different appearance in this entry.

Laura Britt Design

The walls add this big toilet and play. For only the price of a gallon of paint and a couple of yards of cloth, this chamber could take on an appearance that is totally distinct.

I adore this space! I discover that my eye begins at counter level and is pulled up to the brilliant red blossoms past the lemons. This is a fantastic look for summertime and spring, is not it? Autumn come, what would you change if you needed to warm it up a bit? I will wait while you ponder that. 🙂

What did you determine? Would you alter outside the aqua glassware for bowls in fall or amber colours? Perhaps little pumpkins of the lemons for autumn in place? How about pomegranates or limes in the jar for wintertime? With this backdrop that is impartial, the sky is the limit in this kitchen that is lovely.