Fluted architecture components have curved grooves cut vertically into them. Fluted things are typically wood or stone and include columns, pilasters and furniture. This detail began with the removal of tree bark from tree trunks, which left grooves at the back. The appearance was later simulated in rock to make thinner, taller-appearing columns.

Cameo Kitchens, Inc..

This is a round tapered and fluted column, broader at the bottom and narrower towards the top.

Elizabeth Anne Star Interiors

These squared columns are fluted in the base to the capital.

Emily McCall

There’s a little part of fluting on the columns of this mantel, making it effortless to find the the ends are curved.

david phillips

The fluting at the center of this pilaster has a corbel (carved brace) and two arcades (the rectangular areas above and below).

Great Rooms Designers & Builders

The fluting on those kitchen cabinets is made with a router, which is a tool with a spinning piece that can make exact tiny cuts.

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