Choose Art With a Third Dimension

If you’re seeking a new approach to add art and interest to a big blank wall, think past the typical framed artwork and picture rails (not that there’s anything wrong with people!) And include some dimension, texture, and attention using a composition. Following is a look at just how this has been done by savvy performers.

Dube Fine Art Design Studios

Ceramic artist Katherine Dube creates site-specific installations which can climb from walls to trimwork to ceilings.

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Dufner Heighes Inc

Light from the skylight highlights this distinctive ceramic setup.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

This outstanding composition protrudes a couple of inches from the wall, casting interesting shadows which add yet another layer of interest to your wall.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

A quintet of faux trophies decorate this white wall. Matching their colour to the wall color makes us take a closer look and emphasizes their shadows.

Amitzi Architects

Vitra’s Algue is a method of plastic branches you can interconnect to create your own distinctive composition. They can hang against a wall or be utilized as a free-hanging display.

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Coveted Interior Layout

After discovering these metal flowers, this designer created the whole entryway around them. They make a inviting statement inside the front entrance.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Beautiful yellow glass works of art stand out against this dark wall.

Maria Teresa Durr

This wood wall sculpture has been located in an antique store in Thailand.

Klang & Associates

Architectural elements in off-white soda against chocolate walls.

Katerina Tana Design

Unique baskets add texture, dimension, shadows and interest.

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Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Plates add dimension to your walls and are easy to hang cheap plate hangers.

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Amy Lau Design

Designer Amy Lau created this exceptional wall by deconstructing a glass drape.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

No over the kitchen window? No problem. Here the painters wrapped an installation of cardboard leaves instead.

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design

This C. Jere Starburst sculpture is mounted onto a linen-covered canvas. This keeps it from getting lost with this expansive attic wall and adds yet another layer. As we go to press, 1stdibs has a vast array of classic C. Jere sculptures available, while Jonathan Adler offers licensed reproductions.

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