Azalea Requirements

Members of the genus Rhododendron are prized for his or her colorful spring-time flowers. With a large number of types available and over 800 800 species, azaleas may be grown in many climate zones through the United States. Azaleas are split in to two principal teams: evergreen and deciduous. With respect to environment and the species, these shrubs usually bloom between early summer and late winter, even though some types bloom in the fall. Azaleas are temperamental about their problems, but once their simple needs are fulfilled, they’re typically strong, low-maintenance shrubs.


Although azaleas do best in areas with winter lows between 10 to 30 degrees F, specific deciduous types, like the Northern Lights hybrids, can withstand lows of -20 levels. Deciduous azaleas are cold-hardy than ever-green types. Azaleas are sensitive to very warm, dry climates. Young plants are susceptible to temperature extremes and needs to be protected till they become proven. Types which are suitable for the area can be recommended by your local nursery.


Azaleas need abundant, natural, acidic soil having a pH level between 4.5 to 6.0. A soil test will help you decide your soil’s pH and dietary requirements. Loose soil is essential to promote good drainage and permit oxygen and water to penetrate to the roots. By including to 50-percent natural materials, like compost or peat moss, clay soil may be loosened. A bed that is raised is usually the best remedy for rocky or hard soil. Mulch like dried leaves, straw or bark keeps soil gentle by incorporating organic materials again to the bottom as it decomposes.


Azaleas broadly speaking thrive in partial sunshine to shade. In are as that expertise large summer-time fog, they are able to be planted in mo-Re sunlight. Blooming is going to be affected although azaleas can endure in full-sun or complete shade. In full-sun, most azaleas create blooms but the flowers fade swiftly. With less blooms, azaleas may generate extended stems in complete shade.


Azaleas need about an inch of rain but are able to offer adapt to water that is less when they have been well -mulched. Watering could be required for crops that were new or during dry spells. Bushes planted in complete sunlight or in are as that are windy tend to dry quicker. Azaleas can-not tolerate moist, soggy s Oil.


Once the plants are established, when azaleas are developed in abundant, natural s Oil, they usually need small if any additional fertilizer. If fertilizer is utilized, it needs to be employed between springtime and late drop. An acidic, slow release fertilizer is most readily useful for azaleas.


The subsequent yr, heavy pruning is not often required for azaleas and certainly will result in less flowers. However, frequently pinching the suggestions of the bush will create development that is compact with increased flowers. Evergreen azaleas are most readily useful pruned following they end blooming. When they may be dormant, azaleas are typically pruned in early spring.

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