Lilacs and Insects

The heady fragrance of the lilac indicators spring, maybe not just to people but to a bevy of bugs at the same time. This sunshine-loving shrub attracts not bees and butterflies to its lavender blooms. Destructive bugs including leaf miners and borers like to feast on its stems and leaves. The hundreds of types of lilacs increase in Sunset’s Environment Zones a 1 or 11 and 14 or 16 and are members of the Syringa species.

Lilac Borers

Lilac borers tunnel to the branches of the lilac . Aged branches are preferred by them but will feed on new development at the same time. Borers are damaging in the phase as 3/4 inch- caterpillars. As grownups, they resemble wasps that are tiny. By searching under the the lilac and tiny holes in the branches for little piles of sawdust check. Stems and leaves will yellow and wilt. The borer can ruin much of a bush if left to chomp unchecked. Borers can be eradicated by the pesticide permethrin.

Leaf Miners

A bush wo n’t be killed by miners, but they’ll ruin much of its charm. The larvae of the moth that is small burrow leaving them using a blotched look. Leaves turn brown. The lilac may be sprayed using a nicotine insecticide if detected early in the infestation. The sole solution might be to eliminate the leaves which were damaged, including the ones that have fallen, to to manage the leafminer figures in the event the leaf miners are common in the lilac.

Oyster Shell and San Jose Scale

Scale, oval oystershell and flat lay eggs hatching in the spring that was late. These small pale-yellow orange or insects bore into the bark to consume the sap in the stems. First indications of an infestation are roughened branches that seem darker grey with tiny bumps. To to manage scale, wrap out the tops of contaminated branches. They’ll be trapped on the tape, as youthful bugs arise. Malathion and the pesticides carbaryl may be employed to eliminate scale.


The microscopic mite does not seriously harm lilacs, but will change a rust or silver color. Pruning and soap can help rid the bush of the pest.

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