The best way to Test Grout for Sealer

Weak grout and stained grout lines have one thing in accordance – they probably were not sealed correctly after installation. The nature of the grout between tiles enables it to absorb grime and moisture. The dampness causes the grout crumble and and finally to breakdown. Proper sealing provides a coat that extends the life span of the simplifies and grout cleaning. A quick check of your grout lets you know in the event the sealer is offering or if it had been sealed.

Inspect the grout for indications of sealer that is old. Haziness or peeling signifies membrane-forming that is aged sealer is current but starting to weaken, necessitating re-sealing.

Fill a spray bottle. Set the spray nozzle to the mist environment.

Spray the grout using a fine mist of water. Allow it to set on the grout for 3 minutes or two minutes.

Inspect the grout. In the event the water flows or beads in the grout, the grout is correctly sealed. In the event the grout absorbs or darkens the water, the grout was not sealed or the aged sealer has separated and is no longer guarding the grout.

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