Dracunculus Vulgaris Care

Dracunculus vulgaris, commonly called dragon arum or the voodoo lily, is a remarkable plant that generates one huge purple bloom using a spadix that is black — a flowering stalk which is held inside a big leaf that is colourful. Although D. Vulgaris produces a show-stopping exhibit, do not plant it too close to passers-by or windows because it emits a smell similar to to rotting fish when in bloom. This elegance is simple to develop, and it offers a remarkable focal point in your landscaping, in the event that you can stand the odor. D. Vulgaris thrives at temperatures between 75 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Preparing a Room

Vulgaris is an easy-developed plant that prefers moist soil using a pH that is neutral. Where D incorporate a lot of of natural components like compost to the bed. vulgaris is going to be planted. D. If it’s maintained vulgaris does best in bright sunlight, but blooms under shade problems. Planting areas should be selected by growers in Oregon, California and Tennessee cautiously, as D. vulgaris has previously escaped cultivation in these types of states and continues to be discovered to be growing wild.


D. Vulgaris have to be planted together with the side of the bulb facing up, about 3″ deep in big pot or a ready bed. Space the bulbs after planting with water, and water thoroughly. Although D. In the event the plant is alive vulgaris might not deliver up a flower for the first two years a large-leaf emerges.

Growing Period Treatment

Where D throughout the growing period, keep the soil. Vulgaris grows moist all the time and water with water that is warm. Fertilize every two months throughout summer and spring using a well-balanced fertilizer. Keep an eye out little unmoving bugs that seems like the lower of leaves or irregular growths on the stem of the plant, for scales. If scales are detected, they cleaned off using a blast of water or can be eliminated yourself. They’re not capable to re-attach to the plant as soon as they dislodge.

Dormant Time Treatment

When the flower dies the foliage of D as well as back. Cease feeding the plant vulgaris begins to wilt and let it go dormant. Reduce watering from hardening throughout the bulb before you’re giving sufficient water to keep the s Oil. Gardeners report that bulbs can survive if guarded freezing snaps. Protect the bulb with 2 to 4″ of straw or other natural mulch before cold temperatures commences if freezing is a danger. Lifting the bulb isn’t suggested since the shock of deters.

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