The best way to Paint a Wood Door

Your house is swiftly updated by a brand new coat of paint on a vintage wood door indoors or out. By painting it a colour it’s possible for you to paint the door therefore it blends in the walls or siding, or create a declaration. Doors with panels that are ornamental seem striking when the panels are painted in a shade different compared to the remaining door, which enables one to highlight two of the colours in the decor of the principal room. Even though it is simpler to paint a do-or in the event that you lean it against a wall and go off it’s hinges, it’s possible to paint it without removing it first if you prop it open so that it will not move.

Sand the door lightly -grit sandpaper. Sanding roughens the paint area, if relevant, hence the color can adhere. For doorways that are unfinished, sand the area smooth. Sand any ornamental molding, panels and the sides in addition to the principal body of the door.

Tape off all door hardware with low-tack painter’s tape.

Paint a coat of oil-based primer on the door. Paint any ornamental molding first paint the the inside of the panels. Use the primer to the very best of the door, operating toward the underside. Apply primer to the obvious edges of the door.

Dry for at least six hours or the primer overnight. Sand the whole door area using the 120-grit sandpaper.

After sanding to remove any primer dirt therefore it can not create a area wipe the door down with a rag.

A coat of oil- paint in the color that is specified, working from the top as well as the panels outward down as you did. Allow the paint to dry totally then utilize another coat if essential. Sand between each coat.

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