How to Install Gutters

Gutters play an important role in your home, not just in channeling rainwater from the roof but also for protecting the finishes and paintwork on the house and the foundation. Most hardware stores and home centers have gutters that are easy to install. However, with a little insight, you can use these same parts to design something that is stronger than the average gutter and looks better too.

Take your time and inspect the parts you are buying. Look carefully into the soffit and fascia to find out whether the wood is rotten. If this is the case, repair or replace the rot before you install them. Many houses have crown molding or trim boards under the shingles.

Plan the Project

Take the correct measurements of your house. Pay attention to the gutter runs and then mark the parts where you will have the downspouts. In most cases, you will only need the front elbows, though from time to time you might also need side elbows in order to direct the downspout to the side.

The downspouts should be set in parts of the roof that don’t have obstructions. This is to make it easier to direct water away from your roof. Where possible, avoid anywhere with obstacles like sidewalks or hose bibs and electric meters.

At the part of the roof where the Sarasota handyman will drain lots of water, especially for homes in areas that usually experience torrential rains, you should install oversized downspouts. Choose the 3×4-inch downspouts.

Long gutter runs of at least 40 feet should be sloped down from either direction in the middle. Also make sure you have a downspout on both ends.

If your house doesn’t have fascia boards, get some special mounting straps for the roof hanger. The same applies if the fascia in your home is not vertical.

Cut and Join the Gutters

Use tin snips to cut the handyman Sarasota FL at the front and back, bend it and cut the bottom section. Assemble the joints and parts on the ground and then get up the ladder and fix them in place. This is easier than assembling on the ladder.

Don’t butt the parts and use a seam cover to join them as recommended by most manufacturers. Instead, just lap the seams.

Add Downspouts and Outlets

On the bottom of the gutter, mark the center of the downspout outlet. It should be centered in such a way that the flange side is down, and then make a trace around the inside. Use a chisel to cut a V-shaped notch where the tin snips will start. Place the scraps beside each other under the gutter for support.

Hang Gutter Sections

handyman Sarasota should be installed on a gentle slope. Remember that the efficiency of the gutters will be determined by the size and number of downspouts. On a gentle slope, it is easier to get rid of standing water, which eventually corrodes the gutter, causing leaks.

Add Gutter Flashing

The job is not complete without hangers and flashing. Install flashing under the shingles. Use 1-inch roofing nails to fasten the flashing at intervals of 2 feet. This is to protect the soffit and fascia from water damage.

Install the Downspouts

Screw the elbows to the downspout outlets. You can also use a crimping tool. Make sure you leave an overlap of 1 ½ inches at the end of each downspout.