The best way to Install Lighting Ballasts

As your lights age, produce or they are able to begin to flicker a sound. The degradation of the ballast in the fixture causes this. The goal of the ballast would be to reduce the quantity of current that flows enabling them to operate and guarding them. Maybe you are better off changing the whole fixture in case your fixture is outdated, if a fixture is more costly when compared to a low-price store mild, it is possible to replace the ballast itself.

Disconnect the fixture that is light from the energy supply of it’s. In the event the fixture plugs in to a power socket, pull the plug out. When it’s hard-wired in to the electrical system of your home’s, turn the power off to that particular circuit in the main box.

Pick out the cover for the ballast from the fixture. The way the cover is connected to the fixture that is light depends on producer and the product.


Unscrew the nuts that connect the ballast. A nut driver is a device comparable to your screwdriver, except it’s a socket at once the finish. Hold the ballast along with your hand so that it will not fall while you eliminate the nuts, which injure you and could harm the fixture.

Strip the insulation on the ends of the wires on the ballast that is new as well as in the mild fixture using a pair of wire strippers. Remove in regards to a half-inch of insulation from every wire.

Place the ballast that is new in to place within the mild fixture and secure it together with the nuts.

Twist the ends of the wires together two or 3 x using a pair of pliers. Place a wire connector and twist it two or threetimes. The wire connector assures a protected link between them and handles the ends of the wires.

Replace the protect for the ballast on the fixture. Restore the energy to the mild fixture.

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