Problems With Redwood

Also called California redwood or coast redwood, the redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is a towering tree that grows in moderate climates. The long lived tree is issue free and pretty difficult, even though it can be put through diseases, some pests and environmental problems. Young trees are typically more vulnerable than older trees to developing issues.


The redwood isn’t bothered by any bugs that were significant, although a few can trigger a general weakening of vigor. Redwood bark beetles leave holes in the bark of limbs and the trunk, occasionally creating breakage. The cypress suggestion miner can cause ugly foliage, as the generally evergreen tree might create leaves that are yellow or brown in the winter and spring. Insects may attack trees which are stressed as a result of bad cultural problems or drought.


In the event fungus is developed by the redwood heart or rot might happen. Heart rot causes the interior wood to quickly decrease, resulting in a trunk and limbs that are breakable. The two most frequent kinds of redwood heart rot are brown rot, happening mainly in the south. And ring rot, happening mainly in the north. Branch canker can trigger , un-attractive that is harmful lesions, especially on saplings and seedlings.

Environmental Issues

Air pollution can trigger injury that is aesthetic, turning leaves yellow or brown. In instances that are extreme, the tree might start to fall leaves. Considerable harm can be caused by wildfires . Trees under twenty years old are especially susceptible, as their bark is less produced than trees that are mature. Where illnesses like heart rot can form older trees might survive a fireplace, but with wounds.

Weeds & Animals

A number of problems can happen if weeds are permitted to grow in the bottom of a redwood. Weeds offer a safe-harbor for disease and pests, plus they take on trees for nutrients and water . Animals including the black bear can trigger injury, some-times stripping bark. Woodrats search on trees and saplings, creating wounds.

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