The best way to Install a Kitchen Cupboard Valance

Some cabinet makers where a window separates two cupboards or install a valance on kitchen cupboards, on average within the sink. The valance touches the ceiling, spanning the the area between two cupboards. Valances generally have an aesthetic flair cut to the edge. It may be easy complicated angles and dips, or curves. They’re usually made in the 3 /4 inch hard-wood from the cupboards are constructed and are the finishing touch for the majority of cabinets which. You also want to update your cabinets, or in case your cupboards don’t have one, it is possible to install a valance that is new .

Stand at the the very top of the counter-top. Measure the the length between both cabinets where the valance will soon be installed. Pick out the measurement near the ceiling. Divide the measurement by 50 percent.

Get the precise center of the valance. The valance will possess a collection of peaks or dips that repeat. Using the measurements, calculate the same length ends. The the thing would be to cut off the valance maintaining the middle stage of the valance in the middle. Turn on the saw and cut the valance on both ends off.

Hold the valance set up involving both cabinets. Trim off one end with all the miter saw, if it’s too limited. Do not worry about setting it up out of harmony, a fraction of an inch either way does not issue and will never present.

Open the doors on the cupboards on both sides of the valance. Stand on the counter-top. Reach to the corner of the cupboard using 3 and a drill /16-inch bit. Drill a hole through along side it of the cupboard, 3/8 inch from the front-edge and 1-inch down from the leading of the cupboard. Measure 2″ from the hole down and drill another hole. Do this on both cabinets.

Hold the valance set up contrary to the ceiling. Tap the valance into location so the ends of the valance are straight within the screw-holes in the sides of the cupboards.

Place 1-1/2 inch screws to the holes. Reach in with all the cordless drill and screw the screws. Notice the valance will unfit flush on the other side of the very front of the cupboards. There ought to be a lip, or “expose” when you’re finished.

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