Canna Pests

Canna flowers are simple to develop and add interest and colour to house gardens. Canna crops that are healthy are resistant to the majority of pests, making them a low-maintenance option for the flower garden. Two bugs that are particular, nevertheless, can trigger an excellent deal of harm. The larger canna leafroller as well as the canna leaf roller are pests that cause various levels of of injury to the foliage and attack the canna plant. Pests are likely, but may be just as harmful.

Lesser Canna Leafroller

Lesser canna leafrollers harm the leaves of the canna plant, typically before they open. The caterpillars feed within the leaves, which may lead to leaf dying and stops them. Where the canna leaf roller chewed-through leaves are stuffed with small holes. These pests can trigger one aspect of leaves that are open to roll-back up. Foliage can help decrease further injury. An insecticide, sprayed on to the leaves that were unrolled, can also help get cleared of canna leafrollers.

Larger Canna Leafroller

Larger canna leafrollers cause injury comparable to canna leafrollers. These caterpillars chew the leaves of the canna plant, leaving little holes and edges. Their feeding habits will cause leaves that are currently open to curl back-up and avoid the leaves of the canna plant from opening. From flowering larger canna leafrollers may also avoid the canna. An application of Bacillus thuringiensis can get cleared of the pests. It needs to be sprayed right to the leaf rolls where it could reach the larvae and caterpillars.


Aphids are small red, yellow, brown, green or black soft-bodied insects that use their mouths to suck nutrients and sap . Canna crops attract aphids, which may cause the leaves curl to turn yellow or become distorted. The honeydew that aphids excrete can trigger the leaves of the canna plant to increase mould that is black. Rinse canna leaves with working water to to clean a way their honeydew as well as the aphids. Ladybugs and may help remove these pests and wasps are normal predators of aphids.

Slugs and Snails

Snails and slugs feed typically as the developing period starts. These pests chew irregular holes in the foliage. Handpicking slugs and snails in the canna leaves is one successful approach to take them off before they trigger harm. Traps can also seize the pests until the leaves are chewed through by them. Predators, for example snakes and ground beetles, can aid get a handle on slugs and snails.

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