Embellish Your Stairway, Beautify Your Property

Stairways are a notable architectural feature in any house, but are usually ignored when decorating. Since people don’t think about them, many stairways stay plain when adding only a little something helps produce a motif in the house.

The great thing about staircases is that they offer a transition from one distance to another. When this transition occurs, it is important to continue the decorating motif in the stairway; otherwise the absence of d├ęcor can cause a disturbance. Emphasize the passageway into your house and make it that the ambassador of your theme. Listed below are a couple suggestions about how best to decorate your stairway and make excellent use of it.

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Staircase walls are great spots for displaying a gallery of art or family photos. Here, colorful artwork is put so that it can be observed from different angles, and two candles frame the principal way which leads upstairs.


All too frequently the space beneath the staircase is wasted or turned into a messy storage area. Get creative and use it by painting a wall at a vibrant shade and adding furniture pieces that are practical.

DiGuiseppe Architect

This is a great way to not only save wine bottles but also to show them off.

Studio One-Off Architecture & Design

A rustic stone wall adds warmth and texture to the sleek staircase. Additionally, it serves as a focal point from the main floor.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Just a little color goes a long way in this fashionable house. Together with the vivid red colour of this vase and matching painted pillar, the area gains character and glamour.

For an ocean theme, place a couple eye-popping starfish and produce the hike upstairs a fun trip.

Vanessa De Vargas

For a fun twist, get stencils you like and turn your stairway wall into a work of art. Here, decal frames in various contours add interest to the area.

House + House Architects

Deep hues and a few objets d’art add dimension and style. We can love each curve and every detail of this beautiful staircase because of how colors frame and exalt its features.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

Paint the stairway wall at a color that helps both the upstairs and the downstairs. 1 solid shade should make a strong enough statement. This pop of lemon leaves all the difference in the stairway area and on the remainder of the house.

Hirsch Associates LLC

Elegant vases welcome you while you achieve a new flooring through this spacious stairs. Create your stairway a point and display accessories or collections.

More: What’s Hiding Under the Stairs?

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