An Ode to Owls Around the Home

Although my love for owls knows no season, it’s usually around the onset of fall that I really start to see them. When it’s because of their autumn-gold eyes, their cozy ruffled feathers, or the fact that Halloween is coming, in this time of year I can’t help but respect them in all their different forms, especially in regards to home d├ęcor.

These night wanderers were all the rage a few years ago, but the attention appeared to lean in the direction of cutesy and childlike rather than showcasing the rustic, sophisticated charm the real creatures strut so perfectly. So in an effort to disperse the love for these animals of the night, I bring you an ode into owls in inspiring spaces and fun products for your home.


It’s said that the owl represents wisdom and the capacity to know what others don’t, which makes this graphic image the perfect addition to your home office. To me, it looks like the perfect inspiration for overcoming writer’s block and creative ruts.

Erin Lang Norris

I made this one day once I was snowed in and wanted something fresh for my walls. With a chunk of barn wood, a drill and a jigsaw, I cranked out this man and called him Herbert Whoover. He currently resides in my newly painted kitchen.

Nina Jizhar

Within this gentle, feminine room, a white owl lamp base looks right at home.

Bravehart Design Build

Perched atop a wooden stool, this handsome owl is a good design solution with this little window nook.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Although I am not normally a fan of the vintage kitschy owls our grandparents or parents appeared to be so fond of, this particular bit seems to hit a chord with me personally. Maybe it’s the white walls or the mimicking woodwork, or perhaps it’s just the piece’s large scale, however I find this wooden owl to be so very cool.

West Elm

Owl Organic Dessert Plate – $32

I can envision serving pieces of wealthy, cherry-filled black forest cake after a hearty autumn meal on this collection of four dessert dishes from West Elm.

Erin Lang Norris

Cast Iron Owl Lantern – $25

Light up the night with a glow of an autumn candle. The distressed cast iron lantern will shine for a long time to come, and the best part is that it won’t ever break. Take that, mercury glass votive holders.


Owl Garden Stool – $59.99

When I saw this bit, I thought it was just another shelf accessory. As it turns out, it’s really a garden feces! One of these would be perfect for your Halloween-themed porch.


Owl Eyes Runner – $159

This abstract owl-eye runner is the perfect backdrop for an array of decadent fall treats. I believe it would be interesting to take it one step further by adding a beak decal into the ground, even though that might be caused by my love for providing costumes to inanimate objects.

Erin Lang Norris

Cast Iron Owl Doorstop – $9.99

Call me odd, but this candy owl doorstop almost makes me wish I had a problematic door someplace in my house. But because I don’t, I will just imagine admiring it fondly in my kitchen windowsill. Home accessories using a double purpose are the top finds.

Erin Lang Norris

Hoot Hoot Switchplate – $18

Whooo ever understood that switch plates could be so pretty? This gorgeous outlet cover would look great in any room, but I’d be especially tempted to set it into a library or nursery.

West Elm

Owl Table Lamp – $99

The best part about this gorgeous lamp base is that it’s offered in both black and white. The black base is fine and stately, perfect for a masculine den or any room that’s in need of some added warmth. The white foundation has a more delicate texture.


Grey Owl Printing – $15

I don’t know what it’s about the opinion of an owl, but it seems that they are what I’m most attracted to. The creator of this digital print obviously feels the exact same way. Insert a print like this to some group of artwork in the exact same color range.

Owl Bookends – $125

Here’s another great addition to your home library. All these owl bookends are perfect for their intended usage, but the set would look just as good within an autumn-inspired shelf display.

Pictures: More owls in home interiors

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