Easy DIY St. Patrick's Day Décor

If you want some last-minute St. Patrick’s Day decorations, then here are two DIY crafts you can make in a day. Both are great for home or party décor, and because they are made with spring greens, it is possible to make them long past the vacation season.


Jordan from Picklee created this Irish Rose Wreath for under $10. (Find her original tutorial) Her suggestion: If you do not have green fabric, purchase a few old garments in a thrift store rather than new, expensive fabric.

You’ll want:
3 large pieces of green fabric
Hot glue gun
Cardboard for wreath base


1. Cut a wreath base from cardboard. Cover it with fabric, and staple or pin the fabric on so no cardboard is visible from front.


2. Produce the little handmade roses. Cut your fabric into a circle and then cut it into a spiral, gradually getting thicker in the middle. Beginning in the thinner end, roll tightly and pinch the bottom — this will spread the blossom out.


3. Attach your roses into the wreath using a dab of hot glue. Jordan varied the colors to her liking. Until the wreath is coated work.

Hang and enjoy!

Rebecca Cooper of Simple As That took a few primary materials and created this sweet St. Patrick’s Day banner ads. Find her tutorial here.

You’ll want:
Old publication pages
Green card stock
Glue or other glue

Every flag in the banner is created using pages from a discarded book. Cooper additional shamrocks and switches to each. Customize with whatever you have on hand. Hang every piece on the string using a stapler.

Hang it on a mantel, in a door or on front of dessert table.

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