The best way to Prune a Purple Jackmanii Clematis

In the event that you are searching to get a prolific, purple-flowering vine to develop on a fence, a trellis or up a lamppost, Jackmanii (Clematis hybrid Jackmanii) might just be the best option. This clematis hybrid adorns the backyard using its huge, 6- to 8 inch flowers all through fall and summer. It has to be pruned at the perfect time because Jackmanii blooms on new wood. Otherwise, you risk cutting off the buds, lowering the existing season’s flowers.

Till after it finishes flowering in the fall or winter, wait to prune Jackmanii. Prune it in early spring or late-winter before it starts to sprout new development.

Cut the vine again to within 24 inches of the floor. Use , pruning clippers that are sharp and make clear cuts throughout the vine.

Prune broken or unproductive stems back any time throughout the growing period, reducing them back to wood that is healthful, successful.

Exercise care when trimming vines which can be twined. First, attempt to separate them-and prolong them in paths that are various to increase protection.

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