The best way to Propagate Crocus

Crocus is a plant which is part of the family. These flowers are one of the primary flowers that bloom from bulbs, called corms. They increase to 3 to 6″ high and have medium-sized, cup shaped flowers which could be white, yellow, violet, blue or variegated. Grown in clumps, these easy care flowers can improve the curb appeal of any house. Like all bulb crops, crocus need a period of winter before they bloom and can grow. They self- propagate although it is possible to manually split up them to distribute them into a location that is new. Crocus are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant-hardiness zones 3 to 9, which which will make them ideal in Northern California landscapes.

Dig current crocus corms up following the first frost in the fall and eliminate small cormels which have grown across the base. In the event the corm that is original continues to be producing flowers and foliage, re-place it in the floor and cover it using soil. In the event the corm no longer creating and is invested, discard it. Leave some of the cormels to consider its spot.

Sort the corms in accordance with their flower color in the event that you desire in order to plant them in groupings of the same colour.

Dig a-4-inch-deep mattress in the new place. Choose an area that gets sunlight to get a great part of the day.

Add several tablespoons of bone meal or bulb fertilizer to the hole for every single bulb.

Place the corms three or four inches apart in teams of 1-2 in the new area using the pointed suggestions of the corm upward. The corms ought to be put 2 to 3″ deep.

Water the corms completely.

Cover freshly planted corms with A2- to 4 inch layer of natural mulch for example woodchips or leaves insulate them throughout the cool cold temperatures months and to keep dampness.

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