The best way to Measure an Aluminum Sliding Window

Replacing aluminum sliding windows can help you to save on energy costs by replacing old windows with windows with limited seals. They let you improve the look of your house. You need to take measurements so your windows will match correctly in the framing when changing windows.

Remove the sliding windows in the the frame. When eliminating sliding windows, it is generally completed by lifting up the windows against the body, tilting the bottom of the body in toward you, and pulling the window from the frame.

Measure the width of the window-frame. When performing this, calculate the the area between the jambs (the sides of the window) and perhaps not the parting stops, which will be the tabs that extend out of the side jambs. In the event the windows you are changing are replacement-windows themselves, include a 1/4 inch to the measurement to take into account the jamb liner for the replacement windows that will be eliminated. The jamb liner is 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch-thick, but you also have to subtract a 1/4 inch for the new windows.

Measure the peak of the windows. Consider the measurement in the narrowest level of the window in the event the edges of the window-frame are slanted to permit water to drain. Subtract 1/4 inch from the measurement. Subtracting that area lets you install and eliminate the windows. Use that measurement rather of 1/4 inch. in the event the manufacturer calls to get a measurement to be subtracted

Measure the depth (thickness) of the windows by measuring the the length between the exterior stop as well as the inside quit.

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