The best way to Grow Turnera Diffusa

Turnera diffusa, generally called damiana or Mexican holly, is a hardy flowering shrub that grows in the dry and sandy places of U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 9 through 11. This evergreen plant reaches heights between 2 and 6 toes, sports flower buds that are tiny and, with care. The sweet smelling and disease-resistant damiana creates a reduced-maintenance decorative shrub or a fragrant addition as it lends it self to spices and teas.

Plant damiana that is youthful seedlings through the spring period in a little pot, since the the roots with potting soil entirely. The plant is not picky about soil type and can prosper in neutral, alkaline or acidic soils with pH levels ranging from about 6.6 to 8.5, although it prefers dry soil. The damiana that is hardy doesn’t need fertilizer.

Water the seedling before the soil is moist down to about 2″ deep. Water the damiana when the soil is dry; this drought-tolerant plant will not grow in soil that is water-logged. Keep the damiana that is potted in places with abundant sunlight.

Select a sheltered or unsheltered region exposed to full sunlight for planting damiana outside – this plant doesn’t prosper in the shade. Transplant your damiana seedlings -drained soil in summer. Dig a hole large enough to to allow for the root ball of the seedlings and protect the roots entirely. Leave 2 to 3 feet of room between each plant.

Follow the watering methods when the plant was potted, watering the damiana only if the soil is dry, you did.

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