The best way to Dry Poppy Seeds for Replanting

Garden are simple to develop and propagate each yr and poppies provide bursts of colour. Such as the state flower of California — Golden Poppy or the California — several poppies are perennials, however they usually do not endure temperatures that drop near to freezing. Harvesting your seeds is simple, and every poppy offers hundreds of seeds it is possible to use the subsequent year to keep your backyard colourful without spending additional cash on the curb appeal of your home.

Wait before the flowers wither along with the plant forms a seed pod, which may range from 1/2 inch to 2″ in diameter. Once it turns a light-brown colour, cut off the seed pod utilizing little pruning shears.

Place the seed pods that were poppy, some times called seed heads, with low humidity in an area that was warm. Spread them on paper or newspaper towels, then let them dry for one to to 2 months. The seeds are dry as soon as you hear when you shake it, them rattle in the pod.

In the very best of every seed pod using a knife cut a hole or pull the pods aside. Pour the small, black seeds right into a bowl that is big. Sort through the bowl to eliminate any plant substance which is not a seed, like small parts of the pod. The pod pull it aside or might crumble some when you cut a hole inside, and that means these items should be sifted out by you.

Pour the seeds into a glass jar using a tight fitting lid. Use a marker to label the jar with all the year the seed was harvested by you as well as the kind of seed. Store the seeds in a dark, cool and dry place, like a basement or the back of your pantry. Seeds should remain viable for approximately two years.

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