The best way to Convert A Digital Furnace Filter into a Fiberglass Filter

You will find just two kinds of filters which can be found in furnaces. One is called an electrostatic furnace filter which utilizes inactive static electricity eliminate them in the atmosphere and to attract dirt particles. Another kind is an actual electronic furnace filter that’s a transformer that plugs into a power outlet. This kind actively utilizes electricity to produce a static charge that eliminates dirt and dust particles in the atmosphere. Each kind literally retrofits to the furnace air-filter box that is first, and substitute again into a fiberglass air filter could be carried out in an issue of minutes.

Unplug a digital filter that was active in the outlet it’s plugged in to.

Open the atmosphere carton door if appropriate, and slide the digital filter out. Dispose of it correctly, or store it away for later use.

Slide in the right sized fiber glass filter, utilizing the arrows printed on the framework as helpful information. The arrows should point for the filter to work toward the atmosphere carton airflow. After installed, shut the air carton door.

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