The best way to Clean a Cast Iron Fireplace Cover

Screen or a cast-iron cover gives your hearth an elegant touch while offering a barrier between the fires as well as your loved ones. When the fireplace is not in use the cover may also beautify your family room, den or bedroom. Many handles function classic-inspired scrollwork models that can particularly complement historical houses including Victorians. Although cast-iron is a substance that is long-lasting, you’ll still have to wash the protect every so often to ensure it stays looking its greatest.

Take away the cast-iron protect in the fireplace hearth and put it on a area, like a vintage sheet or paper.

Take off any rust with an uncooked potato that is white and a little nahco3. Scatter the rusty part of the cover and rub against off the rust with the cut-side of the potato. Avoid using things, like a steel scouring pad or severe cleansers when cleaning the cover, which may get the cast-iron to corrode more.

Fill a pail with hot water. Add several drops of a mild detergent, like dish soap, and stir the mixture together with your hands to include.

Saturate a soft cloth or sponge using the water and rub on it over the fire-place cover to get rid of any rusty or dust, carbon black deposits. Work the damp cloth or sponge on the cover in circular movements.

Dip a cloth into simple water and rub on it over the cover to get rid of the soap. Dry the cover with a different clean textile.

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