Steam Showers Bring a Beloved Spa Feature Home

Incorporating steam in your toilet renovation or new-build bathroom can improve the level of your everyday life. Throughout history people have used steam to heal, to perform religious ceremonies and, naturally, to simply unwind and socialize.

Today’s steam showers are clearly much easier to work with than those of yesteryear. There are not any fire pits, no tarps, no natural underground heat nicely — only a touch of a button and you are good to go.

Naturally, you have to design a room or shower with steam in mind. Since steam becomes much warmer and permeates over water does, it requires much more planning and a much more exact shower installation.

Get some tips for your own steam heat in your home — your miniature Turkish bath — from the modern-day projects under.

Stonewood, LLC

The modern-day steam shower came in the 1960s and grew in popularity for several years before its prevalence dropped off for a spell. Now the steam shower is the latest trend I see from shower building. Over the past 20 years, better vaporproofing technology has emerged, which makes the management of moisture much easier.

Hint: The reduced the permeability score a vaporproofing material gets, the greater it’s. High-use business steam showers in Canada require a minimal permeability rating of 0.5, as analyzed by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Utilize this standard since your base requirement when purchasing a vaporproofing material and be sure you specify it when working with your own professional.

If you are planning on a steam shower for 3 or more individuals, be sure to match the ideal steam generator into the area. You do not want to oversized these showers to the point at which they do not perform well. You may need to adjust the size of your shower to accommodate the volume of steam your apparatus can create.

You are going to get a touch more heat and steam on the top layer of a two-tiered seat.

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ThermaSol has been refining its steam systems for 50 years and now has an wonderful steam generator capable of cleaning itself.

Hint: You do not need to construct a bathtub to have a steam system. Installing the steam option is just as easy with a bathtub installation — easier, actually.

Markay Johnson Construction

A steam shower or steam tub often resembles any other tub or shower with the exception which you can fill the room with a thick fog of steam.

Here is the growth of the steam shower. Disguised as a normal shower, this space can be transformed into a relaxing escape. Ask your designer to make sure you’ve got room for two in there. A sloped ceiling, the ideal amount of lighting and also the capability to cool off beneath the showerhead can upgrade an average steam room experience to a good one.

Hint: You are going to want to be able to warm the seat ahead of time, so plan on a way to warm it to have the shower spray reach on the rear of the seat wall and seat. A handheld fixture close to the seat works perfectly with this.

Drury Design

Aside from the two reduced steam heads at the lower side of this image, all you see is a gorgeous shower. The seat and the steam heads convert this space into a private steam tub together with all the flip of a switch.

Holger hoos layout

You do not need a huge space to devote a steam shower. In fact, many are designed to stand independently, and may be purchased as a unit to be installed in your home.

This steam shower is a favorite of mine. Produced by Holger Hoos, it is a hard-working steam shower that’s part of a tub conversion.

Hint: All steam showers have to be sealed well. We use a product called Kerdi Repair in conjunction with waterproof flashing substance. Be sure to speak to your professional about vaporproofing choices to construct a shower that will last for several years.

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If you want to relax and detoxify in fashion, you can integrate some nice loungers in your design. If that were my shower, then I would be spending a great deal of time here. What a room!

Hint: When you are designing seats and loungers, the surfaces have to be graded to keep water from collecting on them. Use a smaller tile to facilate these gentle curves.

Light is an ideal companion for steam. Adding a light source to your steam shower which may change color is really a no-brainer in my novel. Everyone has a favourite hue — I like these purple colors, but my wife enjoys blues.

Steam showers and chromotheraphy may even be useful in treating migraines. If you suffer from these, a steam shower could just be something.

ATM Mirror and Glass

Steam Shower Door

Ventilation is vital to a healthy steam shower construct. Incorporating airflow with bathroom exhaust fans and transoms, like in this steam shower, can decrease the time necessary to dry a steam shower after use.

Hint: Install the bathroom exhaust fan close to the shower entrance or transom beyond the steam shower. Never put in your exhaust fan inside the steam shower itself.

Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co..

Control pads can let you place the temperature and duration of your steam session. Adjust the light turn the music on. Bring in a jug of ice water and a glass. Cool off under a cold shower spray.

A steam shower is a luxury thing; it is expensive to put in, especially when done properly. This is not something you want to skimp on — an improperly developed steam shower may self-destruct in under three months.

Hint: Maintain the control pad away from the steam head and also within easy reach of your entrance or seat for easy adjustment.

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