On Trend: 10 Ways to Dip Dye

Would you love traditional lines and classic shapes, but still want a dash of something unexpected? The fashion is for you. Taking last year’s zest for multipurpose ombre treatments to a subtler place, dip-dyed furnishings and accessories bring a tiny dash (or dip) Of the unexpected to the standard types we love.

Vertigo Home LLC

UM Project Milking Stool – $375

Keep the dip-dyed fashion bright and refreshing with those milk stools — wouldn’t they be adorable around a snowy parson’s table in a children’s playroom?


Windsor Love Seat – $1,498

This might be the most upgraded piece of Shaker-style furniture you will ever find. A loveseat such as this would bring a fresh breath of sea-salty air to a modern beach bungalow.



The ease of the side table causes it to be versatile — sidle it next to your bed or an armchair, and you have got fashionably convenient storage as well as a room for coffee.

Take your favorite table, dining table, stools or chairs and create your own dip-dyed look with a favorite paint colour, as revealed on Design Sponge.

Ashes & Milk

White Dipped Spoons – $10

With an extra layer of dip-dyed protection, all these wooden spoons deserve pride of place in your counters, or hung on a wall to display their beauty and their function.

Dip-dyed effects are most striking when combining a bright colour and a pure material — such as these raw timber blocks. What a striking conversation piece at the end of your couch.

Dip Dye Salad Bowls – $56

Bring two trends together at once: a pop of a dash of dip yarn. Add these dipped bowls to a tablescape of whites and neutrals to stand out in the crowd.

Organic Blue Dip-Dye Bag – $68

Even your accessories can add a punch of colour that is simple. Keep this bag in the entrance for quick trips to the store. When it’s not being used, it appears stunning sitting near an entry table.

Design Within Reach

Midas Collection Glasses – $50

Prefer the Midas touch when it comes to accessories? Add some decadence to every meal using a gold-dipped vase gracing your table. Keep it from going over the top by filling it with a very simple arrangement of wild flowers or daisies.

More ways to utilize gold in your Property

Dip-Dye Linen Cotton Blend Duvet Cover – $111

It’s difficult to find modern bedding that is not overwhelmed with patterns or even crying with colours. This subdued dip-dyed set from West Elm exudes the calming influence of a warm, cozy night.

DIY Project:
See the way to dip-decorate a terrarium

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