How to Clean Sandblasted Metal Before Painting

Sandblasting is an efficient method for removing old paint and rust from a metallic item to prepare it for painting. Sandblasting is performed on virtually any metallic item, from patio furniture to car parts, and creates a smooth surface as a result of abrasive qualities of the sand. After sandblasting, the metallic object must be thoroughly washed to remove all traces of dirt and grease in addition to residual traces of sand which will interfere with all the paint.

Transfer the metal object to an outside location where you have plenty of space to work.

Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of water and then pour in 2-3 tbsp. Of a strong detergent cleaner. Mix the solution well until soap bubbles shape in the top.

Add a stiff-bristle brush to the sterile water mix and then scrub the entire surface of the metallic item, working your way from top to the bottom. Be certain to work the bristles to any small crevices and connection points to remove grease and buildup from them.

Wipe the metallic item thoroughly, using the spray from a garden hose. Rinse the item from top to bottom until no longer soap bubbles form on the surface.

Analyze the surface of the metallic item carefully to determine if a faint rust-colored residue is evident, which can be known as”flash rust” If flash rust is present, wear rubber gloves and then soak a rag in paint thinner. Wipe all surfaces of the metal to remove the residue.

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