How Many Inches to Space Grommets to Make a Curtain?

After you’ve sewn a fresh new pair of curtains for your room, then you don’t want to run the possibility of irrevocably ruining them by cutting holes for your grommets that are spaced incorrectly. While the right spacing is dependent on many factors, ultimately you have to be satisfied with the look and drape of your curtains when they are hung from the grommets.

Inches Apart

Space grommets that are up to 2 inches in diameter roughly 4.5 to 4.75 inches apart, measured from the center of a single grommet to the center of the next. Larger grommets will generally require larger spacing, but the specific quantity of distance between grommets of almost any dimension can fluctuate depending on the width of your curtains and your own preferences. Always use a amount of grommets for your own curtains, or they won’t hang evenly.

Spacing Formula and Layout

Divide the width of your curtain panel from the spacing you are using. Round this amount to the nearest number to find the necessary amount of grommets. Measure and mark the center of your curtain panel and then mark the spacing of your grommets before you start cutting the fabric to be sure you like the spacing and also to make certain there is sufficient space, at least two inches, from the border of your curtain to the center of the nearest grommet. Adjust as needed or as desirable.

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