Guest Groups: Shower Curtains Make a Splash

I must admit, I favor a glass enclosure over a shower curtain, but a few homeowners have no other choice except to use a single. If you need to use a shower curtain, then make it a beautiful one! Below are a few of my favorites that are certain to beautify almost any toilet. — Jami from Imagine Design Website

Bed Bath & Beyond

Echo Design™ Jaipur Fabric Shower Curtain – $39.99

Here is just another paisley for you! I can’t help it I have been so attracted to this publish recently. The dim primary colors of this curtain make it quite eye catching, and it would go best with a gentle backdrop — maybe light blue walls with cream cabinetry. For drama, I would accessorize with crimson and coral towels.


UDDGRUND Shower Curtain – $9.99

If you don’t understand yet, my favorite color combination is black and white. Basically anything black and white is going to catch my attention, but what I really like about this curtain is that the design and the pattern aren’t too “in mind” This is quite subtle and beautiful, yet it makes a big impact.


Yhdessa Shower Curtain – $69

What I enjoy about this shower curtain (apart from it being black and white) is that the graphic nature of the daring pattern. It’s not typically something I’d source for my customers, but I appreciate its artistic attributes.


Paisley Shower Curtain

This shower curtain is just sweet. The color palette is soft, and the paisley pattern says nothing but “girlie” to me personally. I would love to find this in a small girl’s bath with soft pink or yellow walls and white cabinetry.


Sechura Shower Curtain – $128

This is such a serene shower curtain. I like the watercolor impact that it’s in its stripes. It’s not too rigid and formal, but has a much more loose and flowing vibe. It would be perfect for a toilet by the shore.

Urban Outfitters

Peacock Shower Curtain – $49

I have had a long time love affair with the peacock, so this guy had to make my listing. I am actually loving the soft color palette of this curtain. It’d be beautiful paired with classic white subway tile as the shower surround. Again, this is just another one for the women.


Standard Tub Shower Curtain Premier Decorator by Maison Boutique – $95

There are a whole lot of chevron curtains out there today, but what I enjoy about this Etsy store is the fact that it supplies a wide array of colors to choose from. Of course, if it were for my house, I would choose the black and white.

Restoration Hardware

Diamond MatelassĂ© Shower Curtain – $89

Following is a more sophisticated, mature selection for a shower curtain choice. The gray diamond pattern is classic and cool, and it will be a great complement to the vast majority of bathrooms.


Vibrant Cornflower Yellow and White Traditions Damask by Home Lush – $119

You can’t ever go wrong with a damask. I love this bright and cheery curtain. I think it would perk up any dull space in a rush. It would be a knockout in a black and white toilet.

West Elm

River Rock Shower Curtain – $39

This is a unique pattern on a shower curtain, and that I enjoy it. It’s very natural with the river stone design. A spa-like environment would be best for this curtain, as the soft blue-green color is quite serene.

Ballard Designs

Monogrammed Classic Shower Curtain – $149

This is one of my favorites. I am loving the black and white and also the simplicity of the wide black band at the base. Plus, anything monogrammed is cool in my book. This might look good in a traditional-style toilet.


Marimekko Kivet Black Shower Curtain – $59.95

Holy cow! Here is a few more black and white to you. Polka dots make me grin. I enjoy this curtain since it’s daring in its pattern, yet it’s not too flashy. It kind of reminds me of Twister. This would be cool in a teenager’s bathroom with vivid pink walls to get a girl and bright blue or green walls to get a boy.


Splish Splash Shower Curtain – $39.95

Very easy, very artsy and extremely hip, this curtain has a sense of humor that I like. It’s unique, which makes me want to utilize it even more.

Pottery Barn

Spring Sparrow Shower Curtain – $49

This shower curtain has a wonderful vintage vibe about it. I adore the colorful birds and the natural green and brown branches. A farmhouse or country-style toilet would be perfect for this curtain.

Pottery Barn

Matine Toile Shower Curtain – $69

What is an ideabook without some toile? I am loving this timeless pattern and how it comes in three distinct colors. This is just another perfect alternative for this country-style toilet, especially when paired with a claw-foot tub.


Zen Leaf Shower Curtain – $29.99

This is a beautiful shower curtain. The black blended with the gray and white is a sophisticated palette, but then it’s punched up with a pop of crimson. I enjoy that the routine is rather large and takes up most of the panel.


Popular Bath “Sinatra Silver” Shower Curtain – $29.45

Bling Bling! Add some sparkle and pizzazz to a bathroom with this shimmery, silver curtain. I am a fan of anything that sparkles, and this is a real eye catcher. I would keep the rest of the toilet in subdued and silent finishes, just so that you don’t feel like you’re inside a disco ball.

Laura Ashley ‘Yardley’ 72-inch Shower Curtain – $34.99

What is more beautiful than Laura Ashley? For real. This is the best complement to some little girl’s toilet. The soft palette of pink, gray and white is as sweet as a Siamese kitty.

Cost Plus World Market

Grey/Coral Ikat Shower Curtain – $29.99

I just love Ikat. It’s basically my preferred print. There’s just something so tribal and unique about it. This curtain is stylish and beautiful in style. The gray and coral supply good contrast, and you get a lot of bang for your dollar with this curtain.

Urban Outfitters

Romantic Floral Scarf Shower Curtain – $44

Bam! Here is some color for you. I love this shower curtain. I am partial to floral prints, and the bigger and bolder they get, the better they are. This one is pretty and romantic. I’d source this to any bachelorette.

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