9 Landscaping Secrets from the Pros

Beautiful landscaping can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal and will go a long way in boosting the appraisal value as well. The best part is that these days a stunning landscape doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Read on for our tips on how to add interest, functionality, texture and color to your landscapers San Jose all year round, day and night.

Plan Ahead

Go for evergreen plants that retain their color no matter the season, and place them next to harsh corners and vertical lines of your house structure to soften the exterior of your house and make it more welcoming.  

Use a Walkway to Connect Points of Interest

The secret to beautiful San Jose landscaping sometimes lies in the correct design and placement of the walkway. Instead of relying on the crude and improvised walkway which is usually the result of being the ‘most walked on area’, design a striking pathway using stones, pebbles or decorative stone.

When placed strategically to connect the garden with the patio, fire pit and pool, the walkway can really enhance the look of your garden and the outdoor area as a whole. Just be sure to construct the walkway using a material that’s similar in color and texture to the exterior of your house.

Try a Statement Rock

Create interest in an otherwise monotonous yard by strategically placing a couple of boulders in the middle, and consult with a pro to help you make the correct measurements so that the rocks have the desired effect.

Create a Spark with a Berm

Give your lawn a spark by placing a berm in the middle, which is basically a manicured mound of dirt with pretty flowers, plants, and tiny stones. It’s really simple and easy to construct and will instantly add interest to your lawn.

Make a Water Feature Look Natural

A really good water feature is the cornerstone of any landscaping project, and water features that are constructed from a selection of organic materials tend to blend in particularly well with the rest of the landscaping San Jose. Choose a few elements to work with, preferably three or less. Natural stone should be one of them.  

Add an Outdoor Seating Area

Build a seating area close to the trees to create a private outdoor space that’s private and close enough to nature that you can use it as your own sanctuary to gather your thoughts of the day.

Combine Different Plants

When it comes to choosing your plants, opt for diversity instead of uniformity. This way, while some of them bloom in the spring and summer, others like perennials will bloom during the fall and winter too.

Create Curved Lines

A creative way in which professional landscapers add edging is by designing it in curves that instantly attract the eye while creating a more inviting ambiance. The edging can be added on the sidewalks, around the house foundation, flower garden and even along the driveway.

Illuminate Focal Points

Make sure that your beautiful landscaping is visible even at night by installing lights along the walkways, sidewalks, and even your garden pathway.