30 Dream Decks for Lounge Lovers

I will never forget the first time my mother-in-law came to visit us at our new home in Sandy, Oregon. It was a beautiful, glowing week, and we had all kinds of plans for events and sightseeing in Portland. But we are blessed with a deck over the Sandy River with a fabulous view of rapids and a canopy of trees overhead. The afternoon after she came, we all sat out there using our coffee to enjoy the afternoon. Four days later we were still wearing our pajamas and all still sitting around the deck.

We call it”the deck impact .” It’s complete inertia caused by the realization that there just isn’t everywhere you’d rather be; it’s the complete inability to rip yourself away. What could be better than sitting there taking in the view, enjoying a soft breeze and pops up a little sun? Just being there is all the entertainment you need.

Here are 30 decks guaranteed to provide you with a serious case of the deck effect.


The deck does not need to be large. The view makes you feel like you have all the room on earth. This infinity-edge pool in Turks and Caicos looks as part of the ocean. I believe that you would feel like you’re floating over the water with hardly any deck to interrupt your view.

Whitten Architects

Framed by beautiful molding around the entrance, this lake is picture perfect. A simple dining table and chairs create a great picnic spot.

Gary Hutton Design

This deck hovers just over the lagoon’s surface. With no railing to block the view, it lets you feel the full expansiveness of the atmosphere.

Gary Hutton Design

Another deck at the exact same home is a little higher up and still gives unobstructed views via metal-framed glass railings. The minimalist styling of the chairs and table keeps the view the middle of attention.

Camens Architectural Group, LLC

This covered deck with architectural columns runs across the front of this home, forming an entryway flanked by living places. It contributes to an infinity pool that overlooks a marsh. A totally stunning view!

Siemasko + Verbridge

A simple rocking chair is a great selection for whiling away the hours gazing at the sea.

Integration Design Studio, Landscape Architects

The sleek lines of this modern deck and lounge chairs are a serene complement into the endless blue of the sky and remote ocean.

Robert Granoff

Since decks do not sit on the ground like patios do, they can be constructed high up to soar over the trees. This one does this admirably, featuring a bird’s-eye view high above the jungle in Belize. I believe I need to go there.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This deck overlooks Lake Fairlee in Vermont. It takes me back to happy thoughts of summer camp. I can almost hear the squawking of the bluejays and the lapping of the water around the shore. Makes me want to roll up the bottoms of my jeans and go back.

Dan Forer, Photographer

The rustic twig design of the railing is a wonderful touch around this deck with a lake view in North Carolina. Multiple groupings of chairs encourage quiet discussions or provide places to consider in your as the river rolls .

D-CRAIN Design and Construction

This contemporary multilevel deck has lights hanging over it at multiple levels. It seems to follow the varying heights of the trees, giving glimpses of their water from up high or down closer to the water.

McClellan Architects

This huge patio in Seattle provides lots of space to get a seating area and a dining table with a view of the lake.

Summerour Architects

This dramatic deck provides Mediterranean style and a luscious view of water via a gorgeous, mature tree.

This wraparound deck provides constant views of the mountains and the lake. I believe this must have been where they have the point about”purple mountain majesties” from the song”America the Beautiful.”

Whitten Architects

This is 1 part of a system of multicolored decks that join the cabins within this camp. I love the view of the forest with all the lake shining through the trees.

Living Stone Construction, Inc..

Rocking chairs and a ceiling fan offer lots of comfort for somebody enjoying the view that goes for miles from Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Urrutia Design

A deck built around a big, sprawling tree provides color, and the tree provides the focal point.

Urrutia Design

I have a soft spot in my heart for decks that preserve trees and are constructed around them. This is unusual because the stairs are also constructed around a tree. What a beautiful spot to enjoy the view of the swimming pool from.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

I particularly enjoy the alternating squares of this decking, and I enjoy that you can see the view all the way throughout the home also.

Eva Hinds

This minimalist deck wraps a beautiful pool and gives a spot to walk across it and also delight in the giant palm trees. There’s a pleasant, broad seat, but sitting on the edge of the deck to dangle your toes in the water would not be a terrible idea.

Dumican Mosey Architects

If you do not have a view, then make your own. The architecture of the home, the ball sculptures as well as the pool are absolutely beautiful surroundings with this easy deck at a courtyard-style home.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

The distinctive rolling hills of San Luis Obispo, California, will be the background for your bay. This deck provides loads of built-in chairs and a dining area. The flame is nice, also, if you’re able to tear your eyes away from your view.

DNM Architect

An opinion of a marina is a great selection for boat fans having an early-morning coffee prior to setting sail. Can’t you just hear the seagulls?

The Garden Route Company

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of my all-time favorite views in regards to man-made attractiveness. Together with the bridge as a background, what better color than orange to the lounge seats? I adore the green railing and snowy places against the shade of the bay.

The town view here just barely noticed from this angle is Chicago. The deck has wonderful lighting for nighttime, which is, in my opinion, the ideal time to enjoy a town view.


This deck just amazes me. It is constructed directly above a koi pond, with bridges letting you see down into the pond from several vantage points.

Eck | MacNeely Architects inc..

The pointed shape of this deck feels like the prow of a ship. Adirondack chairs are hard to beat for a couple hours of deck time.

Blue Sky Building Company

Imagine how great it is to have an entire day just to look at this scenery.


Many decks take advantage of spectacular all-natural settings. If you do not have this, then you can create the spectacular all-natural atmosphere with giant planter boxes such as this and fully mature trees. In any event, you get a superb place to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

Colors Of Green Landscape Architecture

This deck enjoys the seclusion of trees as well as the beauty of contemporary landscaping. Such a serene spot for relaxing.

Inform usIf you might have a deck at any setting you wanted, what is it like?

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