12 Ways to Turn a Bedroom Into Your Sanctuary

Our bedrooms are sanctuaries: a place of escape, relaxation and rest. So should not its d├ęcor reflect exactly what you desire? Start 2012 off by giving your bedroom a fantastic hard look to see if it is the ideal space for you. Perhaps your bed would gain from a dramatic headboard. Or maybe you could update the whole space in calming neutrals. See if any of these ideas would make your bedroom feel much more comfy. Here is to a comfy, comfy bedroom this year.

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Produce a gallery wall. Remember that each and every wall in your house is worthy of fantastic art, not only the living area. Group a collection of your favorite framed prints or photos on the wall. You will love waking up to a favorite pieces daily.

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Invest at a headboard. You won’t believe the difference it makes for the bed. Go dramatic with an oversized contemporary option, such as this one, or choose something more traditional.

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Swap out your linens. If you would like to change your look without spending a lot, contemplate new linens. It’s simple to find great options on a budget at locations like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls, and fresh linens may make a dramatic difference.

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Produce a seating area. If you have the space, consider adding a seating area for your own bedroom. This is very beneficial if you have a large family and need a place for solitude. You will love having a spot to curl up with a fantastic book.

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Add a bed bench. You might not believe you want one, but as soon as you have it, you will wonder what you did with this. Functionally, these handy benches provide you with a spot to tie your shoes and may even offer extra storage depending on the style. Aesthetically, they help to ground the bed.

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Go for the oversized full-length mirror. We’re all familiar with the need for a full-length mirror to catch a glimpse of ourselves before we begin the day. But instead of tacking one on the back of the doorway, choose one that is going to make a statement. You will have a mirror that is ideal for checking outfits while doubling as a stunning bit creatively.

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Contain a vanity. Adding a dressing table to your own bedroom frees up space from the bathroom by giving you an alternate place to prepare for the day.

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Swap out the dresser for an armoire. Have you got a mid-level dresser topped with a tv series which you would like desperately to hide? An armoire might be only your answer, as it will hide your TV without compromising storage.

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Contemplate a duplex . Produce a cozy escape using a canopy. You will feel like royalty.

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Light up using a chandelier. Who says the dining area is the only spot for a beautiful chandelier? Bring a hint of glamour to your bedroom by simply replacing your light fixture with this beautiful alternative.

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Think about a colour scheme in all neutrals. If you are looking to change up your bedroom onto a larger scale, consider choosing a colour scheme in soft neutrals. The bedroom is a place of rest, and neutrals offer a feeling of calm and respite.

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Eliminate the carpeting. So frequently, bedrooms get stuck with carpeting, regardless of the remainder of the home’s flooring. If you’d like a glossy, clean, chic new look, pull it up and install hardwood flooring. If you are worried about cold toes, add a rug under the bed. The appearance will truly be transformative.

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