The best way to Put In a Swing-Door Guard

A swing-door guard provides an additional layer of security involving you as well as the not known outside your door. Like do or chain assemblies, swing-door guards allow the doorway to open somewhat without losing your feeling of protection. By using a door chain assembly, an intruder can quickly push his way in your house by snapping the chain with bolt cutters. The solid-metal layout of the swing-door guards are extremely difficult to cut and more difficult to break. Put in a swing-door guard to maintain you as well as your family-safe.

Assess the door a space of 54 inches from the ground. Put a pencil mark on the edge of the door close to the opening.

Put a level just just beneath the mark on the doorway. Before the bubble in the flat tube floats between both vertical lines, fix the amount. Make use of the level as a straightedge to create a line about 3″ long. Stretch the line horizontally onto the doorpost.

Measure a space of 3/8 inch from the edge of the doorpost and a way from the door. Put a light mark only at that place.

Place the bottom of the foundation connected to the big hinged loop aspect on the swing-door guard on the line that is flat. Put the right or left side of the base closest to the doorway on the 3/8-inch mark.

Indicate the screw-holes opening in the foundation on the doorpost. Create pilot holes inch drill bit connected to an electric drill.

Set the foundation back on the jamb. Fit the screws provided with the swing do or guard although the screw holes in the foundation and in to the pilot holes. Attach to the strength drill and generate the screws to the jamb, fixing the looped aspect of the swing do-or guard on the doorjamb.

Measure a space of 7/8 inch from the do-or. the border of the loop foundation onto Put a pencil mark on the entranceway in the 7/8-inch space.

Place the bottom of the foundation connected to the post aspect of the swing-door guard over the line that is flat. Make sure that the border of the foundation lines up with the 7/8-inch mark you created on the do or. Indicate the entranceway with the hole openings and make pilot holes together with the 1/16-inch drillbit and energy drill.

Add the screws. Drive the screws to the entranceway to fix the post aspect of the swing-door guard to the trunk of the doorway.

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