Make More Than Your Bedroom With One Wall of Color

Add a little spice into the bedroom with … paint! Whether you’re looking for some va-va-voom, a lively environment or a serene atmosphere for relaxation, an accent wall can strike whatever mood you desire. Have a slide down the rainbow to discover just the right color for your bedroom.

Busybee Design

Ravishing red. Red is the color of love. Profess your love of life, your significant other and your self with a bedroom wall dedicated to this powerful, inspiring colour.

Get the look: Attempt Behr’s Regal Red 150D-7 as a accent to Vanilla Custard WD220.

Four over One Style

Eye-opening orange. Orange calms the spirit and stimulates creativity. Kids generally and artistic minds will feel jaded by its own energy.

Get the look:UseValspar’s October Bronze LA716 as an accent to Stony Path 5007-1B.

Beckwith Interiors

Cheery yellow. Yellow is one of the most jubilant colors in the rainbow. Attempt to not feel happy once you’re looking at it. Just try! Imagine how far better your day will be if you were to wake up to this color every morning.

Get the look: Use Sherwin-Williams’ Funky Yellow SW 6913 as a accent to Shoji White SW 7042.

Panache Interiors

Beautiful green. Green represents balance and growth. Balance your chi at a bedroom emphasized with this particular hue.

Get the look:UseSherwin-Williams’ Overt Green SW 67818 or Benjamin Moore’s Dark Lime 2027-10 as a accent to white.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

Calming blue. Twist the master bedroom into a sanctuary with soothing light blue. Perhaps the calm glow will even convince the children to keep items cool, calm and collected when deciding to deliver a criticism in here.

Get the look: Attempt Sherwin-Williams’ Spa SW 6765 with lotion.

Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Maritime blue. Ahoy there, matey. No matter how far away your property may be from an ocean, you’ll almost have the ability to listen to waves lapping the shore at a bedroom showcasing this powerful, nature-inspired tone.

Get the look:UseBehr’s Planetarium 560-D as an accent to Dolphin Fin 790C-3.

Purplicious. Purple represents magic, mystery and royalty. If it’s the right tone, it can also be tasteful and intimate, like this shade that straddles blue and gray.

Get the look:UseBenjamin Moore’s Evening Dove 2128-30 as an accent to gray or white.

N Style Interieur

Taking matters to “gray-t” heights. Gray is a go-to neutral due to its strong yet soothing nature. This bedroom has not only an accent wall in this color, but an whole ceiling.

Get the look:Use Betonel’s Intercoastal 30BB 16/031 or Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Floor A2001 as a accent to pure white or white with a touch of grey.

Shigetomi Pratt Architects, Inc..

Sophisticated brownish. Brown signifies orderliness, which is the form of condition any active individual yearns for through the nighttime. Leave chaos at the door when you enter a room with a brownish accent wall.

Get the look: Attempt ICI Dulux’s 511 Le Chateau MP20YY 18/140 as a accent to its 756 Basic Beige MP45YY 65/084.

Your turn: Show us your accent wall and also please inform us what paint colors you used.

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