Guest Picks: Measuring Up in the Kitchen

‘Be the step great or small, let it be fair in every single part,” John Bright said.

Scales weren’t important to me personally before I jumped to the kitchen. Afterward, between calculating exactly what I ate and how much, and expanding my baking from fall cookies to 3 – and four-tiered cakes, scales became valuable. And, because I love to have fun in the kitchen, I like my own scales to be both entertaining. — Chris from Mele Cotte


Vintage Red Scales – GBP 38.49

This magical scale reminds me of some thing you may see in an old-time deli.


Maxim 2-In-1 Jug And Scales – $28.89

For those of us who are inept at doing conversions, this liquid step does all the thinking for you.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Joseph Joseph™ Shell Digital Food Scale, Gray – $64.99

This scale scoops up the goods until it takes note.


Retro Kitchen Electronic Scale – GBP 33.99

This one is super slim and adorable!


LEGO Kitchen Scale – $57.15

Here is one way to get children into the kitchen Legos!


Retro Digital Kitchen Scale By Leifheit – $119.99

This polished and brushed stainless steel bowl is sleek and unassuming.

Eat Smart

EatSmart Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale™ – $39.95

When I see this particular scale, I envision a butcher with a triangle hat.

This brings me back into my seventh-grade science course, weighing scales — I wonder how Mr. Feeney is performing today?


Whynter Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale – $49.99

This scale is sleek and unassuming.

Chef’s Resource

Salter Nutri-Weigh Dietary Computer Scale – $100

This tiny laptop computer–like scale makes me think I’m techy!


Bugatti Uma Digital Food Scales

Who said you can not afford a Bugatti? These scales might be up your street.


Perfect Portions Digital Scale Black With Nutrition Facts Display – $59.99

Everyone seeks the ideal part, so why not possess the Perfect Portion Scale in your grasp?

Bed Bath & Beyond

Frieling Digital Kitchen Scale With iPod® Docking Station – $99.99

Who doesn’t like to listen to songs while cooking? This scale comes with an iPod docking station for your own convenience.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Digital Scale Spoon – $19.99

On occasion the item is small enough that getting out that the scale appears to be a hassle. A Digital Scale Spoon comes in handy for those moments.


Typhoon Slim Scale, Red – $14.88

This kitchen reminds me of those old fashioned scales that became popular for weighing lunch meat when dieting.


Caso Q5 Küchenwaage – EUR 31.90

Does not this look like it’d be in the kitchen of a space ship?


Soehnle 65055 Model Digital Kitchen Scale – $27.60

Your personal waiter.


The Little Guru – AUD 109.95

When feeling like”spinning on the 1’s and 2’s,” but having to make dinner instead, this scale is going to do.


Bake 2 Basics Digital Scales – AUD 98.95

This is great for a home kitchen and offers a searchable metric to imperial conversion function.


Salter 1060 Mix And Quantify Electronic Kitchen Scale – GBP 49.99

This scale comes with an easy-to-read display that takes the guesswork out of cooking.

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